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willpwilson 908
Dr. William Mount, Can You Ask The Living God For Me?
Mon Dec 29, 2014 14:49

Dr. William Mount, Can You Ask The Living God For Me? - When I will be finally Free From the Elitists and Jesuit Crime Syndicate's Continual Targeting of me and I say good bye to this evil place? Signed Will P. Wilson. Enough Hell is Enough, and I think that I have had way more then my share of it. I don't nave any reason to be here to serve as the target of the Michael S, Kunaths and or my greedy slimy billionaire brothers Thomas Scott Wilson or my brother John Gould Wilson, who have paid a fortune to keep their names and identities off of the Internet after their having done to my life that these evil scum have done to me. See how the Jesuit Crime Syndicate prospers after they prey on people like me and ruin or murder our lives.

Think that the living God really cares about the targeted victims whose lives have been fully destroyed by these scum? -;article=143536;title=APFN -
While the sheep are sleeping, the predators move in. - -

Do you think that there is really going to be judgement when these scum are living in million dollar mansions and paying a half a million dollars a year for golf course memberships? - - Do you think that our Federal Court System protects people from being targeted by people who blame the parties involved for their problems? No, this entire system is fake and anyone can target and destroy anyone in this world today and their is no protection, even by the living God.

After Kunath had allegedly (Alleged, yah right.) used extremely powerful NSA Mind-Control Psychotronic Technologies (With also the help of the former Northwest NSA director Jim Morse also using this technology on me in my house in Redmond Washington.) to disable my mind and then Kunath then proceeded to manage illegally across state lines a Federal Law Suite that my brothers could easily see that I was being completely mind controlled by Kunath.

And, this also in complicity with my former wife Jennifer Ann Cohn who was being coached by her black magician mother Barbara Hartwig Mac Arthur (And, another party named Zoe Golden as well.) thereof, Jennifer Ann Cohn was at the time (1980s & early 1990s.) poisoning myself while apparently her mother Barbara Mac Arthurs was also putting these substance in her husband Alex Mac Arthur's food as well to also kill him of which Alex Mac Arthur died of this apparent poisoning in 1991. Thereof, Jennifer Ann Cohn had proceeded to put these same chemical lobotomy substances in my food and toothpaste as well and I stood no chance in this hell to even know what they were doing to me at the time.

kunath karren rinne & atkin - - -Michael S. Kunath -,+STEINER+%26+ANTON+008-702876-1.jpg - Kunath is living fat sassie after this high up Jesuit has literally destroyed my life and who knows how many others. - - - Jack Wilson
Co-Founder Corkteam, LLC dba Winestyr, Maggie Wilson, LLC, Harbor Country Kitchen, LLC - THOMAS WILSON
Managing Director - Investments Address: 500 LAKE COOK RD, SUITE 100, DEERFIELD, IL 60015 -

While I was dying in the streets of Seattle being made homeless by these scum do you think that these parasites who had received literally hundreds of millions of dollars from their daddy Francis S. Wilson Jr. would do anything to try to help their brother?

So, Dr. William Mount, when is the real living God going to bring the real judgement on the real scum of this sick slimy evil planet? Or is this sick evil planet going to have to be fully vaporized in order that real judgment is going have to be played out.

So as anyone can see, only the evil ones so far on this sick evil planet are enjoying their lives and living it up after having destroyed and targeted people like myself.

Apparently only Evil Wins on this sick Evil Planet.

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