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"We blame Harold's foolish boy for not pulling them out of h
Tue Aug 19, 2014 06:33

"We blame Harold's foolish boy for not pulling them out of here yet."

"You failed me useful." That's what Father said to me about a month ago. "You failed me useful." Bitchie trying to get the war stopped as Father wants his children to live in peace. Bitchie still working through his abrasive to get the truth out here. What is the truth? We were made to love one another. What is more truth? Judee hates us all and is wasting us out with every bit of Jewish scientific genius he can put together.

"We blame Harold's foolish boy for not pulling them out of here yet." That's some RS from today. "We blame Harold's foolish boy for not pulling them out of here yet." Is most everybody not yet aware that we are in the final days of the sealing in of our poisoning from radioactive waste? Might this stuff not finally get us this time? Will labor not come into this and pull these guys out of here to prevent us from all having to breath cancer causing contaminated poisoned air forever?

Judah and his boys have pushed the button and nothing has happened. Pulled the trigger on us, and nothing has happened as of yet. Now he continues with his nuclear waste war, and hot particles now in the air throughout America. Has Washington not failed us out?

"Your present life is to be stilled, you've assigned yourselves to death." Father said to me. Father also said: "Help with their voyages."

Is it now time for the removal of the righteous from planet earth? Is it not clear that we are now into an accelerated dying of our environment because Judah is hiring the burning of nuclear waste on to us? "Your present life is to be stilled." America funding war throughout the world. Slaughtering thousands of our brothers and sisters every week, all for the sport of Judah. For what reason do we allow him to make war? What happened labor? Why no help from you to protect us from the burning out of our planet?

Has Bitch failed the most reliable deal here? Satellite Jews who are shooting us, how is it that we've failed to get them off? How is it that their foul has failed to convince you to save yourselves? They've lost their blast, yet do we not see that with nuclear waste, their beautiful goal is still in sight? Is there not some sense that you've assigned yourselves to death? Will labor not step around this chairs foolish and act to protect yourselves from the biggest mass die off that Judah has ever carried out against us? Is mega death not seen here yet? "Foolish to do nothing." Elders say and have said that for nearly three years now; "Foolish to do nothing." Will labor not take the authority to issue our money away from Judah to STOP THE WAR?

How have we failed here? We've missed our rights. Jewish history is dying us guys wholly. They're dying fisty. They've pushed the button. How is it that we've done nothing about it? How about the full body of labor SHUT THEM DOWN? How about we bring in the end of war?

Judah making up terrible stories about Bitchie, leading some to be believe Bitchie some sort of a white thug and child abuser. Judah claims his strong point is being able to false people. Bitchie have to rely on the love of Father to break through Judee false so workers will see the truth here. Bitchie nice boy who won't harm you. Judee poison up our food. Judah bakery is Old basalt Fibers for cancers in our internals. Collagen and lead to make our thinking slower and not work as well. Which side will it be, the poison hate of Judah and more war or the love of Father and peace?

America now on target for about 200 million out of here in the next 6 years, due to waste products of Judah electricity. Judah always leaves vast harm when it is time for him to go. Using America as his base of operations and with the authority to issue our money in his hands, he has already destroyed nearly 300 million human Beings in his century of worldwide sport wars. Still killing thousands each week. All for free, using the purse of American labor. God is merciful labor, is there not some way that you will respond to the love of God and STOP THE WAR? Father is the only reason we are alive. Judah shot us.

While waging world wide wars on America's purse, Judah simultaneously wages a full blown nuclear attack upon us. Hot radioactive particles now blowin in the wind. Have Judah scientists not finally found the answer to their problem? That is, might Judah answer to his problem of how to get rid of us not be blowin in the wind?

Has Judah not found the perfect technology to get us all right on out of here? A persistent toxin, plutonium, Judah man created. It is highly poisonous and deadly for thousands of years. Might Judah have put Jewish electricity in to disguise his dirty bombs all throughout our world? Every breath of air we take, now potentially contaminated with his cancer causing hot particles of radioactive waste. Are there any doubting Thomas's that cannot believe that mega death has arrived on our doorstep yet?

It is reported that 100 hot radioactive particles a day the Japanese are breathing, due to nuclear waste burning from Fukushima. Americans breathing 3 to 5 hot radioactive particles a day from Judee dirty bomb shot. Only one leaking nuclear power plant and hundreds of millions being contaminated right here in North America.

