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willpwilson 908
Google Search: colloidal water cannabis extraction in Feb-15
Thu Dec 18, 2014 15:03

Google Search: "colloidal water cannabis extraction," this next Feb-2015 for an update on where this will be going and realize that Medical and now as well as Commercial Cannabis and Hemp industries will be taking on another perspective thereof, that now that the VA Medical System recognizes Medical CBD and CBG (Non THC.) Medical (And, now also Commercial over the counter.) Cannabis. - - -

And, watch this google search in a couple of months as well: CBD CBG Medical Cannabis - - About 384,000 results -

medical cannabis colloidal extracts -

Consider that the Teamsters Union and the United Food Workers Unions are now considering that their unions may soon be encompassing a membership of several million newly employed workers in the areas of Medical and Commercial Cannabis production and transport in the next three years. - Cannabis and the Teamsters Union - p- - -

And, that now that there are now many thousands of counties in the United States who are now legislating to recognize and to regulate the quickly transcending medical cannabis sectors and patient communities in their jurisdictions. Thereof, the many counties will have to now consider their also reaching increased Medical Cannabis demands and future production and export and import in their jurisdictions.

And, that the many counties and the many jurisdictions will not only have to begin to meet their jurisdictional Medical Cannabis Patient Demand but then they will now also have to begin to architect, to produce and to regulate this quickly expanding array of Medical and Commercial CBD - CBG and non THC Cannabis and Hemp industrial, medical and overall Cannabis and Hemp market demand for reaching their goals to meet a much higher production methodologies that are now in a much needed perspective. Thereof, in order for them to now begin to meet their local medical quotas for the ever growing medical cannabis patient communities alone.

That this matter now concerning a soon to be a booming Medical Commercial Cannabis industry, that is now transcending state by state and county by county. That this market perspective is now a result of the transcendence that will now also as well include many native nations communities and as well as the now many other medical sectors, that will and that are now also including of all inordinate or in a sense, possibly absurd realities that the Psychiatric Community are now incorporating Medical Cannabis into their regimen of emerging patient treatments.

And, now as well, this now transcending Medical Cannabis and Commercial Cannabis sectors are having to contend with an ever increasing consumption level in their counties, and their jurisdictions and that the many counties and the many jurisdictions will now also have to begin learning to write their own ordinances and lawfully regulated standards of practices. Think about this.

This means that soon the many counties and jurisdictions will have to writing and indexing their own laws of Cannabis Commerce and Proper Medical Cannabis practice and transport and packaging to name just a very small perspective of this now exploding array of industries that are springing our of this Medical and now Commercial Cannabis and soon to also be Hemp as well.

Thereof, by an astute analysis of this vastly and quickly emerging industry and by the many counties and the many jurisdictions now having to be forced to recognize (In their own jurisdictions.) very realistically at this time that they the many jurisdictions and counties will now also have to transcend into these many counties and jurisdictions their role in their being able to define and create their own lawfully (Their own county and jurisdiction.) regulating iof this emerging Cannabis Reality.

Thereof, that the many counties, states, and jurisdictions will have to begin to define and to regulate their own nter county transport (Thereof, in consideration of the many now transcending means and practices of transport including Organic Standards of Transport.).

Including the contracting with state, county and local law enforcement groups including the Teamsters Union, the United Food Workers Unions, and also the native nations communities who are not governed by Federal Laws, concerning the soon to be booming inter county and soon to be inter state transport of Cannabis.

Google Seach: "colloidal water cannabis extraction"
About 2,310,000 results (0.68 seconds) -

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    • Google Search: colloidal water cannabis extraction in Feb-15 — willpwilson 908, Thu Dec 18 15:03
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