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From NPR a narrative about Frank Sinatra.
Sat Oct 4, 2014 13:44

From NPR a narrative about Frank Sinatra.


Subject: Ira Glass on Frank Sinatra
This is an NPR piece by the unctuous, Ira Glass.

As you might expect, Ira likes the music supposedly, but he really dislikes the man; especially the way Frank treated Sammy Davis Jr. onstage in the early '60s; quite rudely as a matter of fact, but that's just Frank and the Rat Pack's way of initiating a new, black, member -

I've never heard of Sammy complaining about it then or afterward. It was due to his Rat Pack association with Sinatra, that he was able to parlay this into a lucrative singing career along with film and television roles, that may or may not have come to him if he didn't have Frank's connections - Sammy Davis Jr. was an immensely talented man; and he knew enough not to bite the hand that was feeding him during those years - Sinatra was one of the first, if not the first major white entertainer to appear onstage with another black entertainer; something that nearly never happened in 1962, which was the year this live clip was recorded in Las Vegas -

This piece is just another predictable NPR, "American Life" hatchet-job, as they are apt to do when their subjects are people who are rugged-individualists, self-made, white conservatives, old-school entertainers, or have politics not in line with those of the narrator and/or NPR -

Everybody knew then and knows now that Frank could be a World Class ---hole, he was incredibly boorish on many occasions, he could be nasty and cruel, and he was a powerful, influential man (especially during the early Kennedy years), but tell me something I don't know, because I still like the man and his music.




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