"You haven't failed the Essential Work of Suicide" While p
Thu Jan 8, 2015 04:27

"You haven't failed the Essential Work of Suicide"

While praying to Father over distress of having accidentally and stupidly insulted the readers over two and a half years ago and slowing the transition down, Bitch heard, "You haven't failed the Essential Work of Suicide"

After thinking it through a while, it appears to Bitch now, that it is not that Bitch did not fail to help Judah complete his suicide, rather it is that Bitch has not as of yet 'failed out the essential work' of the investor class that is still doing suicides to our brightest. After attacking us with his nuclear great balls of fire and now sealing us into waste genocide, is it not crystal clear that Judah has completed his suicide?

Does labor not see why we must have you come into this here? Does labor in particular not see why we must have rights for the workers, labor in general and all the people?

Will labor not give us an assurance that our lives will never be taken away in an arbitrary fashion to suit an investment package? Will labor not take the authority to issue our money into your hands and return to us our God given rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

Will labor not accept the beautiful gift of love from our sweet precious Father Harold and help us up into his universe at peace?

"My children need help."

Will labor not help the children of God?
Might we not consider that Judah, to maintain his control, must be able to finance the Essential Work of Suicide?

Will labor not help us to fail out the essential work of suicide? Will labor not fail out the cash of Judah? Will labor not join with the love of God and help our Lord to cut off head and tail of Israel in ONE DAY?

Does labor not see that Judah has clearly completed his suicide? Is labor not aware that Judah has attacked us repeatedly and continually over the years with nuclear missiles to put us all out of life in a big fire sale?

If that's not enough, now that he has sealed us into a waste genocide, is that not proof of real suicide?

"You haven't failed the Essential Work of Suicide"

The lock ups in Judah empire have a range of kill devices built right in.

From Bitch reading reverse speech, high Judah speaker indicated that only one day held, can singe a person out of life.

How might that be done? Maybe to put them into a cell that has a microwave antenna mounted in the ceilings and wall?

Merely being in the presence of a powerful microwave beam, running for a day or so, might that not give a hostage cancer?

Who would make the connection of someone dying, who had been held in a lock up 6 months or a year or more before? Does the word "Sinister" come to mind as to the type of mind that would do such a thing to another human Being? Does labor not understand that we are dealing with a criminal cipher? Must labor not end funding the criminal cipher?

Is it not clear to all who have been given the time to ponder it, that Judah has attacked us with blast genocide weapons of mass destruction?

For those that are interested in surviving, are we not aware that Judah is attacking us with another weapon of mass destruction, nuclear waste?

Is there not some appreciation among ordinary everyday people, that we have lost our lives to Judah nuclear war? Are we not aware yet that we have lost our children, grandchildren; lost our very life forms to Judah electricity bomb?

"You haven't failed the essential work of suicide."

How about it labor, will labor not come into this and fail out the work of suicide?

Killings in captivity are generally held to be revolution-provoking abuses. The founding fathers warned against engaging in such activity. For Judah though, do we not see that it is merely more sport?

Rather than a one-day burn in the lock up, how about a quicker way, an intense beam. Something for stopping the heart rhythm for about 5 minutes, that will insure the death of the person who has had their heart stopped?

Might the victim then be tied up to the ceiling and proclaimed a hanging suicide? Would that not disguise the method of death?

Do we have some understanding of what Judah scientists spend their time and our money working on?

If a beam weapon stops the heart, might some people not be wondering why a young man in good health would die of a heart attack?

Do we see that the hanging may be a disguise for what actually happened in the lock up or jail? Will labor not take the authority to issue our cash away from the man that does such things to God's kids?

Does labor not sense the deep love that our Beautiful precious sweet Father has for us here? Do we not see that Father is concerned about the killing of his children and wants it stopped?

Does labor not sense the profound loss we all suffer when so many of our real useful guys are stolen away by this Judah cage sport?

Judah monitor runs our schools and identifies our brightest and steals them from us. Will labor not get menace out of our schools? Will labor not fail the essential work of suicide?

"You haven't failed the essential work of suicide."

Do we not have a certainty that when labor has the authority to issue our money in labors hands, extra judicial executions (Judee sport) in the lock ups, or anywhere, will never again happen in this land?

