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Red Dragon Family Goves Ultimatum, Illuminati Responds
Fri Jan 9, 2015 14:05

In a recent video by Ron Van Dyke the Red Dragon Family Ambassador has stated that the Red Dragon Family has apparently given the Illuminati (Rothchilds, Committee of 300, Round Table, etc) an ultimatum: Surrender or die.

The Dragon Family finally realized that the Illuminati is at war against Life itself. They are Evil and will surrender or be imprisoned or killed.

In response the Illuminati unleashed a False Flag Shooting in Paris to show just how powerful their lies can be.

(((Please pray that those who wish to harm humans and Planet Earth become violently sichk when within 1 million miles of Earth))

How do we know hte shootinf was false - a FALSE FLAG?

1) Thye shooters speak perfect French - they were not Muslim Extremists.

2) There was no blood.

3) The shooters and Victims wore Army Boots. Now how many Random Victims would be wearing Army Boots with NO wear and tear on their souls?

4) The Wall Street Journal and KOMO news said one of the shooters was from Yemen.

Gee Whillikers Batman - did we not state the US Corporation needs a way to start a war in YEMEN to seize their wealth?

Golly Geepers - you take away the guns form the people and they cannot shoot back - they become SLAVES to their MASTERS. Zeig Heil Batman.


Since the Red Dragon Family is not proceeding with GOD's GUIDANCE they can expect anything from these Evil people.



I will state this about the Red Dragon Ambassador - he is a good Ambassador and has a good heart. This is very rare in the Diplomatic Corp and his Internet Spokesman - Ron Vandyke - is not an easy push over. About 3 months ago he asked him some very tough questions and the Ambassador's Response was very professional and good natured and he explains himself very well.

I personally ask very tough questions and so does Ron - but they were all answered to my satisfaction and I let nothing slide.

After John Kerry and Harry Reid got their faces re-arranged you can expect some swift changes nest month after the Red Dragon Family gets a handle on what is going on - who to trust, etc.

(((Please pray - Visualize) that they move forward as GOD directs)))


The News You Need

Ambassador, Dr William B. Mount

No Blood, done to piss off the Red Dragon Family and start another war - in Yemen.

Red Dragon Ultimatum with Ron Van Dkye

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