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"We Sold You Crush" The gentlemen were mushed, we must forc
Sat Jan 10, 2015 10:48

"We Sold You Crush"

The gentlemen were mushed, we must force the chap away. A real crummy life with barrels and Judah using us for targets. Will labor not help us get Judee away?

"Jessica just rolls a force. The real idiot raped us and took our force.

The bears are fetal great. Our base says warrant right.

I'll turn my vacuum on all the way to fault truth. If I can put some heroin on you I can roll truth.

I just offend naturally and foster tips. A West Virginia muffin will hold you in for scoring. I'm afraid after tomorrow we'll have to leave.

Judas has stopped dumb. Itís the end of our register fun. Bitch took out my whole premises. I'm bankrupt but they can't see it until its too late.

With my congressman I do some great take offs. The mouse is obviously helping him and it's making it hard to take him off. My arrest power will leave as soon as they see my immerse power.

We've got the dog to give a sight of lecherous.

Bitch has got an intelligence to see our ruse.

We've got a judge to put him in.

Our crazy is going. He caused us all our London problems, we lost our big wig.

We were first rate and they cancelled us rich. Awesome we indict well," Judee say.

"The shrimp freeze out our big op. With municipals we are just ever rude, that's why I'm going away. The shrimp rite way will never let us back in again. We always cave with our syndicate. War with a lunch bag makes a win. We had federal viperous for ruin. Police mental now is seen. With rice we ever retard.

I war you huge but was taken out by a technical guy. Judah shot a single economy of suicide. My psyche is free of my past. The cannibal is involved with breaking you up.

Its now a peace force, Judah is off for brutal. I baptize thee dope. Cause I couldn't weap you I'm ready to disappear. My loss is hemorrhaging. Our mental right is corrupt to you everyday," Judee say.

This next reverse speech came from a Judee shell that is burning the waste at Hitachi-GE:

"I'm going to be sued soon so I'm going to weap as much of the kennel as I can. Forever my conspiracy I weap so I fall away. We hold you with our molest disease," Judee say.

If only you will help us labor, we're taking out all the rooms where they shoot us from. But Judee be bad with his missiles. To get it all done right though, do we not see that we must have labor to help us here?

Might we not derive for our own knowledge that the deal here is, you just don't hurt our beautiful Father's kids and get away with it forever? Will labor not STOP THE WAR and sooth Papa? Will labor not stop funding the harming of the children of God? Must labor not take the authority to issue our money away from Judah?

Does labor not see that we must STOP THE WAR? Do we not perceive that it is the physical assault upon the high level life forms that we are, that must be ended if we are to move up and into the universe of peace?

Might we not see it as ourselves gripping a self-awareness and acceptance of total rejection of violence against any of God's children anywhere? If so, must we not STOP THE WAR? Must labor not end funding the gross defilement of the children of God?

The Meta-gorical transfiguration of our species. This transfiguration to be the end result of the transition that is still ongoing at this very moment. Do we not see the gift of peace that our advanced elders from the universe are giving to us here?

"I gave you the peace, must you fail?"

While researching through some information, and looking into the Slavic lands, it becomes apparent that these lands harbor folks with some of the most important abilities of humans. The good ability to accommodate others. Do we not recall this one ability, the ability to accommodate others, Judah demonstrated a weakness in? Do we not note that Judah weakness cost him loss of his life form here?

The word slave comes from Yugoslavia, or Slavia. The ancient name of the land of Slovaks, the Slovakians.

The Slavic lands were a major source of unfree labor in earlier times. Hence the word 'slave' came into our language from the etymological roots of the name of the land that they were stolen away from; Slavia.

As we see today, Judah still seeking out peoples in our world to rob, molest and genocide. Might we only wonder, in antiquity, did Judah see that the Slavs had made so much significant social, ethical, moral and technical progress, that he set out to pull them down with kidnapping, taking hostages and making war?

The Moravian daily texts that Bitch has been publishing with daily post are originally from Moravia, which is a Slavic land.

The infant of Prague, we now know as Maxmilian, our extraterrestrial brother, who introduced himself to the centers of power of planet earth in 1350 AD, introduced himself to us all in Prague, Czechoslovakia in 1637.

