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"Our Genius is Enemy" "I'm terrorizing with the spin of me.
Sun Jan 4, 2015 02:25

"Our Genius is Enemy"

"I'm terrorizing with the spin of me. The sight of this Bitch has taken me off. Bitch raid me out from India, we're fleecing Africa.

Corrupt parasite. My hairiness will provide a real fight. I voy you by municipals. I rolled bad cause of Bitch prophesy; I want him bad. They're on to us now. Bitch provided light.

Harold authorized the minnow. My porpoise went. We corrupt you investly. We make your fools parliament.

I fell whole. I'm strictly off. Your friends in parliament have no grace," Judee say.

We'll make a fortune if we just take this warship out easily. We must though take out the cancer rifle rightly. So they caught us off guard, can we not get over it and right ourselves now? Sure we can, if only labor will help us.

How about we get holdilocks off with their prison? They've got a fat financial fraud for fun.

They just like to make their fortune holding us with a police office. A tourist weaping office, is that not Judee's house?

Holds us with participles for joy. Their tyranny died labor, is it not clear that you are sourcing this nuclear weaping of us now?

Will the rooster not wake up and throw out Judee invest world? They're slashing everything to sewer us well. They're still scoring away the fish with their big genocide ruse.

Have they not just been hammered great? Did the Martian grab of their pebbles not give us the truth? Is Judah bankrupt not now seen as truth?

Are we not all done now with the heart attack boy? They're out for their fraud useless. They're forever out of here. Have they not fisted us in a vicious way with mushrooms? With cancer they scored us, but didn’t put us away. Will labor not fold Maryland right?

The Irish took out their room cause they’re crazy. Will labor not come in to this and give us a hand and close them out with the love of our good God?

Their anatomy wanted to exhaust us out. They're still on target to do it. Will we not organize and come together for the ONE DAY of our Lord, and his promise to cut off head and tail from Israel?

Their transport has been pulled for their ruse. Will labor not STOP THE WAR?

They've scored us genocide. They've scored us genocide again. If they'd of had their way, might they not have buried us all in a salt mine?

Are we as rational thinking Beings not seeing where all the problems of our world, from the big destruction of our environment, to the little lady selling flowers on the street who has them taken away, do we not see where the problems of our world are coming from?

For anyone who has understanding and reason, is it not clear that war is the one social organization that is harming us all? Is it also not clear that war enables all the other foolish rules to be enforced, that lets Judah sport us?

Is it not also clear, that the only cipher that makes war is Judah?

"Our Genius is Enemy"

Will labor not retire Judah cipher and give us the peace of God?
He went in sighted, was released blind. Held only for a short misdemeanor time. He's still alive, see him walking through the neighborhood with his white cane. Might he have sassed the wrong person that day?

High energy microwave beams produce blindness. Workers early on learned of this by accident, from servicing radar systems.

Might there have been a prison cell already prepared for the future sale to arrive? How can it be explained that he lost his sight in such a short time?

Are we to pass this off to just more Judah sport? Will labor not come into this? Will labor not gift us with the love and protection of God?

Would it not be useful to consider that you've failed to save your selves? Might thinking about it not trigger the right thoughts to bring labor to the love of God to act and preserve God's children on earth?

Won't somebody stand for her? Won’t we stop killing America? Won't labor give us that spot of light that we need, to give America a brand new day? Won’t labor end rushing her away by ending funding sport war?

It’s a monetary trick, that's all it is. Backed by extreme violence, and cruelty. Might it not be that for us not as of yet awakening to the love of God, we have lost our way? Our Beautiful Precious Sweet Father hasn't given up on us. How about you labor, you won't give up on us either will you? You won't give up on America and just let the dream of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that was meant to be, just pass away, will you?

Sure it had some problems from the very beginning, many unfree that were not covered by the Bill of rights. Might we only wonder these days, rights; if not scuttled by the actions of the more clever among us, might the unjust, unfree labor situation, not have been solved in earlier days?

Now instead of the unfree labor being freed, do we not see the formerly free labor, now unfree and with absolutely no rights? Does labor not see that this can be fixed, if only labor will act to fix it for all of God’s kids?

Do we not see that by insuring the rights of other men, we insure our own rights?

The geno-cipher is issuing our money and still using the power of the purse for shooting us.

