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willpwilson 908
Keith Dougherty & The Bellevue School District Corruption.
Fri Jan 9, 2015 10:54

Keith Dougherty & the (Rampant Out of Control.) Bellevue School District Corruption. Posted on January 09, 2015 on the Message News - Board: - - Keith Dougherty vs Bellevue School District Corruption -

January 09, 2015 Keith, as I had learned fifteen years ago, we do not literally have an actual accountable justice system of any kind any more in this nation and or thereof, in Washington State as well.

Think about this as to what great sacrifices that you, your family and the many other school district victims of the Bellevue (Washington State) School District's continuous trail of revealed Corruption and Fraudulent (Criminal.) activities and (Criminal with Malice.) actions (And thereof, inactions.) that have targeted you and many others and what burdens that they have forced you and the many others to be forced to be put through by them.

And, that you at least have tried to do something about this with great courage and with your standing your ground tenaciously and with great commitment, you have stood for your rights and for many other people's rights. By your trying do do something about this rampant and un accountable corruption and rampant fraud being committed by those who comprise the management of the Bellevue School District. Thereby these school district criminals who call themselves in charge of the Bellevue School District who have been found to also reveal extreme corruption with the help of their colleagues in the Washington State Bureaucracy who have as well, also stood by and who have further worked in extreme complicity in the continued covering up of these school district management criminals.

Thus the entire Washington State Judicial and Political Bureaucracy has been revealed by your selfless commitment to reveal this corruption and by the work of also several other courageous people who have fully revealed this on going limitless out of control school district and Washington State Bureaucratic & Judicial corruption. As well, by your also primarily having also continued to write about these matters and by your also continued communication with these (Now to be found very corrupt.) bureaucratic departments and officers by your keeping a record thereof, of this on going corruption. In consideration of the continuous covering up by these governmental and judicial departments and their officers who have been revealed have even gone against and further violated their own departmentally founded regulations. Thereof, your revealing that these governmental and judicial officers and representative have been outright violating their own system of laws and regulations that they are supposed to adhere to. Thereof, through your work that you have fully been revealing that these residing departments and the departmental officers have been also continually found to as well, also providing their aiding and their abetting of these school district criminals and their criminal actions with malice this last four years.

And, or thereof, these departmental officers and the Washington State judicial and state bureaucrats have not shown or provided any form of responsible judicial responsibility of any king so far. Thereof, our system and or thereof, our so called legal system in this state or in this country has no more accountability of any kind anymore. Thereof, literally, the meaning of integrity and or responsibility in any form of so call governmental judicial and or so call legal system and or political system does not exist anymore in this once upon a time, great nation of what were responsible people with integrity possibly in the past. This system is now comprised of being now a system of fake justice (Meaning this is now a system it solely and only being comprised of it no longer being and or representing any form of justice anymore.). That this judicial and bureaucratic system is now only a system of travesty. A system now it only being only a system of non justice. A system that was supposed to be supported with integrity and accountability that which this no longer exists with any form of accountability of any kind any more. And, that it now is no longer our country of responsible leaders and or accountable departmental officers. Thence, it is now a once great republic (For which it now no longer stands) or that we as a people no longer have any form of rights and or standing whatsoever anymore.

If you want though, we can begin to post the reports that you have been and that you are still putting together on the Message News Board possibly. - -

Thereof, for this being effort by you and us, to at least serve to be a first step in this direction of our building a book and or a series of books concerning the fact that there no longer exists in this country any more forms of judicial and or bureaucratic responsibility and or accountability as through the work that you have fully revealed this. That there is no longer any form of government of responsible and or accountable leadership. And, thereof, any form of real judicial accountability (Of any kind.) and or even any form of accountable anything of any kind any more.

Thence, as well, there no longer being any form of accountable and or responsible law enforcement as well any more. Other then what we think are these agencies that only appear to the unknowing us, as the Wizards of OZ agencies, when it is now understood that these ABC Soups serve as merely fronts for organized crime syndicates.

Organized Crime Organization that appear on the outside as being Governmental Law Enforcement agencies when in fact that they only and are solely accountable to the now controlling crime families and crime syndicates that have now stolen almost this entire once upon a time country's infrastructure.

Thereof, let alone their theft of all future generation's hope and or vision's of something better then what we now see is now being a complete system that is now being run by secret and all inclusively powerful criminals who have now disguised themselves as the ones who are now being solely in charge of this system of completely over run and rampant criminal fraud and criminally representative governmental infrastructures.

Consider the future generations who are now having to be victims of what this system has now transcended into becoming fully unaccountable to anything and or to anyone other then to the crime families who call themselves in charge of this system of criminals that comprises them and their now entire system of criminal government today.

The future generations may not even be able to exist someday on this planet no doubt due to the now complete failure of any form of accountability at all levels of our so called (Criminal.) governmental system or thereof, non governmental system of this present time in this time of our possibly not existing much longer as being any form of human history soon as well.

Thereof, consider as to the utilization of this quick (To join.) and yet very effective news site(s) (Anyone can also create their own news board and or news blogs and use these methods to circulate links to the news posts they post.) like the the Message News - Board:

This simple to join and to even create another one just like this one (for free at: as that I had help Ken Vardon to start this simple news site in 1999 and since then have published and posted more then fifty thousand new reports on it since then.

This simple news site has attracted some of the most prolific and well known news publicists in the world and one time or another and even George Noory of even check on it two times a week for story and news informational input. This is the - Message News Board that once a news report is posted on it, the report is then linked immediately to the search engine.

Second I will help you to keep a News Blog going and as by my also continually posting my reports on this News Blogs & Boards that you are the curator of.

