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Intelligent ufos TV report from The Third Millennium about t
Thu Nov 20, 2014 05:32

UFO Performing intelligent Demonstrations

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intelligent ufos
TV report from The Third Millennium about the intelligent UFO observed all around the world, including the one over Chandler, Arizona.
Video at:

UFO Encounter with a Triangle UFO over New York
UFO Triangle Seen in New York, Military Jets Present
By Billy Booth
UFOs/Aliens Expert


As we have discussed before, UFOs come in all shapes and sizes, just like people. The modern history of Ufology began with the Kenneth Arnold sighting in 1947, where a news reporter mistakenly coined the phrase, "flying saucer." Before too long, other shapes of craft began to be reported; oval, circular, disc-shaped and more. In the last few decades, we have had an abundance of shapes being reported.

About ten years ago, the favorite among those explaining, or debunking UFOs as it were, was the Chinese Lantern; now it has been replaced with the drone. Anything seen in the sky that is not readily explainable is a drone. This is the current trend. What will be next is anyone's guess.

For about the last 35 years, through it all, we have had the enigmatic triangle shape. This has been a bane to debunkers, because either a craft is triangle-shaped or it is not. The most commonly used explanation for these is that they are military craft. In some cases, I am sure this is accurate in some cases; but not all.

There are many reports of these babies moving so slow that they shouldn't be able to stay airborne. And often they are listed as making no sound whatsoever. After reading the account below, be sure to check out the Hudson River Triangles.

Poughkeepsie, New York - 1996

Returning from a meeting in New Jersey, I was traveling north on 9 West along the Hudson River passing through the town of Marlboro. Coming up the hill near a gas station, I noticed two lights I assumed were helicopters coming from the southwest, moving northeast.

About the same time, two jets on a steep angle with afterburners on were flying on a more northerly path. I assumed they came out of Stewart Air Force Base. As that was occurring, a large shadowy object appeared directly overhead moving from the west towards the Hudson River.

I pulled off of the road as much as possible. There was construction at the time that kept me from pulling completely off. I lowered the passenger window and jumped across the seat and leaned out the window on my back. Looking directly up at the bottom of this craft, I saw a dimly lit cast-shape triangle several hundred feet long.

Craft Creates No Sound

I could hear no sound as the triangle moved slowly across the sky. The nose appeared to be over the Marlboro School before I saw the back. The back was rounded with a thin line of blue-lit windows for lack of a better description.

The light was similar to a black light in color. It continued on its path, then turned south as it passed over the school. I could not understand why the jets and choppers went north or why everyone behind me did not pull off the road. This shook me up quite a bit. My immediate thought was military in origin as we were near Stewart.

Other Witnesses

I drove home and told my girlfriend about what happened and swore her to secrecy. The following day she told a co-worker of ours who told her his wife saw the same thing in Hyde Park, New York the same night.

Hyde Park though is north of Marlboro, I saw it travel south. This sighting has stuck with me as more sightings of a giant triangle over the years. Also, I thought if it were military, we would know by now.

I've always been a believer, but with a skeptics eye. I often hear about strange lights or beams with other sightings, but this ship had no such thing.

Frightening Sky Blaze Erupts, Lights Up Night in Russia
Sky Lights up in Russia
Published: 7:00 AM 11/19/2014

scientists and officials have been unable to explain the light...

Oliver Wheaton

Motorists driving down a dark and creepy Russian road had their path briefly illuminated for them recently (no, Putin didn’t suddenly install street lights).

A blaze of orange was filmed lighting up the night sky above the Sverdlovsk region in central Russia for a few seconds.
UFO? Comet? Strange super-future weapons testing?

Despite several motorists capturing the strange event with dashboard cameras, scientists and officials have been unable to explain the light.

Viktor Grokhovsky, a member of the meteorites committee of the Russian Academy of Sciences, said: ‘It looks like a falling bolide (meteorite). Due to the low cloud cover it burned up above the clouds and lit up the whole sky.’

One young cameraman must have thought the apocalypse was upon him as he appeared to be directly beneath the glow when it appeared.

Isn’t it strange that whenever a ‘UFO’ visits or a meteorite lands, it always seems to happen in Russia…

UFO Casebook Reader Comment
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Wow! First thoughts...........some type of a detonation in the atmosphere.......reeks of military.

5 hours ago

WOW!!! i truly dont think that was military. scary as hell. I do wonder why those boys are laughing though and why the cars in the first video dont come to a sreeching halt. i dont see alot of brake lights coming on

also, not alot of sound in the second part of the video. u would figure with such a bright light would expect some type of sound. i dont no about anyone else but i would have been running in the other direction.

7 hours ago

Did anyone see the high speed light moving to the right afte the the light dimmed? Very interesting. Maybe a military test.


Too difficult for some to consider that it was a nuclear warhead going for a target, and a UFO burst it prematurely?

Video at:

Details at:

Romanian Photographer Looks for Input on Photograph of UFO
UFO over Romania
Published: 4:44 PM 11/18/2014

I had taken a picture of something which I had not seen at the time
Predeal-Brasov, Romania - 06-28-12

I’m living in Romania in Europe and some parts of our country up to the mountains have really strange stories about extraterrestrial activities!

As we know up at the Carpathian mountains not so far from cities –Busteni and Azuga exists; even a secret army base.

The reason why I write to you is that a couple of years ago during a summer camp with kids at the mountains not so far from the mentioned area, I was taking random pictures.

When I got home I started to erase the bad pictures and I get to the picture I'm talking about and when I opened it, I thought that my monitor has some dust on it, but I realized that I had taken a picture of something which I had not seen at the time.
I sent my picture to the the Romanian UFO Society and they said that I had taken a photo of a UFO, but they didn't have the expertise to truly analyze it.

They forwarded my picture to a German group, but they never answered back. I would like to ask you if you can give me feedback on what the object is.

Photo taken with NIKON D80

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    • Intelligent ufos TV report from The Third Millennium about t — PS POST, Thu Nov 20 05:32
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