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I Do Not Know Dr Wilson
Tue Dec 30, 2014 13:56

Dr Wilson - I do not know when these Scum Buckets will die - only that now by knowing this information their pictures are on the Radar of the Red Dragon Family and Chinese and Japanese Intelligence - who are non to keen on the Murdering, Cowardly Jesuits.

These Jesuits must all be killed for a nation to get it's economy back (Hanz Kovlenback, Chief Jesuit General, 4/15/2000)

These Lucifarian Human Sacrificing Scum are going to have to be Contained or Destroyed for the Red Dragon Family to allow this economy to recover.

In fact - all Lawyers who are associated with the BAR - thus have sworn loyalty to the Queen of England - must be rounded up and killed or put in FEMA camps or they will destroy the Red Dragons attempt to stabilize this US economy.

All lawyers - world wide - will need to be terminated in fact.

So when the purging begins Dr Wilson (Will) be assured that this will occur.

As for the Roman Pope - who leads this Evil - he had a stroke a few hours ago ---- when he dies his soul will go down into the 2nd Dimension and function like a Lettuce Plant for the rest f eternity.

There is no escape. It is called Fire and Brimstone because it is very elemental.

Exactly when this will occur Dr WIlson - I do not know but the Purge has already begun and thousands of Bankstas world wide are now quite dead.

I was also called by a psychic and told that not only is Humanity now contained to Planet Earth - there are 72 Alien Species ready to blast this planet apart --- the Intergalactic War that was restarted based on my analysis about a year ago here on APFN.

I was told Earth's only hope is to contain these Jesuit Scum or become an Asteroid Belt.

So we focus - pray - that the Draconinas, Tall Grays, Human Lucifarian Workers, and Archons get violently sick when within 1 Million Miles of Earth - let us hope it works Will.

What really surprised me is the Russian Reluctance to assist me in this matter - they have even denied a valid $550 Million Dollar Bond to an Ambassador and member of their own royalty. Their Credit Rating is about to be trashed because of this - so says the I Am That I AM, who was and is and is to come.

This will be a very bad time to trash their economy with a bad Credit Rating - but GOD will do it because they refuse to honor a valid and true bond.

Anyway Will - Keep up the good work and I have to go.

At least the Head Pope had a stroke - it was an inside job by a Cardinal who got Down Dressed by the Prissy Little Roman Pope.

President Puin is also about to have a stroke if he does not use EDTA or Immusist very soon - but they have one more Putin Double they can use.

As for the nuke I described heading ti Cincinatti on 17 Feb - found - see the latest Sorcha, now they need to stop the other 2 and maybe we will have a nation to save. Of course - they gave the credit to another Ambassador --- made GOD mad this time. He will act - so hold on Will - could be a very interesting ride for us all.

Look up, Pilgrim, look up. My help comes from above.
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Dr WIlliam B. Mount

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