Judah could of bought velocity and owned it over a century ago. Why did he instead block it? Might it be that if there was velocity he could never have sold us eternal war? If everybody has a pocket full of cash due to the wealth produced by velocity, how could he have ever sold us his fist?

Judah only makes war. The universe don’t want him and won’t have him. His problem that he puts upon his fellow man, is going no further. He has on the volition of his own free will, put the human race to the nuclear blast torch. His hand was stayed by our kind elders from space. Judah lost his blast when he let his missiles fly on us in the middle of the night. Now his only serious weapon of mass destruction left to him, nuclear waste. With this technology of genocide he is wasting out the mass of the human race. Simultaneously exhausting us in worldwide wars.

Bitchie listens to sweet Father and understands that Father has a specific route planned here. Don’t listen to Father, and that is it. Father may only talk to you if you’re going his way. Go another way, and you’re on your own.

Father's ways are for labor to take over the authority to issue our money here. STOP THE WAR. Grand jury the Jews and their mousers out of here and into humane institutional settings. "If you’re going my way, I'll go with you." That's the message from Father's house.

"Pat Sullivan die joy." Just pulled that RS from a Judee guy as to why we're not together to STOP THE WAR. Sorry to rape your guys feelings from a couple of years ago, apparently I died some joy. Something terrible has happened here folks, you have assigned yourselves to die. That I died your joy, it was an accident, sorry. Will labor not act now to prevent your physical body life form from going out of here?

How about it labor, are you, the ordinary mass of working people that make the machine work, not ready to SHUT THEM DOWN? Are you not ready to step up and take the authority to issue our money into your hands? Is there not some way you will act and give us at least some chance to survive the apocalypse that we are far into now?

Does labor not see that with a general strike Judah loses his power instantly? Do we see that when this happens, he has to hand over the authority to issue our money to labor? Do we see that he will no longer be able to hire war on our fellow man? Do we not see that labor will have a way to shut down the dirty bomb that is poisoning us out of here?

Do we see from this removal of Judah as a power player in our world, immediately we begin our journey with the Galactic Federation of light? Do we understand labor that we may have all of the technical and organizational help from our elders from space with us? They love us and it is a "Pleasure" to help us, they say. Do we see though, that we need to get the war out of here?

With his demand that it is his right to destroy us, do we not see that foul Judah has offended God our Father? Do we not see the fundamental conflict that we have lived through here?

God gave us the right to life. Judah demand his right to take our lives away from us. Judah give us a bunch of his false here on earth and hires half wits to shoot us out. Do we not see that his way, his right to kill us all, does not work with high level powers such as our elders from space?

Elders have told me that Judah has made over 4,000, four thousand attempts to capture or kill an extraterrestrial. Not one extraterrestrial has been captured or killed by Judah in his decades long attempts to do so. Elders have extended this extraterrestrial protection to Bitch, that is why this chair is still writing the truth for you to read. That is the only reason this guy is still here, because of the love of Father. Our Father loves us all. He has warned us thousands of times to STOP THE WAR.

Our sweet Father is 38 light years away from earth in the direction of the North star. There is to be found the love of sweet Father. Father loves all of his children of earth.

"They've poisoned my village, I want them off." Will labor not let Judah people off with their bus? Will labor not reassign us to life rather than let us carry on with the current assignment of death?

Judah continues to kill Father's kids and Father is dying Judah off. Tunnel death. Judah demonstrated a weakness, an inability to accommodate others. "He mishandled his higher level potentials" is what elders say about Judah. Judah got stuck on "Animal primitivism."

If Judah would have brought velocity in and made us all extremely wealthy with a clean environment, would he not for sure have been the hero? Certainly. That's not his way though. Do we not see clearly that genocide is what the boy is all about?

"Your sale force swindled us. You vegged it. Bitch failed the most reliable deal. You erred some"

Thank you to those who sent them from the telepathic zone. Did this chair veg it a couple of years ago turning so many off with accidentally stupid, never intentionally rude words, insulting of ya's? Did this chair swindle you out of learning of the Love of God, the only reason we are alive now? Did this chair fail to properly present the most reliable deal of them all? Is it not certain that Father's deal to love one another is the best deal of them all? Sure. Will labor not take a look at it again? Did this chair not err some? Instead of rejecting it because of a couple of out of place words, will you not step in here yourself labor and correct the error for all of us?

