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"You Rude Me"
Wed Dec 31, 2014 03:50

Do we have some idea of how with perjury and the police, Judah has been able to keep his war on the children of God going on? Is there not some suggestion that policemen have assaulted out our best field?
"That's a real owie." Tele receive concerning the sentence with the above statement in it. "That's a real owie."

That statement actually came from a Judah reverse speech, and Bitch turned it into a part of the write. Might we not consider, that people are basically trying to earn their income, and many will only act in kind ways? Bitch doesn't want to put anything on anyone that isn't nice.

It seems the Judah reverse speech was something like, "We use the police to assault out your best field"?

Bitch takes that one back, it has no grace about it. That though is Judah thinking about how he likes to use everyone out here. Bitch regrets putting that owie up. My apologies please. Bitch doesn't wish to ever stigmatize anyone at any time. To come out of this world of war as all good friends, brothers and sisters who love one another, is the plan here. Thank you. Will labor not bring your own love in here and give this Bitch some help to get us to peace? Can't you see that simple Bitch needs help labor?

"You Rude Me"

That a Tele receive to Bitch. "You rude me."

Bitch think about it a bit, and think about it some more. Might that be why Bitch has been unable to get the ordinary workers to protect themselves from being wiped out with nuclear waste? The peace sales guy Bitch, vegged out by accidentally being rude? How can I make it up to you?

While examining my feelings about the Tele speaker that sent that message, I think that maybe she is correct. Bitch no do it on purpose, but might it not be due to the harm that has afflicted Bitch, as an unintentional side effect, rude accidentally appears sometimes? Will you not accept my apologies and forgive me for I surely never meant to take it out on you?

Bitch is absolutely never intentionally rude. Accidentally "S," but never ever intentionally rude.

"You Rude Me."

Elders say Bitch stupid mistakes are what has caused the people to not to react to the jeopardy that they are now in. Clearly facing an extinction level event, and American labor is still sourcing each and every days worth of nuclear waste in our environment.

"You guys don't see the jeopardy," Big Judah guy in Japan said that in reverse speech. "You guys don't see the jeopardy."

As to, "You rude me. " My apologies, hope it can be repaired. I love you and your family and friends. To love everyone, for sure, that's my way, that's my right.

Sure hope this is understood, if you or your family were being hunted down, shot or bombed, tortured, Bitch would not stand by and do nothing about it. Bitch would not let you or your family be put to torture or imprisonment, if Bitch can do anything to prevent it.

Bitch may have limitations as a salesman for peace, but do we not recall, that Father said to Bitch, “you’re a nice boy? It’s true. I will not accept cruelty to anyone under any circumstances, no matter what they may have done or not done.

Bitch would never intentionally rude anyone. Bitch still hoping the ordinary everyday person of labor will STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR. Will labor not deeply consider how awful is the war that American labor is funding against our family, throughout the world?

Bitch thanks the ordinary everyday people for driving the buses, to stocking the shelves, and everything in between and beyond. Bitch loves all labor that produces in peace. Just today as Bitch walked past his van, Bitch thanked Father for the splendid guys that installed new tires on Bitch van. Not brand new, but at $35 mounted and properly well balanced, they still may have several thousand miles of use on them. Bitch only drives about 1,000 miles per year. So should those tires not then last at least 5 more years? Sure. Thank you Father for your nice labor boys that put the nice balanced tires on, at such a fair price.



Have we not read Judah mention of "Rubik's cube" in reverse speech every now and then? Bitch learn yesterday, allegedly, it is a real cube. The one Bitch heard tell of is a 4 foot high by 4 foot wide and 4 foot long concrete box, under the jail.

The understanding is that over 60 people have been put into these Rubik's cube torture chambers, under the jail, some for extended periods of time. One young man allegedly was held in one of these torture boxes for 8 weeks.

Will the spirit of God not arise in the people of the heartland of America to end this torture chamber practice here?

In the name of God almighty and all that is good and right in existence in heaven and on earth, must we not act together, organize and STRIKE THEM OUT, take away the authority to issue our money from Judah, and end torture forever in the heartland of America?

Is there not some point that if we ignore the heinous acts against our brothers and sisters, and fail to act to stop them, that we as high-level life forms, created by a God that loves us, risk spiritual death ourselves?

