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Had a strange dream last night. I was at a pawnshop, and the
Tue Dec 30, 2014 00:03

Had a strange dream last night. I was at a pawnshop, and the guy wanted to give me $1100 dollars. He said that's what the 4 diamonds would bring. I said, "I don't have any diamonds. What are you talking about?" He had hold of my identification as we talked.

As I was leaving he had a large amount of ammunition that he was loading into my car. Very strange dream indeed.

Bitch was thinking when I woke up, might that dream be elders from space clueing me in as to what Judee may have sitting on a shelf somewhere, just waiting for a chance to spring on me? One of his "fugitive warrants?"

Might that dream have been showing something that Judah put on the shelf years ago, that is pre-positioned to use when Bitch goes to court to reveal the truth of what Judah is doing to the people of this nation?

Or might Judee have had a guy that looks similar to Bitch, has the same type of vehicle, and exposes himself to some unsuspecting kids?

Maybe a parking ticket issued to Bitch vehicle, that was paid and Bitch never knew of the ticket? Actually false written ticket by Judah cop? Make it look as if Bitch was in the area of the reported exposure at that time?

Do we not see how tricky Judee is with his police state?

Do we have some idea of how with perjury and the police, Judah has been able to keep his war on the children of God going on? Is there not some suggestion that policemen have assaulted out our best field?

"Lose your view of yourself and establish me inside of you." God our Father said that to Bitch early this day. "Lose your view of yourself and establish me inside of you."

Heard from Judah also early this day. "Whiteness is going to rape us now. They're finding us."

Is it not a fact, that the only party holding terror world police state, death squads, torture chambers , dungeons and graves and war crimes, and all the sin of our planet in, is the whiteness of America? If only the whiteness will STRIKE THEM OUT will it not end the Judah tyranny in a day?

If only whiteness will act, STRIKE THEM OUT, will we not all have our precious Bill of rights back in to protect us all? Certainly we will.

The terror state of tiny Israel. Directing, by privately controlling the organizing principle and hiring terror, America, the wealthiest, most powerful industrial, commercial and civic enterprise to have ever appeared in history. Will labor not end us being locked into eternal war?

Do we not see that we are now being fully poisoned out? Locked into world wars, living in prison states. Will labor not end the Gulag state that is our land? Will labor not put in American rights? Will labor not help the children of God, who are unknowingly being wiped out in a nuclear war? Will labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

The Haymarket square strikers in Chicago of an earlier century. Several strikers executed. Hung by the state of Illinois for being the ones that threw the bomb that killed several policemen.

Might we not view that state hanging of the strikers today as how Judah management dealt with labor then? An obvious staged event by Judah, and the courts were used to hang those workers.

Has much changed since then? Is labor not fully subordinated to Judah war machine? Thousands of people slaughtered and killed each and every week.

State and Federal Courts are in Judah hands, though it is labor that pays for them.

JFK took the authority to issue our money away from Judah, shortly before he was shot.

As Soon as LBJ was in office, he gave the authority to issue our money back to Judah. That is where it stands until today.

Do we not see that with the authority to issue our money in his hands, he is fading out this beautiful land with nuclear war?

"You guys donít see the jeopardy." That was top Judah guy in Japan speaking in reverse speech. "You guys donít see the jeopardy."

Is there not some perception that the ordinary fish is being faded out of life with radiation sickness? One whiff and we, our children or grandchildren can be gone.

One third of the human race is on tap to be pushed out of life with smoke, fire and brimstone waste. Warned about these days for thousands of years in the Bible.

"You guys donít see the jeopardy."

Yet do we not recall that the Bible also gives us the good news that we can have our world of peace and plenty, if only we will recognize the ONE DAY of our Lord?

We're being hashed out of here with waste, war and economic collapse, if he can do it to us. Will labor not pick up where JFK left off, and take the authority to issue our money into your hands?

If the mass of the population understood when JFK was stolen away, that the authority to issue our money was the organizing principle of society, might the people have gone on strike to take hold of it then? Do we not see that if everyone acts, then by stealing away one person, even as well positioned as JFK, they cannot hold us into war if we have the authority to issue our money in labors hands?

"You guys donít see the jeopardy."

Might we consider that Judah got his reward for shooting JFK by having LBJ give back to him, the authority to issue our money?

