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Got Solar Panels - Merry Christmas From Obama
Thu Dec 18, 2014 15:56

If you have Solar Panels and you go inot hte Grid be prepared for a Big Surprise in about 7 days - Merry Christmas.

The story you are about to read is true and being duplicated nation wide - so prepare yourselves.

About ten year ago I put connected 480 watts to our Grid - through my house. The state law not only allows this but encourages this. Shortly after I signed a contract to do this the local power company demanded I sign another contract based on the same Solar Panels.

I explained to the Power Company that the UCC anc COntract Law both state you cannot have two separate contracts based on any one item. They then illegally refused to pay me for the Washington State Incentive.

Three years later, after returning from Russia with two diplomatic passports in hand, I once again asked my power company to pay me for the power I was providing them and to sign another contract based on the solar system I currently had I needed to cancel the First Contract - Contract Law You Know.

Apparently the FBI's attempt to keep me homeless shad failed and so Tacoma Power gave in simply because I was ready to sue them.

Apparently if I had signed the second contract they would have initiated procedures to declare ownership of the entire solar system up to, and perhaps including, my Solar Panel and they had been planing to do this to every Solar and Wind Mill customer they had. My not signing the Second Contract prevented their little plan form prospering.

You Cannot Negotiate With Evil - They Always Try And Steal and Murder. They must be contained or killed.

So now that my panels are pumping power into the grid I get a check of about $100 per year for an initial Investment of $7,500.

Since I have solar panels officially connected to the Tacoma Grid I am now forced to participate in a "Budget Plan." so I over pay in the summer and under pay in hte winter.

Unfortunately there is always an extra amount on my bill I cannot pay off. You cannot raise the amount you pay them every month nor can you pay this amount off - they will not accept the money and when you pay it off this excess Balance they stop taking the Monthly Amount out of your checking account until this anount reaches their pre-determined Negative Balance. So I have always run an extra $500-$900 on my bill they will not let me pay. The current EXTRA balance is about $650.

So what is the Power Company up to - why would Tacoma Power (Or any other power company) do such a devious thing to it's customers?

Further - why is this occurring across the nation at this time?

We know that the local power company hate the customers providing them with power provided by a Wind Mill or Solar Power simply because we have heard their representative state this at Corporate Meetings and Utility Seminars.

So what devious plan do these power companies they have to screw their Alternate Energy customers?

What evil thing are they planning to do with this extra money we owe?

Yesterday we who have Solar Panels and Wind Mills here in Tacoma, and across the nation, are being told that on Christmas Day not only will our normal bill be deducted but the extra amount we have accrued called the "Account Balance" will also be deducted.

This was not explained in the letter I received and it took almost 45 minutes on the phone to pull this information out of the "Solar Budget Plan" Affirmative Action Hirees who were part of this Evil Power Company Plan.

Exactly how many people nation wide that will be effected there is now way to determine, but here in Tacoma we have about 50 people that are being discriminate against in this manner - screwed is a better word.

So on Christmas - all across the nation - people who are doing the right thing by pumping energy back into the grid in accordance with Federal, State, County and City laws will have a whole lot more taken out of their accounts than they suspect.

So on Christmas I will personally owe Tacoma Power $400 Plus the $650.

Since I have been expecting this kind of Retaliation for doing the right thing I am fully prepared for this Evil Deed by my local power company.

So out of my Personal Checking Account on Christmas Day Tacoma Power will Auto Withdraw $1,150 - not the normal $400.

Merry Christmas from the Obama Administration and your local power company.

Merry Christmas Tacoma Power, you are in GOD's Hands now and HE will deal with you ever so swiftly form the top to the bottom, so HE has said it, so it shall be.
The News You Need To Hear

Honorable Grace
Dr William B. Mount
Knight of Malta - Russian
Cpt (Ret) USA

PS - I am still getting Human Pubic Hairs and Rat Hairs through my Tacoma, water lines.

A Note For Dr WIll P Wilson: As the US Corporate Offices loose control you will see Hemp Production sky rocket as local governments see the money in the production of HEMP and their potential revenue.

The New US Republic means NO Property Taxes and local governing boards will need revenue, Hemp an be grown every where - front lawns, city property, in parks - etc. HEMPTY (No THC Dope) will be in demand across the nation so hang on Will.


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