Why would we need a new constitution, did our original constitution not make it clear, there were to be no cruel and unusual punishments? A 4 foot cube in the basement of the jail to hunch in all alone for months at a time? Is there not some sense that something is real wrong here?

Can we only imagine what it has been like for those who have been held in a 4 by 4 by 4 foot cube for a couple of months or longer? Will labor not STRIKE THEM OUT in the name of our good God who doesn't want his children molested?

Will labor not end the insane cruelty that has been put upon the people of the United States of America?

Might the world have some sympathy with us when they hear what has been done to us right here inside the United States of America? Might the world not then understand how terrorized the average American has been by the authority to issue our money in Judah hands?

"We core you mindly," Judee say.

It has been known since the 1890s that solitary confinement destroys a human Being. We are social Beings that need the contact, the comforts of one another. If this has been known for over a hundred years, then why do we let it be done to people on a regular and usual basis?

That Bitch scold the reader some time ago, if Bitch had known the level of torture that so many have had to endure, might Bitch not have been so stupid then? Might empathy with the fears that so many have due to this terror society we exist in, have helped Bitch understand why fear holds people to not want to act? I so sorry I stupid ya. When I learn of just how much cruelty has been done to the ordinary person, and is not known to the general public, when we finally learn of it, can we only wonder how we can heal ourselves from such harm as this?

Will God forgive us if we fail to get this torture box and the mentality that built it, out? Will labor not end this operation of putting our brothers and sisters in to such a cruel, inhumane and terrible torture. Will labor not help us hire grand juries to look into these most serious matters here?

Not enough for Judah to inhumanely put children of God into solitary confinement, but his vitamin makes him put them in the basement under the jail, in a four foot cube with no windows, in a cube, too small to stand up, stretch out, or lay down in. Is there not some way that labor will call a halt to such an ungodly thing as this? In the name of God almighty is there not some way that labor will step in here and bring a halt to this eternal war upon the simple children of God?

Must something so wrong as this not be brought to your attention labor? Will you not save our souls and STRIKE THEM OUT to end this torture in our community? Will you not get rid of Judah molest prisons and jails? Will labor not end the torture of our family? What have we allowed Judah to get away with that in the basements of these jails he has built such things as this?

Will labor not have mercy on the children of God and end the torture chamber usage that is prevalent now in America? Will labor not shut Rubik's cube down everywhere, both external and internal?

We failed to stop torture chamber usage in Judah sport wars. Do we not see that by not stopping him external, he has slipped them right on into our local communities?

With the mercy, love and forgiveness of our good God, will labor not help us here?

Will labor not act so that we can look each other in the eye once again and not wince, that we have allowed such practices to happen on our dollar bill? Will we not protect ourselves from profound human spiritual harm and take our purse away from the errant life form Judah?

Do we not understand that Judah likes to toy with us? Might Judah not think it real funny putting helpless little people in little boxes in the basement of the jail? Might Judah not have some real chuckles about that?

“Make you sit in a box all day for the rest of your life. Foolish Jew pleasures.”

Will we not pray to our good God to have mercy on our souls for failing to stop the war?

The words of Dr. King who said: "In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends?"

Will labor not ORGANIZE and bring the love of our good God into our world? Will labor not step up and show that true honest labor, is the real friend of the children of God? Will labor not speak up and end the silence of the inhumane treatment that is routinely forced onto the simple little children of God?

"I gave you the peace, must you fail?"

Our good God had our elders from space pull each and every nuclear missile shot off of us.

Has our good God not given us the peace? In the name of God almighty labor, is there not some way that we can all get together and STOP THE WAR?

Might reading or hearing about Rubik's cube in the jail basement, be too unsettling for some more sensitive listeners? Might some of us not want to hear about such things? Too distressing to think about?

Might some not say "Why should I trouble my beautiful mind about such things, its going to happen?"

Do some of us not recall this quote: "But why should we hear about body bags and deaths, and how many, what day it's gonna happen, and how many this or that or what do you suppose? Or, I mean, it's not relevant. So, why should I waste my beautiful mind on something like that, and watch him (her husband, former president George H. W. Bush) suffer?"