Can we only say a prayer for the tens of millions of people who have died in American labor financed Judah wars, since JFK was stolen away?

When we think of the many tens of millions of God's children that American labor has, through a forced income tax, put to death in Judah wars, the shear number of deaths and destruction, must the ordinary worker not awaken themselves to just how lost we are in this world of death that Judah is holding in?

If only we would have understood the link between who it is that has the authority to issue our money, and war, might we not have been able to stop it long ago?

All the stream of false politicians since then. Judah, understanding the power inherent in the American elected constable system, fired our elected constables. Do we not see that he got away with it, because he has the authority to issue our money in his hands? The organizing principle of society. Do the ordinary workers not want to input their own views into our society by participating? Do we not see that for the ordinary workers to participate, that the organizing principle, must be subject to democratic action?

When Judah wants to stage a terrorist operation for his sales, do we not see that he has merely to put his hand to paper and ink, and unlimited cash is available for whatever, or who ever, he wants to blow up in this world?

Is it not seen yet that Judah is taking our vitals out?

"I'm dying away," Judee say.

So while he tells us is "dying away," Israel is taking our vitals out. Will labor not come into this and take away the very thing that JFK gave to us, the authority to issue our money in the hands of elected representatives? Will labor not reverse LBJ's give away of the organizing principle to Judah, and put it into labors hands?

Is that not how it's supposed to be? Do we not elect people to represent us? If we have elected representatives, should they not have the organizing principle of society in their hands to act for us?

Do we not see how allowing the organizing principle of society to be in the private control of Judah hands, has totally corrupted our society and world? Do we not perceive that the nuclear waste war is due to Judah blocking our technology of life, and forcing his nuclear genocide in?

"You guys donít see the jeopardy."

Do we not see it is this authority to issue our money that has allowed Judah to make an attempt to sucker punch us with nuclear blast weapons?

USS Liberty. Are we perceptive enough to see that Judah tried to sink that ship? If he would have succeeded, do we not see that that would have triggered a general nuclear war?

Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our good God who sent our elders from space in here to keep the USS Liberty a float through all of the attacks upon it?

The slow moving easy target merchant Liberty ship, and a half dozen of the best torpedoes available, fired at Liberty, and only one hit it. Luckily, it hit right on the strong bracing structural steel stanchion. If the torpedo hit 6 inches one way or the other, the liberty would have been lost.

Do we not see the hand of our good God preserving us to stay alive, the day Judah tried to sink the USS Liberty, and start world war III?

Here's a link with more about USS Liberty and how our extraterrestrial family saved the day:

Will labor not return us to the possibilities that were here when JFK was alive, and we had for a short while, the authority to issue our money, backed by the full faith and credit of the American worker?

Will labor not right our ship of state? Must the people of America not get the vicious foreign alien force of Israel out of our political, economic and social structure?

To spare our own lives from nuclear war, will labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

Don't worry about nuclear blast, Judah tried it and Casper cut him off at the sky pass.

Does labor not yet see the threat here of NUCLEAR WASTE!

Do we not see the second, and last, nuclear war of Judah is on us now?

"You guys donít see the jeopardy."

Will labor not see the jeopardy and STRIKE THEM OUT? Will labor not make an attempt to preserve us from the nuclear waste storm of destruction that is burying our world?

How many more gifts of our lives from our good God will we let pass us by before we act to save ourselves?

"I gave you the peace, must you fail?"

Does the ordinary everyday person not yet understand that if not for the intervention into our world by our elders from space, we and our families would have been destroyed by blast weap Judah long ago?

Is it not yet understood that because labor has allowed Judah to continue to issue our money, Judah is forcing us out of life with his second nuclear war?

Will the meek not demonstrate consciousness and STRIKE THEM OUT?

We failed to protect ourselves from Judah nuclear blast attack. Our good God saved us. Is there not some hope, some prayer to be said, that will awaken labor to just how totally the people are being faded out here?

"If you donít get Jewish out, this beautiful nation will be destroyed."

That is a message from elder from space. Is it not clear, we are losing our vitals to nuclear waste in our air and on our field?

The understanding is that 2 out of 3 of us won't be here in the next 6 years. That deal is already done. Does labor not yet see that labor sourced the sealing in of the loss of our health and lives?

What we are talking about here is, "will anyone survive this nuclear war that we are sourcing for Judah, to wage upon us all?"