Prague, is in a Slavic land, Czechoslovakia.

"Honor this image and you shall never want." Princess Polyxena
Maxmilian spoke to the parish priest telepathically these words: "Have pity on me, and I will have pity on you. Give me my hands, and I will give you peace. The more you honor me, the more I will bless you."


Just heard elder say that to Bitch as I wrote the last line concerning where Maxmilian introduced himself.

As to advancement, Poland is a Slavic land and was the first to invent and then implement the grand jury process for legal protection of the people of the land.

That is, before a hand could be laid on a man, a group of people must first hear what it is he was alleged to have done.

That protective investigatory type of grand jury process was made law of the land in Poland in 1430 AD.

The investigatory grand jury process has no indictment or punishment sort of function. Strictly protective and used to prevent an interference with liberty, rather than the punitive function that is ordinarily associated with grand jury process.

In our current system, controlled by Judah because he has the authority to issue our money in his hands, he uses grand jury to punish and harass.

Judah made up his own rules, that while the grand jury is sitting, if a person refuses to speak, they can be held during the term of the grand jury.

That of course is false law. A grand jury cannot hold, nor force anyone to speak.

Might we not consider that Judah messes up the real utility of grand jury process, as a way to prevent the people from seeing the real useful, protective utility of grand jury process?

That is, might Judah be using grand jury process to harm us, with the intent to cause us to then not want any grand jury process at all?

That is, rather than using grand jury process to free the ordinary people, as the Polish people of 1430 AD did, might Judah be using grand jury process to harass us, with the intent for us to then not want any grand jury process whatsoever in?

Original grand jury process of 1430 AD preceded the golden age of Poland, and brought in free men.

"We're totally out," Judee say.

Do we have some idea of how cleverly Judah has kept the knowledge of the real usefulness of grand jury process from us here?

Do we not see here that to bring the useful protective grand jury process to the forefront of our law, labor must have the authority to issue our money in its hands?

Might we not be viewing a circumstance that we see in many areas of knowledge? That is, might we not consider that grand jury process in1430 AD was brought into use based upon intuitive knowledge?

That is, the Polish people of 1430 could understand the power elite were doing harm to them in a multitude of ways that all involved arrests.

As a way to resolve the issue without violence, might they have intuitively seen that a grand jury was a good way to give them protection?

Might we consider that the solution to what vexed them, was found by the Polish people through intuitive methods? That is, do we not see that there was no legal underpinnings of why the grand jury process could be bound theoretically, to do what it did?

Then 336-339 years later, 1776-1779, Thomas Jefferson and George Wythe, develop and explain the theoretical aspects of grand jury process while preparing the Virginia papers.

Jefferson and Wythe see that a state is a corporation. They theorize, the laws of a corporation, are written in a book. They further theorize that a book cannot have crime committed against it.

If a person were to strike another with a blow from a rod, the person who suffered the rod blow, would then have what we term a 'cause of action.'

If an agent of the state were to wish to enforce a statute against the person who committed the battery, that is the person who struck the other person with a rod blow, must the agent of the state not first have some way to share in, that is, have legal standing in, the 'cause of action?'

'Cause of action' is a requirement to move a legal process forward in a legal forum. In real American law, if a jury demand is filed, a judge does not determine if a complaint states a 'cause of action.'

'Cause of action' is a question of fact. In American law, juries decide facts. Ultimately, what is or is not a 'cause of action,' is a question for a jury to answer.

The person, who was struck and received the rod blow, could file a civil suit, become a complainant, also called a plaintiff. Then proceed to make a claim for damages against the person(s) who struck the rod blow, in what is termed an 'action at law.'

Ordinary procedure could follow. All well understood by practitioners of law.

The agent for the state, usually the police, could cite a statute and seek a criminal charge as it is against the law to commit a battery upon a person. Because the rod blow did not fall on them, the state has no 'cause of action.'

Jefferson and Wythe theorized that for the state corporation to cite and then prosecute, based upon a criminal statute, the state must first demonstrate 'privity' to the issue.

