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"ITS HORRIBLE" That was what elder said in regards to Bitch
Thu Dec 18, 2014 01:32


That was what elder said in regards to Bitch post of yesterday, "its horrible." Bitch looked at it today and it may be the part of mentioning the utter destruction of Israel. Using the word "destruction" might seem to imply a use of violent force. Our Father's house does not use the sword or violence whatsoever. Have some of us not figured out that Judah is using staged acts of violence to false the people? Our elders have no violence in their world at all. The universe is at peace.

So what are we to think as the cancering of the people goes on for another day, as we source war and poisoning ourselves? Elder said to Bitch early today that Bitch bloopers plus Judee smudging Bitch is what has prevented labor from acting to save itself.

Greaser force is still shooting out the world at the request of Judah.

"My British sub pulled my bank rule," Judee say.

Has Judah and company not really squashed us nice? Is there not still some hope that labor will organize and give us a general strike to take the authority to issue our money away from Judah and put it into the hands of labor?

"We leave perishing. We're dying enemies. I'm a Jew sport closed. We spite you overtime sometimes. We crave degrade. Judious boy is going to leave for core-in. Our ruin is ever luscious. Nothingness. We believed with Germany we could die ya's. We just capture you for wastement. I set you anonymously so you don't bleed me out," Judee say.

How many can we only guess have had a friend or family member pass away from cancer or heart attack or stroke, accident or other, and never once guessed that they were forced out of life by anonymous?

"Bitch got the boots right on out of here, we're closed for our sin," Judee say.

Do we not yet recognize that Judee sin was attacking us with his thousands of nuclear missiles?

"My rights cost you foul. Its obvious our rice exhausted you's. We believed with Germany we could die you all. I work for tobacco in my off days. We just provide weap opportunities to exhaust you in commercial. Our century of insure pulled you out real great. We're out for our astro-event. Bitch is fully gospel here," Judee say.

Has labor not shattered the viewing glass that may show us the way to peace? Does it not seem that the ordinary everyday working person does not have some real idea of how thoroughly Judah is wasting us out with his nuclear wasting disease? Is there not some chance that labor will hear the words of warning from our good God and STOP THE WAR?

"I can use you if I can entrench you. My theory alleges that you're awfuls' so I corrupt you's. You're obviously able to pull my force, you'll roll me with a grand jury," Judee say.

So do we not see here where Judah is telling us in reverse speech that we obviously are able to pull his force? Will labor not help us here to roll Judah with a grand jury? Will labor not STRIKE THEM OUT, take the authority to issue our money and STOP THE WAR?

"I'm so high in life I just had a right to BOOM you out," Judee say.

Do we see where he has placed himself in such a secure, anonymous position, that he could commit most any crimes with out having to worry about consequences? Do we not see why he has installed a totally corrupt society? Are we making the connection here with Judah being the only cult that has the authority to issue our money, our corrupt society and its eternal mass wreckage for hire operations around the world?

Still praying that labor will act and do something to prevent this waste poisoning that is sealing us in. Have the ordinary people given any thoughts to 2 out of 3 of us not being here in only 6 years due to nuclear waste poisoning?

"Its all over in 2 weeks." That from a high placed Judah. Can we ask ourselves, "what's over in 2 weeks?" Might it be that labor will act in 2 weeks and get them out? Or might it be that in 2 weeks they will have enough waste into our environment to take us all out?

Our Father's house works on the basis of the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Is there not some sense yet in the ordinary everyday worker of just how real is the plan to get us all out of here totally with nuclear waste?

Once you STRIKE THEM OUT labor, believe it, they will be done. Their war to sucker us all, and terrorize us, will be gone. Peace will envelop our world. Do we not recall that the meek are to inherit the earth? Will it not be nice to be able to travel about with the meek to greet us at whatever destination we go to? Will it not be nice to not have to be concerned about being on a secret list to be molested at some check point in some Judee sport zone?

"Murder victims we want, so I shoot you. We're going away cannibal," Judee say.

Remaining unchanged since ancient times. Unable to accommodate others. Knowing full well that genocide is a violation of the rules of our good God's house, Judah goes ahead and commits genocide to those whom he captures. Do we not yet perceive that he captured the people of America? Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our good God for sparing us from Judah immolation? Will we not say a prayer for peace?

God loves us all. God Bless you. God Bless us all.

Love God

Have mercy

Daily Text

Wednesday, December 17 Psalm 144:1-4
2 Kings 15; Acts 4:23-37

I have spoken of your faithfulness and your salvation; I have not concealed your steadfast love and your faithfulness from the great congregation. Psalm 40:10

Do not be ashamed of the testimony about our Lord. 2 Timothy 1:8

O God, in you we live and move and have our being. Loosen our tongues so that we may testify to your amazing love and faithfulness in our lives. Amen.

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