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Another Banksta Found Dead 19 Nov 2014
Wed Nov 19, 2014 14:54

Yup another Western Banker was found dad in his bath tub in New York city with his Jugular Vein cut. No knife was recovered so the initial New York City Police report stated it was most likely not suicide - Duh.

The Banksta was working for the World Bank, not city Group as FOX news reports - unless a second Banksta was killed.

Apparently FOX news ran a story about some low level city Banksta named Shawn D Miller being killed at home and the apartment Doorman found him in his bath tub.

Now you have to ask yourself - why would the Apartment Doorman go upstairs into a Bankers Apartment and into his bathroom --- yea --- FOX lied.

My sources tell me (Friend of the Red Dragon Ambassador) he was working with a group of Western Bankers that were trying to set up a bank to counter the Red Dragon Leadership now running the World Bank. Many more dead bankers will follow - but most will not be found. This Open Dead Body was a warning to other western Bankstas - stop cheating.

I have also been told that if President Obama and his staff do not surrender to the Red Dragons that La Palma will be detonated and cause much death on the US East Coast and US technology would be useless to counter this attack.

The US Corporate Fleet is useless, their ICBMs have been neutralized, their underground Command and Control Centers destroyed, and their Computer Systems infiltrated and compromised.

Perhaps this is a great time for those Fascist Pigs in the White House to agree to work with the Red Dragon Family?

The bond I have now presented to Deutch Bank worth $551 Million will either be honored by the Russian Central Bank or denied.

If it is accepted then it is a sign that the Red Dragon Family has a firm hold on the Financial Centers of the world and this long Depression will be ended.

The address on the Envelope from whence this bond came is the center for Adolf Hitler's Financial Center. Honor the bond and they put the Funding of the Fourth Reich to bed and the NAZIs left over from WW2 go down. A final end to World War 2.

If the bond is denied then it is a signal that there will be many more dead in both the Rothchids Banking System and the Red Dragon Family.

If the bond is denied then the Fourth Reich Funding Head Quarters remains in tact and the War goes on - a Fascist dream - Perpetual War. Every body looses but the Western Bankstas.

Once the NAZIs find out their address will be exposed expect them to move post haste - so I urge the Russians to move quickly in rolling over this bond simply to get this address.

The War, or Peace, scenario is currently resting with the folks in the Russian Central Bank - will they honor a True and Honest bond and roll it over into current Russian Bonds or not?

If the Russians cooperate with the Red Dragon Family and begin to bank honestly then there will be a unified front to destroy this "Evil Cabal" that has led the west for so long.

The bond will be used to put people back to work in Russia and help feed them as they rebuild the Russian Orthodox Churches. An 8% yearly payout on about 20 Billion rubles would put many, many Russians back to work.

About 10% of these bond funds would go to rebuilding the infra-structure of central Montana - Jobs - but let us not count the chickens before the eggs hatch.

Let us see if those in the Russian Central Bank will be honest and true or lie through their teeth.


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Dr William B. Mount

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