How about it labor, will you not act and STRIKE THEM OUT and take the authority to issue our money into your hands? They've moved off shore and are fighting us from other lands. Must we not end funding our own demise here?

Will labor not fail the essential work of suicide? Will labor not end the killings in jail and lock ups in this late Judah empire war machine? How about on the streets, will labor not end funding the shootings there? Must labor not STOP THE WAR?

"I donít have a useful life with out county, I can't do my genocide. We just claw to cheer right. The white man was our constant purpose," Judee say.

That last reverse speech statement, "The white man was our constant purpose."

The speaker of that RS, if some one had looked at her, might describe her as an elderly white woman. And yet, the Judah cipher that she reads to herself, gives a distinctly different read on who she is, and who her target is.

The Judah cipher of the rainbow are the alloy, or hybrid cipher people of the Babylonian cannibal cult of Judah. Elders describe their behavior as deriving from the "Cannibal complex."

As we now understand that the white man was the "constant purpose" of Judah. Can we only wonder why?

If we think about it, where has much of the fighting gone on in the Judah century other than in Germany, England, France, and generally throughout European lands?

Where has the druid been sent to fight Judah wars? Has druid not been sent to make war for Judee all over the world? Sure.

As we are funding wars throughout the world at this time, do we not see that war is aimed to harm the people of the land that wages it? Are we not at the awareness level to understand that by allowing Judah to make war using America to do it, we only continue bringing America down? Must labor not focus and see this ruse here? If so, won't you immediately STOP THE WAR?

Funding Judah to hire druid faces to harm our family overseas. Do we not see how by continuing to finance this war upon the children of God we are defacing ourselves? Will labor not help us to end the ruination of this beautiful nation?

"I chumped ya. I'm ever out," Judee says."

Might we not have some appreciation of why the legislatures spent so much effort on seat belt worship over the years?

Guy forgets to wear a seat-belt and a chance to get pulled over. How many can we only wonder have been surprised by a computer that delivers a verdict with a terrible surprise that there is an outstanding warrant for the drivers arrest?

Might the seat belt arrest allow for confiscation of the drivers car and maybe his house? Maybe be held long enough to eat a Judah sandwich in the lock up? Might his blindness 6 months later be diagnosed as an inherited genetic condition?

"You haven't failed the Essential Work of Suicide"

Please labor, are we not all in this together? When our ancestors came to America from the tortured, imprisoned, old world, was it not a joy for them to finally be free of the mistreatment of being arbitrarily caged? Will labor not put our American rights in again and end Judah sport of arbitrarily caging Americans in? Will labor not let the old world be gone?

Former subjects of the king of England. 1791 now Subjects of American law.

Do we not see that if we make an appearance anywhere in America, that as to rights, we're all Americans no matter from where we came from or how we got here?

Will the ordinary members of labor not take to heart how important is this issue of not having to face the possibility of a Judah sneak attack to suicide a boy's life away in Judah lockups or jails?

Will labor not take away the authority to issue our money from Judah, to end the commission of these most sinister, heinous, infamous and revolution provoking acts?

Must labor not fail the essential work of suicide?

Has our good God almighty of heaven and earth not clearly stated the facts about Judah: "They have no defensible rights?"

As Judah has no defensible rights, in the name of God almighty of heaven and earth, when might we be expecting labor to discontinue funding our demise? What are the magic words that will bring labor to STOP THE WAR?

Do we not see that God our precious sweet Father has kept us in labor? Do we not see by the continuous protection from nuclear blast weapons, how much our precious sweet Father has shown us he loves us and wants us to live?

How about it labor, will you not help us to get ourselves to peace?
Bitch said "Hello" to elder Jason this day. Jason is the technical representative of the Galactic Federation of light. Jason previously answered Bitch concerning what to do with the dirty bomb that is poisoning us from Fukushima.

"Cement it in."

Three words Jason said to me then.

Today Jason said:

"Their sake force is taking your life here."

Do we not see here labor, for Judah benefits, that is Judah sake force, is taking our lives here?