Didn't intend to veg it or swindle ya, certainly want us all to have the most reliable deal of them all; peace. Hope we can get together here labor and do something to make it happen. Can we not protect ourselves from this Judah guy that only makes war?

All the other varieties of man can find ways to accommodate on another. Judah is the only boy that cannot accommodate others. Of his own free will, he chooses to offend every house. He has found that war is the best tool of them all to degrade other people.

As a focused boy, Judah studies how things operate. The mechanism of wealth, Judah found rooted in labor, and set about a path that has led him to gain control of the receipts of labor. Judah focus on the predatory exploitation of labor. The most predatory form of labor is war. Judah call war, "The one sure route to wealth." Simultaneously war funds impoverishing vast numbers of other people.

Judah could have had it all, everything he ever needed for him self and his crowd. Judah has a different take on the world though, he is not a curious guy. Judee say, "Curiosity is not useful." Might Judee have heard the saying, "Curiosity killed the cat?"

Judah satisfied to go no further than taking over control of the government where ever he settles at, and then doing a mouse operation.

Father told Judah to love his children, to love one another, that was the solution to Judah problem. As usual, Judah would not listen to Father. Chose to continue to hate us, as he has through his thousands of years of history. His passion, to destroy us. His method finally found in nuclear technology.

Reading reverse speech, in early film of German hierarchy of war machine during world war 2, found that the high command knew of Mercury and also said that ballistic missiles were ancient technology to Mercury.

They knew that our elders from space could pull missiles out with no problem. Germans were also in touch with the Vril, that is the group of our elders that live in the North polar regions, inside of our planet. That is the magnificent who is in the chair above at this moment. A kind elder named "Nortica." He is a Vril. This is the group that Admiral Byrd met with when he went into the North polar region.

What we understand now, is that when we reach the technical level to build velocity power sources, we can access the universe easily. Judah knows this and has probably known of this for over a century.

Velocity also makes it easy to live inside of our planet. Unlimited, non polluting clean free energy, 24/7 forever, lets us have all that we need and even excess.

Bitchie reads patents and electrical engineering notes, and from seeing where our technical knowledge base is at, feels certain that Judah underground is powered by velocity. Judah may be using Velocity in his underground shelters possibly for about two decades now. Judah knows how deadly is his Jewish electricity, and would not let it in to where he lives. Do we not notice though, that Judah put 436 of them into our world? Might that not have been to poison us? Is there not some sense that this nuclear waste poisoning is intentional?

Is there not some sense labor, that Judah is fighting a war against us here? Do we sense that we are in a full blown nuclear war of mass destruction that may take us all right on out of here?

435 more nuclear power plants to go. Our ocean dying in front of our eyes. Judah shooting war throughout the world on America's dollar. No rights for anyone.

"Your sale force swindled us." Is there not some chance labor that you will act and fix this swindle here? Will you not act to prevent being swindled out of your health? Will you not act to prevent being swindled out of your lives?

"You vegged it."

As to the consciousness level of this chair, Father said that "because your thinking is based in love, you will recover. Stay close to me, I'll fix your head."

With that said, is there not some chance that labor will see how truly dead and gone this Judah guy has made us here? First he tried again and again to get us gone with nuclear blast. Now he is on his last shot of us, nuclear waste. Will we not end the sin of war? Is it possible that with just one leaking dirty bomb nuclear power plant, on the other side of our planet, 200 million of us will pass out of life form in the next 6 years? Is there not some sense of just how deadly this nuclear waste stuff is? Have we not gotten some idea of what happened here once the Judah took over control of America?

Still hoping and praying for peace. Is it not accepted as fact yet, that if not for the love of sweet Father, we already would be gone? That is a fact. We only exist because of the love of sweet Father. Will labor not give us a strike, so that Judah, and his wars, hatred and sport, will be gone? STOP THE WAR. Thank you.

Elder just said to me: "We urge you to STRIKE THEM OUT! I say "Thank you Sir Nortica."

God Bless you. God Bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy

Daily Text for Tuesday, August 19th

Daily Scripture Lessons

Psalm 100

Joshua 22

Luke 17:20-25

Watchword For the Day

Solomon said, “Even heaven and the highest heaven cannot contain you, much less this house that I have built!” 1 Kings 8:27

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Christ may dwe

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