Should we not at least make an effort to inform ourselves of what is being done in our name? How about what is being done with our dollar? Might we not even wonder why it is that those of us who are sensitive to the injury, done to our family on American labor's pocketbook, have to watch our family suffer so? Do we not see labor, the key to end it all is in your hands?


"We just involve a life with wrench and threat. We just go abusive with insure. Our cannibal force has rolled us. Bitch be taking my irritate from you," Judee say.

"Toss your view of yourself and establish me inside of you."

Was looking at my notes, and that message came to me while sleeping. At first the note appeared to read:

"Lose your view of yourself and establish me inside of you."

After looking a little closer, it appears to be:

"Toss your view of yourself and establish me inside yourself."

While sleeping, a note pad is next to Bitch's head. Bitch thinks that is a message from Father. “Establish yourself inside of me.” Does it not appear that Father wants to transfer his loving kindness inside of us? Do we not see the beautiful gift that Father is gifting to his children on planet earth?

Father has a plan for his children. Father wants us to survive the second, and last, nuclear war of Judah that we are fighting now.

"You guys don't see the jeopardy. Moscow felled ya a couple of times and put you in. Our truly corrupt age is falling out on us. (That last RS from fed reserve bank person). My heart attack molest got pulled out. It's always been a long failed relationship. I just talk to you dog," Judee say.

"We just fall humans well, they're taking me out graceful," Judee say.

Are some of us not aware who is taking them out graceful? Are the ordinary people not as of yet aware that our extraterrestrial family is taking Judah out real graceful? When these thoughts quicken in the mind of labor, will labor not join together with our graceful elders from the universe and make our way to peace?

How graceful are our elders? Might they not be so graceful that the ordinary people have a hard time believing that it could be true?

"Thief possession. We're going into the shelter, it’s the end of our age. It’s the end of your air. We died rich while you were sourcing your own destruction. They cancelled us for idiot fisting you's," Judee say

"STRIKE NUCLEAR. The economy minds you." Thank you's for those Tel receives.

"Here's an interesting telepathic communication that came while Bitch was sleeping:

"Form a new nation."

Forgot about it, until finding it in my notes from the other night.

"Form a new nation."

Have we read of some folks who are talking about writing a new constitution? Why would we do that, if this current Bill of rights is not being observed in the first place? If our Bill of rights is not recognized in the current system, what might make a new constitution useful?

Are we not aware that at the root level, we already have the most advanced legal process for protecting civil and human rights of any nation in the world? If this so, then why so many serious, deadly and lethal violations committed against large numbers of people living here? Do we not see that it is who has the authority to issue our money, that determines whether or not our rights are recognized?

Might it not just be easier to take the paper, the authority to issue our money, into labors hands, and form a new nation with the civil and human rights guarantees that were in the first plan? Shortly after the Bill of rights were made into law in1791, they were challenged in the late 1790s. They survived the challenge.

In 1833 the Bill of rights were challenged in the supreme court, and lost. The court claimed at that time, Bill of rights did not apply to the state level. Do we not see the long slide downward to tyranny and absolute despotism, that has followed the historical nibbling away at our rights sine 1833?

Looking at what we face on a daily basis in Judah death tyranny, might we not appreciate why our founders had given so much thought to putting civil rights in?

Our founding fathers made civil legal and human rights a guarantee, and put it in writing for the world to see.

Do we not recall that the Bill of rights was structured so that if they were breached, the deal was off?

Provisional contingent acceptance agreement. Is that not how the original constitution was brought to be made the law of the land in 1791? Sure it was.

Do we not recall that the first plan had due process of law for everyone? If we don’t have due process of law at the state level, and our Bill of rights in our constitution guarantees them, do we not see that is the authority to issue our money in labors hands to insure that the guarantee is fulfilled?

Is labor not seeing just how important is the authority to issue our money? Will labor not take hold it’s purse?

To have our Bill of rights in, is it not clear, all we need to do is to get the authority to issue our money out of the hands of Judah and put it into the hands of labor? Will labor not for sure hire process that affords us all the opportunity to enjoy our God given rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Will labor not put our Bill of rights in again? Do we not recall the provision that came from the 1689 English Bill of rights that prohibits cruel and unusual punishment? Will labor not help restore our human spirit in peace?

Is there not some way that we can enjoy pride in being human Beings again?

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