Our Father in heaven wills that labor come in and take over the authority to issue our money and free his kids. Do we not want our good God to dwell with us? If only we will open our hearts, minds and souls for our precious sweet Father, is it not certain Father will come in? Certainly Sweet Precious Father will, but do we not recognize that you must act labor to open up our world and bring Father’s love in?

Will labor not bring the love of God for his children to all of us here on troubled planet earth? Will labor not reach out to care for all of God's children? Will labor not help to sooth our world to allow the precious sweet love of Father to come in?

"Got you real sick, sparkled ya," Judee say.
He lived in California at the time. His Mom was pregnant with his baby sister.

“The flash of light we all saw so bright. Baby sister was born with birth defects. Passed out of her short life at 5years old.”

That’s from a Bitch friend whose family felt the impact of nuclear bomb testing in the early 1960's. His Mom died of cancer only 5 years after her baby girl had passed. Do the ordinary people not as of yet have some idea of how deadly is the waste that is coming in?

Might the distractions of entertainment and having a good time, have let us overlook things that can so adversely affect our lives, sometimes quite unexpectedly?

If we remain greatly helpless might it not be a good idea to prepare ourselves for despair? They're greatly dying this field here. It might take a couple of years to show real bad, the birth defects, pleurisy, cancer, children dying young. Will labor not help us here?

Once the waste is in, do we not see that we're done? Must we not act to prevent the mass of our population from suffering preventable despair? Will labor not come into this and help us here?

Are we not aware of just how complete nuclear will take us out if we let it? Do we not see that war is a one-way street to nowhere? In the name of our loving God, will labor not organize, and help us to survive this nuclear storm that is closing out America?

Invisible microwave beams that take away sight to invisible rays from a bright flash in the night. The flash that took baby sister away. If we want to survive, must we not fully awaken ourselves to the terrorist study that is taking us away?

A future with children born with radiation produced cancers and birth defects. Little children to the grave. 5 years of sickness, before going home to be with our Lord. Will labor not help to stop the war so to help to sooth our world to speed the day to bring in the love of our beautiful, precious, sweet Father?

Are we not awakening to the love of God that has brought Father in to save his genocide afflicted children on earth? Will labor not help us here?

God wants his children to live, but do we not see here labor, God gave us free will to do as we wish with our lives as we please? We don’t have to save ourselves, it’s an option. Will labor not give us the peace option here?

How could there be any threat to America from the dozens of little countries that we are funding the bombing, shooting and burning down off?

Has Judah not proven pretty good with his beautiful mentalling of us? Attacked us again and again with nuclear blast weapons. One thousand missiles shot at us in the middle of the night.

What might it be that will bring the mass of the ordinary working people to make a move to help yourselves here? Will labor not save us?

Can we not have the faith in our good God and bring Father's love in to help us here? If so, must labor not give us the ONE DAY of our Lord and STRIKE THEM OUT?
The birds in the trees sing a sweet melody for the love of our precious sweet Father

Our Father above us, our Father who loves us, that's the love of our precious sweet Father

That's the love of our precious sweet Father

God our Father has given us our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, plus an existence stipend with some thing in it for everyone. Father said, "Consider it a God given right."

While we have these God given rights, for did God not give them to us? Certainly Father did. Do we not see though that without the ORGANIZING PRINCIPLE of society in labors hands, the authority to issue our money, we have no way to claim our God given rights?

Do we not see labor that we must have purchasing power in our hands to purchase the protections provided for and found within the American Bill of rights?

“The war is not meant to be won, it is meant to be continuous. Hierarchical society is only possible on the basis of poverty and ignorance. This new version is the past and no different past can ever have existed. In principle the war effort is always planned to keep society on the brink of starvation. The war is waged by the ruling group against its own subjects and its object is not the victory over either Eurasia or East Asia, but to keep the very structure of society intact.”
George Orwell
English essayist, novelist, & satirist (1903 - 1950)

"We just put you in jail for our paradise," Judee say.

Will labor not rid us of Judee paradise prison state world? "Let the fishies roam free," Sweet Father said. Will labor not bring the love of our precious God in to our world?

The ancient Roman republic began with a peaceful strike by labor. The rights of labor were first respected in about 500 BC.

