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Witness Spies Military Helicopter in Pursuit of UFO over Ma
Tue Aug 19, 2014 07:16

Witness Spies Military Helicopter in Pursuit of UFO over Massachusetts
Published: 4:41 AM 8/18/2014

Northborough, Massachusetts - 08-14-14

Shape: Unknown - Duration: 45 seconds - Military Chopper pursues a UFO over central Massachusetts

First, at 9:30 pm, a relatively slow moving, large and conspicuous (military?) helicopter flew from southeast to northwest under a moonless, starry sky about 50 knots - half the speed of a typical "life flight" chopper or news chopper.

It had a signature deep sound to its rotors like a heavy military war helicopter. I didn't pay much attention to it other than noticing its slow speed of travel and bright "red/green" FAA signal lights for civilian airspace.

I assumed it was just a nighttime training mission… It should be noted that this is not heavily traveled airspace by helicopter air traffic -- only rarely do we see any helicopter at all.

Typically, it's only passenger jets descending into Logan airport at 15,000', and the occasional weekender in a Cessna.

What struck me as odd was hearing the exact same chopper (that signature, deep military sound like a Blackhawk, plus the same signal lights on a black chopper, indicating port/starboard) 20 minutes later coming back from the direction it had traveled initially (this time NW to SE), and on the same vector path and altitude (about 500 feet) and speed... so I stepped out from my porch and looked up.

That is when I noticed it was "chasing" (more like "escorting") what was first one dim light and then which became two lights, lights which were a bluish color, but obvious and present; also conspicuous but considerably less bright (exactly similar to the magnitude of a low-orbit satellite in a dark night sky. Actually I'd say "identical."

The lights were not associated with a visible craft (unless the craft was tiny -- like softball sized?) but they were surely too far ahead of the chopper to be an extension of the chopper. The lights were travelling about 50 ft from each other -- one slightly ahead of the other -- together, at about 1/8 to a 1/4 of a mile ahead of the chopper, travelling at the same speed and vector and altitude as the helicopter.

From my experience, the objects were going too fast to be civilian drones, and were "silent" under the sound of the chopper. They seemed to glide effortlessly ahead of the helicopter as if free from our Earthly propulsion systems.

If it was alien craft, you'd think the military would use jets to pursue... unless they were testing a drone system and needed a chopper to pursue because it flies too slowly for a jet to follow.

Either way, it felt "planned," but then again in civilian airspace, even the drone would need proper FAA green/red port and starboard indicators. They did not. Something was very wrong.

I will say the whole episode felt very "off," and is absolutely venture to say, "paranormal."

This is a heavily populated suburb, though somewhat rural, so stars are bright. They chose a moonless night to transport or escort 'something.'

I believe they were low and slow to glide below the ubiquitous radar.

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8 hours ago

These types of sightings IMO, are the best, as they show that military or civilian aircraft are either escorting, following or trying to catch up to these strange crafts...Id LOVE to pick the pilots brain about this! or better yet, the person who ordered him to the location, that is who we need to hear from, how did they get their info, details they give the pilot, etc.
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4 hours ago

Good report by a witness that pays attention to detail...Thanks.
I am sure that this craft/object was picked up on radar and then called into the nearest Military installation where they may or may not have had fighter jets to scramble. It would seem logical that the jets would be more into chasing whereas a helicopter may be more of an escort. That is only my humble opinion.

Southwest Michigan UFO Sighting Still a Mystery
Published: 5:35 AM 8/14/2014

Michigan - 1994

The View Of Those Strange Lights In The Sky In 1994 Perplex Eyewitnesses To This Day!

BY Marx Ponce

See the UFO Casebook case file, 1994 Sightings in Holland, Michigan.

Southwest Michigan locals had a UFO sighting experience on March 8, 1994 when they spotted unusual objects hovering over Lake Michigan towards the south of Holland.

According to Grand Haven Tribune, locals identified the UFO sightings as blue, white, red, and green lights. At times, they said these lights were connected to cylindrical things and that they even saw them perform strange movements.

Cindy Pravda, one of the residents in Grand Haven who had the UFO sighting experience, observed the strange lights for approximately half an hour. In an interview, she noted that she had been watching them for around 10 minutes when one of the lights maneuvered to the left. According to her, it appeared as if the light went over the nearby highway before moving back to its original spot.

At 9:30 that evening, calls from eyewitnesses claiming they have seen a string of lights akin to Christmas lights flooded 911.

Operators said that Ottawa county residents were not the only ones who reported the calls. Callers residing up and down Lake Michigan reported similar UFO sightings. There were sources that claimed 300 witnesses, some of which were even police officers, spotted the unexplainable lights.

Radar operators detected 3-4 blips that were not identifiable with airplanes or any recognized aircraft. However, later on, the National Weather Service attempted to understate the radar monitoring.

The unusual incident remained the main point of discussion that lasted for several days in Ottawa. The Luddington Daily News article dated July 19, 1988 filed in Google reported the establishment of the Mutual UFO Network Inc. It is a field representative for exclusively tracking down strange phenomena in the sky.

This occurred six years earlier than the 1994 sightings. Nonetheless, no news confirmed whether the institution was able to track down the source of those lights or record any other similar phenomena prior to it.

To date, no explanation about the UFO sightings has surfaced.

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Unknown Objects Captured on Video in Australia
UFOs over Australia
Published: 7:22 PM 8/17/2014
Port Macquarie, N.S.W. Australia - 07-27-14

Situated high in the hills overlooking the coast, I observed 3 objects that appeared to descend to the ground just south of town.

I have seen many of our own planes and helicopters in infrared and know the flight paths very well; these objects did not conform to any path seen before.

I could not see them with the naked eye. The area they appeared to descend on was a semi-remote part of the coast.

Night footage was taken around the same day with a Medion scope. These objects are very large and bright as hell.

I have noticed a huge increase in activity around here, one might say it's a bit of a UFO flap. Some sightings happen quickly, and there is not enough time for the camera.

I hope you enjoy the footage,

Regards Drew

Details at:

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