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willpwilson 908
Your Community Needs to Prepare for Global Extinction Events
Thu Dec 18, 2014 12:11

Will P. Wilson December 18, 2014 Posted on - - - - I, Will P. Wilson, am doing all that I can to try to inform our communities through the means of my having been producing TV programs on this subject: "How Are Our Communities Now Preparing to Address the Worldwide Extinction Event(s)? - And, to Prepare for the now ever increasing Nuclear Contamination, thereof, through via Hanford, and from Fourteen now known to be leaking Nuclear Reactors in the U.S. Alone, and also now the Global Nuclear Contamination from the Fukushima Worldwide Nuclear Catastrophic Circumstances

That Our Entire Planet is Now Facing?" - Thereof - How will our communities be effectively prepared when they don't know that these circumstances are now prevailing worldwide, and all around them?

Thereof, I am and have been producing weekly Public Access TV programs on the revealing that Cannabis for example and thereof and hence, in the near future, that Cannabis-Hemp and other remedies are apparently will also be referred to as being a field of scientific medical cannabis and other organic sources will be called Colloidal (Cannabis) Extracts and discovered will become known as an array of other Colloidal (Cannabis & many other organic sources.) Extractions Methods.

Vis a vis, that these soon to be more effectively understood and to be implemented thence, that will help to remove all Nuclear Contamination and begin to more effectively help all people to heal faster and survive through this current worldwide Extinction Event.

As well, revealing on the AllDayLive weekly TV programs ( the means of Pantone (GEET Technologies.) and Hydroxy Gas-Browns Gas Water purification methods that now are critical for our communities to now begin to know about.

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    • Your Community Needs to Prepare for Global Extinction Events — willpwilson 908, Thu Dec 18 12:11
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