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"Hate Fell"
Fri Nov 21, 2014 00:49

"Hate Fell"

Was reading the obituaries the other day, and noted a young person, about 20 years of age, had passed away. Died at home the obituary said. Have others been reading reports of young people passing away throughout America in most unusual circumstances? Some taking a nap after jogging, and not waking up. For people only in their twenties and thirties, does that not seem unusual? Some commenters have suggested that it is the nuclear waste that has been causing some young folks to pass unexpectedly.

While pondering this issue, I asked elder how many people have died in America from the nuclear waste that we now are breathing from Hitachi-GE, and elder told me "300,000." Might we hear next that some of them died from delayed onset of sudden infant death syndrome?

If 300,000 people had died from Ebola, might there not be quite a bit of reporting on the evening news? Have hardly seen anything about Hitachi-GE on the news. Doesn't that seem odd? The largest die in the history of the human race now in progress, and almost nothing on the news about it?

"The guy is telling us the truth." A Tele receive from a nice person out there. Be certain, this guy Bitch is telling you the truth.

The truth is we are a species that was genetically engineered long ago. We were created to live in peace with one another. We have a precious sweet Father who loves us all. That is the truth.

We are on the losing side of an all out nuclear waste war against us. From estimates in Judah reverse speech, they have already died out over 200 million people in America. It will take 6 years for the first 200 million to pass out of life form.

In three years, most everyone in America will have lost their good health. This from only one nuclear dirty bomb, disguised as Jewish electricity power plant.

Elders have also shared with Bitch that over 16 million of the perps have gone to the safety of their shelters in the mountains.

Bitch has been reporting this news for 3 years now. Regrettably, Bitch stupid mistakes have slowed the message. Father is always with us and wants us to save ourselves.

Our elders from space are still pulling all Judah blast rounds off of us. Here is one report with a video of a blast in the night sky, from just the other day in Russia:;article=152989;

If you've seen the video, does it not appear to be a very big blast in the sky? Is it not understood yet, that the plan from the very beginning, was to shoot us out with nuclear blast weaponry?

Bitch has reported that we have been repeatedly attacked with nuclear missiles, to everyone on a regular basis for 3 years now. That we are now closing out our lives with nuclear waste, is there not some chance that labor will give us a helping hand and STRIKE THEM OUT? Will labor not take the authority to issue our money away from Israel? Will labor not STOP THE WAR?

Have we not learned that God, our precious sweet Father, has told us from ancient times that he will cut off the head and tail of Israel in one day? Will American labor not do God's will? Will labor not give to God what is God's and help cut off the head and tail of Israel in one day?

Isaiah 9:14: Therefore the Lord will cut off head and tail from Israel, palm branch and bulrush in ONE DAY.

The palm branch is his head high officials and the bulrush is tail of local liars.

Will labor not do the will of God, give us a general strike,and cut off the head and tail of the guy who is waging an all out nuclear waste war on us? Will labor not have faith in our good God to get it done in ONE DAY?

Its fall out. Do we not see the 6 years of tears coming in with nuclear waste sickness? Is there not some way that labor will help us here?

Isaiah 10;3: "What will you do in the day of punishment, and in the desolation which will come from afar? To whom will you flee for help?"

Do we not see how accurate these words of our Lord from thousands of years ago read exact and true today? Do we not yet perceive that we are in the abomination of desolation?

Might continuous levels of radition like chest x rays not have some affect on our over all health if we receive doses every minute of the day? Is there not yet some sense that we are succumbing to a slow painful genocide?

"I know my right fraud stupid you; we just fist state you. We just have tremendous racing power. I was born to be vicious and molest. I fielded a few saps for my genus. Cashed you's right. We just shot our crews dead. Lost parasite ownership. Its the end of our fun," Judee say.

While reading some of the wisdom found in the Bible came upon Ecclesiastes 3;19: "For what happens to the sons of men also happens to animals; one thing befalls them; as one dies, so dies the other.

Surely they all have one breath; man has no advantage over animals, for all is vanity."

Do we not see here the warning found in ancient times to us to help us act, as our breath is being stolen right out of our lungs by the abomination of desolation? Do we not see that the fire and brimstone that has died many of the animals of the pacific ocean, is coming in to take us away to?

The polar bears are dying in the North lands. The whales and fish of the seas are dying. Is there not someway that we will connect the dots and take the authority to issue our money away from Judah and use it to stop the mass destruction from nuclear waste? Rich and poor alike, is it not clear that we are all in a deadly zone of nuclear waste destruction?

Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our elders from space who have pulled all the nuclear blast shots off of us? Will labor not act in the name of God to help us survive this abomination of desolation?

Will labor not take off these ungodly attempts to destroy us?

Will labor not heed the warnings from God and STOP THE WAR?

Words from a Master from space who spoke with George Adamski in 1954. "My son, our main purpose in coming to you at this time is to warn you of the grave danger which threatens men of earth today. Knowing more than any of you can yet realize, we feel it our duty to enlighten you if we can."

The Master then tells George the people of earth can listen and preserve themselves or turn deaf ears and destroy themselves.

The specific thing here, "Knowing more than any of you can yet realize."

Do we have a sense of what it is that Bitch has been hoping for the people to realize is that the plan is to exterminate us? Do we not see this in the words of the Master from space to George Adamski in 1954? "Knowing more than any of you can realize yet?

Do some of us not yet realize the plan is to finish us off now with nuclear waste? Do we not see how the Master spoke as much to George Adamski in 1954? "Knowing more than any of you can yet realize?"

Bitch didn't realize this truth, the plan was to push us all right out of life with nuclear blast instruments, until he was 49 years old. So the big hurdle to over come was the understanding that our genocide was planned long ago.

Did we not perceive that the blast genocide with nuclear missiles has fallen? Will labor not in God's name claim a view of what is happening in our world and get together and take the authority to issue our money away from weap Judah?

"I pushed you in, my guilt is incredible, Judee say."

We need you labor. We are one family of Simian Beings that were made by our good God to love one another. To live in peace and harmony. Do we not see that death noodles will not hold Judah in any longer now? Spiced kidney disease on the jail menu. Is that not proof of failure of the managers who have the authority to issue our money in their hands? Are we not aware that genocide is illegal in the Galactic Federation of light?

Ecclesiastes 4;5: "The fool folds his hands and consumes his own flesh."

Might we not think of the many times that elders have said, "Foolish to do nothing?

"The fool folds his hands and consumes his own flesh."

Do we not perceive the level of desolation that is coming in on us here? Do we not perceive that we are being perished right? Instead of folding our hands, will we not join hands together and help ourselves to live? Do we not yet see that nuclear waste is taking us right on out of life?

"We've failed because we function as terrorists with our scrimmages," Judee say.

Will labor not step in here and give us a chance to live? Will labor not save the day? Must labor not STOP THE WAR?

"I gave you the peace, must you fail?"

God Bless you. God Bless us all.

Love God

Have Mercy

Daily Text

Friday, November 21 — Psalm 130
1 Kings 13:23-14:20; John 17:1-19

Daniel said, “My God sent his angel and shut the lions’ mouths so that they would not hurt me.” Daniel 6:22

We know that anyone born of God does not continue to sin; the One who was born of God keeps them safe, and the evil one cannot harm them. 1 John 5:18 (NIV)

We know there are lions in our world—those who persecute, hate, oppress, and destroy. Gracious God, our charge is to demonstrate your love to these beasts, so they may turn from evil, while bringing hope to their prey, that they may be safe. Help us in this, we pray. Amen.

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