For those righteous, and for those who pray to God to spare them, God is here to spare you from the blizzard of nuclear waste that is scoring out this beautiful nation.

Do we not recall the saying, "God helps those that help themselves?"

Judah's nuclear insecticide is in upon us. It is threatening to wipe out everyone that is living on the surface of planet earth. It can be halted, but to halt it, do we not see that the ordinary worker must act, STRIKE THEM OUT, to end funding it?

God almighty has spoken to us for over the last 3 years. God has warned us thousands of times to STOP THE WAR.

Have too many chosen to not look into the war, as it might cause some discomfort to act? Might there be some risk to getting involved in trying to halt war? Might some be thinking that war should only be for the 'statesmen' to decide upon?

Send a letter to your congress person and something bad might happen? How many have contacted their congressperson about the war, and just that happened? That is, something bad happened to them?

Are we not aware, congress has funded, at Judah direction, all the war that ails this world of ours? Are many of us not aware that voting is just a charade of interchangeable hired hands that take 5%, to fool us, while our world is being wiped away? Do we not see that it is the authority to issue our money that hires congress to deliver whatever votes it is that Israel needs? 1% of our population, issuing 100% of our money.

Has even one congressperson ever talked about taking the authority to issue our money into the general populations hands? Has there ever been a discussion of the issue, of who its is that has the authority to issue our money, on the news? Bitch never has heard one have you? Might the very absence of discussion about it, who it is that has the authority to issue our money, not indicate it is the most important issue of them all?

How about the radiation monitors that have been shut down? Might that indicate that there are things they donít want us to know about?

It has been said, "ignorance is bliss." In a world full of nuclear wastes, is there not some sense, that maybe ignorance of our situation, may not be produce too much bliss? If we have to bury our grandchildren first and then our children next, might bliss not be something hard to find in this world?

Be assured, donít worry about nuclear missiles and nuclear blast bombs. Our elders from space took them away from Judah when he shot them at us.

What to be concerned about?

"You guys donít see the jeopardy."

Our elders from space have repeatedly warned us that a third of the human race, is being faded out of life by nuclear waste.

Well fed, well housed. Nice cars to drive around in. Plenty of entertainment to enjoy ourselves with.

At the same time, World wars being waged on the American labor dollar.

Thousands shot and bombed out of their homes, losing their lives each and every week. Must we not end this being paid for and fought by, American whiteness?

Are the members of Labor not aware that in ONE DAY of our Lord, labor could STOP THE WAR? Does labor not see that it could save its family from fading out of life from toxic waste disease?

One good whiff, and some have fallen over with a heart seizure. Is there not some perception of just how fiendish are the plans of Israel for the rest of us?

Our brightest, arrested and stolen away from us. Embarrassment, minutiae; do we not see how Judah mental's to keep the fish from acting to save themselves?

Judah tells us in reverse speech that his prison will be closed in 6 months. His police fired in 4. Might those reverse speech indicate he knows labor will soon awaken, to discover that we, and our families, have been scored out of life for good now?

"You guys donít see the jeopardy."

Do we not recall reading of the old time religion people telling us to Repent? Is it not clear, that the majority in America will not be here in 6 years?

Will labor not do something to prevent the worst-case scenario from falling upon us? Will labor not think about the end times that we are in, and STOP THE WAR?

Our good God is Beautiful, precious, perfect in every way. We are creations of an advanced extraterrestrial society that has lived in peace for 9 million years. Is it not seen that Judah is still doing his best to destroy us all?

Judah, might he be angry that things have not always gone his way? Might that help explain why he seeks out people to harm so grievously? Could it be to makeup for what has been done to him by others?

What ever makes him desire to commit genocide, should those who have survived an attempted blast genocide, not act and try to prevent the second genocide attempt, the one that Judah is sealing us into now, with nuclear waste?

"And Brimstone came out their mouths." The Bible tells us so.

Will labor not do some thing to prevent us all from breathing in and then breathing out, Judah created smoke, fire and nuclear Brimstone?

"You guys donít see the jeopardy," Judee say.

God our Father said, "Try to perceive me, I love you."

Will labor not try to perceive sweet Father and understand that Father loves us all?

Will labor not try to perceive the jeopardy that is coming in from nuclear waste?

Still praying for peace. Go

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