Thank you Jason for communicating that message.
"Our title ops are off now for kidney stops. We just have rifle hosiery; we're of no use. When you force sewerage you enable Judee cipher to splurge. Now you know the truth of my dynamite relation. Police have died your miracle. Fall you with a shoot-a-gram.

Municipals waived us for our fatal ways," Judee say.

(NOTE: From Bitch telepathic sources, indications are that many banks have now decided to longer accept Judah courts rulings in concern to some of what Judah courts have been handing down. Business people know Judah is done, and have wisely decided to no longer impede their customers accounts in matters that are faulty, for the sake of Judah tyranny law.)

Does labor not have an appreciation of some aspects of how tyranny law can impact our community? Did you read about the York county Pennsylvania court decision to turn the school district over to a private company?
Here's a link:

The investors hire lawyers that go to court by way of petition. Then using the power of the courts, they gain control and strip off public assets for private enrichment.

The petition to a court is a device that has on its face, no claim in right. It is a false Judah legal tool to take others property. Its trick. A fraud on the people. There is no right to a jury or grand jury in petition process. Petition effectively keeps public interests out of it, leaving it to the deciders in the court how to convert others property. Might we see a lawyers petition to a court, as a form of ruse law?

Its all faulty law labor, but as long as Judah has the purse, do we not see he has unlimited free money to hand out around the court house to get the decisions he wants?

In a petition there is no right claimed, only privilege speaking. Lawyer asking the court to give something to lawyer, that lawyer has no right to. Further, the court has no property to convey. Might we not consider court petition as a way to put a double fraud upon the people?

Might we not consider that in a tyranny, as we live in today, there is no right to petition for anyone?

An ordinary person has no right to use a petition in court. What Bitch is saying here, the petition is false legal stuff in regards to dealing with the people and their property.

Be that as it is, do we not see that the real issue to address is whom it is that has the authority to issue our money?

Petition is used all the time by the Judah people to steal peoples houses, bank accounts and other property. Will labor not end Judah tyranny rights, that are used to rob us? Will labor not return us to the good intent of the Bill of rights of American law?

Do we not recall that Thomas Jefferson and George Wythe explained how the law must operate in a corporate state?

The corporation can only have legal standing after a jury or grand jury has given the "legal personality" necessary to create privity to the issue, that will give the required legal standing necessary for the corporate state to proceed.

Be that as it is, do we not see that it remains the question of who it is that has the authority to issue our money, that remains the root issue to be dealt with first?

As soon as labor acts and removes the authority to issue our money from Judah, American law will return to us and we will have rights to go into courts and have juries decide the issues.

If it were your house or bank account, who would you rather have decide who owns it? A jury of your peers, or a couple of lawyers, one on the floor and the one on the bench?

At the moment, with tyranny, a lawyer can ask a judge to gift away your property, and you have no right to a jury trial. Might we not see why the founding fathers insisted upon a Bill of rights? Do we not recall that we had the right to a jury, made the law of the land in 1791?

Does labor not understand that we have no civil or human rights as Americans at this moment? Is it not clear that property, life and liberty, can and is being legally stolen by Judah using the police and courts?

Not only can our houses and bank accounts be stolen using the courts for stage props, but are we not aware that also many lives are being stolen by Judah using the power to issue our money, each and every single day?

Do we have some ideas now as to how Judah has been able to do such high scores with his homelessness sport? Do we not see that his front is false legal veneer, that is served by the corruption of the court?

Will labor not come into this and help reestablish the rights of Americans? Might you not be doing your own self a favor? Will labor not bring in again the Bill of rights of the American people?

Do we not see that most all the issues of the world we live in, revolve around the question of who it is that has the authority to issue our money?

If Judah has free money, and can write free checks, then whom might the judge be most inclined to rule in favor of? Might a free gravy check not be used against the ordinary person? Certainly, and they are all the time.

Do we not have some understanding of how Judah has so thoroughly destroyed the rights of the people of America?

While home ownership and bank accounts are critical as life support systems, if breathing some of this waste that is coming in on us, castrates or cancers us, might that not be much more important than who it is that owns our house?

Might the genocide that is sealed in on us now, not be much more important than mere court corruption?

"You haven't failed the Essential Work of Suicide"

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Do we not see here labor, lawyers who u

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