I am ready and fired up to do this and to get your now, highly defined and well written history of what you have had to go through and regarding what you have revealed to at least a few of us who have been keeping track of what you have had to deal with Keith, or thereof, what you should have not been forced to have had to deal with.

Let me know what I can do and by the way, I have on file all of your more then now three years of correspondence and reports and it now appears that I have enough information to help to provide my support to you to help you to publish a book (Or books.) on what you have also clearly revealed.

That we, the responsible and accountable people of this country, do literally, do not have any form of accountability in our so called corporate crime syndicated network called by us the shaples (Sheeples.) as this matter now being represented as being our so called fake GOVERNMENTAL System of this period of our current time in our now soon to be our extinct(ed) human history upon this planet.

Which it no longer is a government of any kind any more as you have been clearly revealing to those who have been reading, following and listening to the incredible burdens that you and your family and many others have been made and forced to be put through, Keith. Will P. Wilson, (206) 383 - 4817 - -;article=153537;title=APFN -

Keith Dougherty Bellevue School District Corruption - -

willpwilson 908 Dr. William Mount, Can You Ask The Living God For Me? Mon Dec 29, 2014 -;article=153473;title=APFN;pagemark=20

On Thu, Jan 8, 2015 at 5:44 PM, KD wrote:
Thanks Toby, I do appreciate all of your efforts. I have never implied WACOG is a law firm or legal agency. Your organization should consider pushing the state for mandatory mediation in open government cases that last 5 years of more, especially with known corruption by a public agency. Since the Bellevue School District knows that our judicial system will not require mediation by both parties, they can continue to thumb their noses at the PRA and any other state and federal law they want to ignore.
You are a dedicated nonprofit interested in open government which directly correlates to equal access to justice in Washington. I have let SAO know several times about serious BSD legal violations. I know I'm the only one out there with respect to BSD and that has been confirmed. My fight has always been for all the taxpayers.
You might feel similarly about current and former compulsive liars/employees at BSD, if this was done to you and your family. I do find it interesting that Steve McConnell had similar trouble getting public records and I helped get him elected. - As the new Board President, I had hoped the transparency would improve. The district is currently refusing to turn over any of Steve's public records requests, but the new media won't cover these matters and neither will WACOG. I was told those records would be returned to me on 12/22 after the district had three weeks to work on the request.
Thanks, - Keith - P.S. A public agency that openly encourages the criminal destruction of public records is newsworthy and the opinion of one advocate for justice. Most of Steve's requests were in 2009, so it's unlikely the district would have to search any records from 2010-2014. - Dear Keith: - This letter acknowledges receipt of your request for public records dated 04 December 2014 and received by the District on 04 December 2014. - You requested records concerning: Immediately Disclose all Public Records requests and responses by email and United States mail made to the Bellevue School District (a/k/a BSD 405) by Steve McConnell from 2009-2014.

Hi Rick Gregory - Bellevue School District Public Records Officer, -
Please disclose all the public records requests that were submitted by Steven McConnell, now School Board President.

Also, the district needs to disclose all the incomplete, late, and false responses to Steve. - We estimate, given the position of your request in our public records queue that we will be able to provide extant records, to the extent they are subject to release in accordance with the Public Records Act, on or before 22 December 2014.

Sincerely, - Rick J. Gregory - Records Manager & Public Records Officer - Bellevue School District
Parents Say School Gave Bullies Free Ride - By JUNE WILLIAMS - ShareThis
SEATTLE (CN) - An eighth grader witnessed a "horrific" sexual assault on her best friend during a school bus ride told administrators, who failed to report it to police, destroyed a videotape of the attack and refused to protect her from the bullies she identified, her parents claim in court.
Jenny and Allen Quynn claim their daughter Lilly received "no help or support" from Chinook Middle School officials and was bullied and harassed by the boys involved in the assault. They sued Bellevue School District in King County Court. - "On December 15, 2010, Lilly Quynn, then an eighth-grade student at Chinook Middle School ('CMS'), witnessed a horrific thing. On her school bus ride home a gang of four boys sexually assaulted her best friend. Lilly reported the assault to school officials the next morning. The school officials never discussed the event with Lilly. They never followed up with her to make sure that she was all right. They did nothing to make sure that she was protected from reprisals for reporting the sexual assault. They never reported the criminal actions on the bus to the police. They never disciplined the boys involved. They destroyed the videotape of the assault recorded by the bus's camera," according to the lawsuit.
"The boys ended up coming after Lilly and bullying and harassing her for the remainder of the school year. Other students harassed her for having done exactly what she should have done: report the sexual assault to school authorities. Lilly received no help or support from the school. The boy most involved in the attack bragged to other students about having been able to 'rape' the girl on the bus," the complaint states.
Lilly was so traumatized by the incident she developed an eating disorder, was hospitalized and diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, her parents say.
"As a result of witnessing the attack, and the subsequent bullying and harassment, Lilly began to undergo profound changes. Her grades started to suffer. She became withdrawn and pulled away from friends and her usual activities. Lilly started to develop a deep fear and insecurity concerning anything related to school. Given the school personnel's indifference to her report and the related bullying and harassment, she did not feel safe at school. She became convinced that what had happened to her friend could happen to her. Lilly's teachers noticed that she appeared frightened and unhappy, that she cried in class, and that her grades continued to decline. Lilly stopped eating at school. She suffered migraine headaches and was sent to the health room where she was told to lie down. No one at the school reported any of this to her parents," the complaint states.
When Lilly reported the attack, she told her parents only that "something scary" had happened on the bus and she didn't want to talk about it. Her parents say

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