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willpwilson 908
Two Bright Orange Objects Pass Over News Years Space Needle.
Sat Jan 3, 2015 20:25

Two (Helicopter sized.) Bright Orange Objects were observed passing over the 2014-2015 Midnight (Eight minute long.) fireworks display that took place on this last January 1, (News Years.) Seattle Space Needle New Years Seattle Center Celebration. (Attention: ). - -

No one appeared to think anything of it and yet these two objects approached from the west, and from direction of and from over Puget Sound. Thereof, in consideration of the many thousands of on lookers, who most likely only thought that these two objects were merely helicopters. That made no noise, had no blinking lights, and appeared to be merely only floating and not flying.

No blinking lights, and only solid orange and moving slowly at around maybe and or possibly five to possibly nine thousand feet in altitude approximately, maybe, as it was somewhat difficult to calculate what altitude these two silent orange objects were at and that moved as if most on lookers would have only thought that these two UFO objects to be merely (Silent?) helicopters.

These ever more increasing UFO(s) (Sightings.) and the partaking and or piloting whomever UFO-naughts who are now apparently now getting to be ever more and even ever more publicly daring to make their appearances. Is the secret Military Order of Top Secrecy simply now testing out their toys to see how the public will and or will not be taking any form of notice or concern for these now increasing and ever more present UFO Displays and Sightings?

These two objects then simply veered south and floated out of sight as if they were nothing important and yet the entire public viewing this years Space Needle New Years Firework Display thought anything of these two objects except for maybe myself and possibly other UFO researchers.

Solid Orange UFOs - -

Stunning Increase In Orange Light - UFO Sightings Nationwide - - by Peter Davenport, Director - National UFO Reporting Center - - 11-13-12 - Posted from: to the Message News Board: on January 04, 2015 -

(This News Report and it's combined and continued Reporting String links to this reported BC sightings news report that has been being reported this last year in British Columbia.) RECENTLY REPORTED BC SIGHTINGS - UPDATED - Dec 31st, 2014 - **PLEASE SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM FOR MOST RECENT** - !Make Sure you REFRESH your Browser! - Reported 1-Sep-2014 - 1-Sep-2014, Delta, BC: (12:25 - 12:28 pm) - - - - -

In late November 2009 at around 8:45 pm, I and another party named Shannon Braught who is known to the Rainbow Family as Eagle, were just arriving at the Queen Ann Hill Seattle observation park that overlooks down town Seattle and that also directly provides post card viewing of the Seattle Space Needle,.

Did appear a helicopter sized bright orange and yellowish silent object come literally floating directly from the Puget Sound and around only maybe ten to twenty feet above the building tops. It floated right over the Seattle Center coming from the west and at first we thought that it might actually be a helicopter. It made no noise and as we came walking up to the look out area that the object then literally stopped midway above the lower restaurant and stopped for approximately a minute.

This bright orange and almost yellowish orange object then stationed itself maybe half way up and possibly only fifty feet from the Space Needle and it was as if it had notice us watching it. There were about twenty or so other people there that night and none of them were tuned into anything going on around them which is typical of most people who do not have a clue as to what is going on around them or on their very planet that they are on. Then this silent object then nonchalantly simply and with no hurry literally floated at an angle directly into space and disappeared from sight (In space.).

This whole event took place after our spending an afternoon at the Seattle Carkeek Park where the entire day had been comprised of being a very strange atmospheric phenomena of it's own accord.

Thereof, what was observed that day at the Seattle Carkeek Park was a very unusual grey silver sky with a halo rainbow type of strange optical circle around the Sun all afternoon that appeared to be really out of place (Especially the strange and ever present stillness of this day weather wise.) and yet no one at the park that day seemed to notice this very strange optical display that lasted almost the entire afternoon as that the afternoon weather was very still and windless that day as well. This optical display around the sun that day was much larger then just it's being only a simple atmospheric optical display as it was very wide and appeared to be a circular silver rainbow within another one and then within anther one thereof, being several circular rainbows within circular rainbows. And, thereof, almost inter dimensional. -

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    • Two Bright Orange Objects Pass Over News Years Space Needle. — willpwilson 908, Sat Jan 3 20:25
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