Will labor not come into this and make Liberty, Justice, Peace, Love and Harmony the popular view of American government? Will labor not STOP THE WAR and restore the rights of labor? Will labor not restore the rights of all of God’s kids?

Do we not see that when labor restores its own rights, it will restore the rights of everyone else? Will labor not do the will of God and take the authority to issue our money out of the cruel ciphers hands and put it into your own hands? Will we not pray together to our good God to Bless labor with the courage needed to help us here?

America, bought out from life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, paper-trained into eternal sport war. Vicious cruelty, millions forced to live out on the streets. Thousands put to death every month in sport war. Labor funded military shooting in nations far from America's shores.

Will labor not help right us here? Will ordinary everyday workers not open their hearts and minds to hear the loving words of our precious sweet Father? "My children, treat them super nice."

"Police reward," Judee say.

Will labor not see that for each and everyone's own personal security, we must have a popular group that issues our money?

If we accept that we need to have a popular group that issues our money, to insure that we all receive fair, humane treatment wherever we are, who then is more popular than labor itself?

Our good God wills that labor have the authority to issue our money in labors hands to be able to take care of his children. Will labor not put the effort in to think about what is needed here and recognize that economics is basic?

"My fearish ways paralyze ment," Judee say.

Founding fathers put cruel and unusual punishment out of bounds and forbade it. Did England not have much experience with hangings, whippings, cruel solitary confinement, putting people in distress positions for long periods of time?

In olden days, pokers heated red hot and pushed into the eyes to blind prisoners. Blinding prisoners? How did we ever return to doing such things? Now with a switch thrown, automatically, instead of ten seconds of red hot iron in the eyeball, might a couple of days in solitary confinement with the beam running, not produce the same total blind effect? Are we to believe it was a genetic thing that came about all of a sudden?

Must we not limit the use of high technology for only Godly, life gifting purposes?

Is there much difference between the person that throws the switch to turn the microwave beam on in the cell, and the poor hired brute of olden days that heated a red-hot iron poker and put it into a man's eyes? Do we not see that the switch that was thrown or the glowing fire of the forge, all that was needed to get a man blinded, was someone to pay for it? Does labor not see the dire need of why labor must have our purse here?

Must American labor not end funding cruel and unusual punishments? We’ve known for some time that this cruel and unusual punishment sport is being done to people outside of America. Is it not becoming clearer to us, cruel sport is being done to the American people right here at home to?

Merely that the forge for heating the microwave beam poker for blinding is concealed in a high tech package in the ceiling these days, rather than the olden days forge that was in open view, must we not make the efforts to unconceal and end this harsh cruel maiming and mistreatment of God's children here? Will labor not take the terror tool, the authority to issue our money, away from Judah and end the sordid practice of “conditioning the unconscious?”

Will labor not end this fearish cruel terrorism that is being done to God's simple little children by taking the funding away from it?

Will labor not have mercy on Bitch? Will labor not forgive and find some way to help us out of this world of high tech cruelty and destruction? Must labor not stop the genocide before all hope is lost? Can we not see that it is sport war that is destroying America here? Must labor not act to stop it?

Will labor not give us the ONE DAY of our Lord for our good God to cut off head and tail from Israel?

Are we not all sensitive people labor? If so, will we not come together and take over the authority to issue our money, so never again are the simple, sensitive, little Simian children of God on planet earth, put to sport molest?

If labor will stand with our good God, have faith in his goodness and love, will labor not then help us all and STRIKE THEM OUT?

God Bless you. God Bless us all. Will labor not be certain, our good God loves us all? Be certain my friends, God our Beautiful, Precious Sweet Father loves all of his children.

Be certain also, God our Beautiful Precious Sweet Father is with us all. Will we not Pray to God our Father to help us to peace? Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy

Moravian Daily Texts

Second Sunday after Christmas

Watchword for the Week In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of his grace. Ephesians 1:7

Sunday, January 4 Jeremiah 31:7;14; Psalm 147:12;20
Ephesians 1:3;14; John 1:(1;9),10;18

I will punish you according to the fruit of your doings, says the Lord. Jeremiah 21:14

Forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. Matthew 6:12 (NKJV)

Heavenly Father, you who are unseen are able to see all. Forgive us for forgetting that you know

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    • "Our Genius is Enemy" "I'm terrorizing with the spin of me. — Patrick Sullivan, Sun Jan 4 02:25
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