The state had not been struck the rod blow. And even if the statute book with the criminal codes written in it were stuck a rod blow, is there any way that a crime could be committed against the book that was struck the rod blow?

Might we all not agree that there is no crime committed when a book is struck a rod blow? Certainly.

Might we derive from the good common sense of the Polish people in 1430 AD who put into place the Grand jury process for protection of everyone, that they did it by intuitive thinking? Might we not consider intuitive thinking as a form of natural wisdom? Can't always explain it, yet do we not know it when we see it? If the end result is a golden age of peace and abundance, do we not see the wisdom then?

That is, while not having a completed theory and a deep theoretical foundation for it, did not the good common sense of 1430 AD not discover intuitively how to put protection in place for all the people of the land? Was the golden age of Poland that followed not proof of their 1430 AD intuitive good sense and natural wisdom?

Due to the fact of not having a theoretical foundation for the basis of useful grand jury process at such an early time in legal history, might that not help explain why useful protective grand jury process has largely been forgotten to history?

How can we defend protective grand jury process if we don't have a theory that is consistent, complete, irrefutable and understandable by all, in its basic logical form?

While thinking of intuitive and theoretical, might we not think of Dr. Henry Moray, while intuitively he could cause his free energy machine to produce a couple of hundred dollars worth of electricity every day, and yet he had no theoretical understanding of how he did it?

As Dr. Moray's radiant free energy machine was not understood at the theoretical level, can we not appreciate why his machine could not be replicated by others?

Might we not be able to make an analogy with the grand jury process and Dr. Moray's free energy machine here?

That is, once we understand the theory Jefferson and Wythe found 339 years after Poland put grand jury process in, can we not make the connection with that theory now making the grand jury process permanent?

Now that we understand the theory of Dr. Moray's free energy machine, can we not have free energy permanent now?

If theory is understood and we then combine it with intuitive knowledge, might not both free energy and grand jury process not be with us full time then?

Free people and free energy; is that not the best of both worlds?

Do we not see here, a corporation, that is a state, cannot lawfully proceed with a taking or criminal prosecution, if it cannot demonstrate that it has privity to the issue? Do we not see that the corporate state must demonstrate that it has a 'cause of action?' Might we note, that 'Probable cause' must be certified by a grand jury? The state is only authorized temporary 'Probable cause' for emergency situations.

Do we not also see though, only if labor has the authority to issue our money, will corporate state employees pay due attention to these critical protective rules of American law?

Have too many not already lost their liberty and lives for failure to follow correct and proper American procedure? If it were you, would one loss of life not be too many? Going home to a warm bed to night or arrested and held until you missed your rent payment and became homeless? Will labor not help us end the homeless sport of Judah? Do we not see that American law has the protections for us, yet what we need is for labor to say yes to peace?

Do we not see that only a grand jury can give the state corporation 'legal personality' that will give privity to the issue that is required to provide the legal standing that is a necessary requirement to allow the state to pursue a taking or criminal prosecution?

Do we also not see that for the state to have a 'cause of action' that the state must have 'privity' to the issue?

Do we not see that for the state to have privity to the issue, it must first have legal personality, to give it legal standing? Do we not understand that only a grand jury can give legal standing to a state corporation?

Do we not all accept that to move in a legal venue, all persons must have legal standing? Of course.

Rather than mere words, is there not some way that we the ordinary people can see how well protected we will be if only we will take over the authority to issue our money and put these protective processes in again?

Might the Polish people of 1430 AD have put intuitively into their legal process what we might term a "Showing of the credentials?"

That is, the centers of power, (the holy, royals, finance paper issuers), had to first put their cards on the table in front of community members, before they could carry some one off to jail.

That the golden age of Poland came in shortly after the grand jury process was made Polish law in 1430 AD, might that not indicate that economic abundance follows the fact of people's liberties and rights being protected?

Do we not recognize that there is protection in procedure? Did the drafters of the American Bill of rights not acknowledge that very thing by their insistence that civil rights procedure be enshrined in writing as positive statutory law in the new American state?

Have Jefferson and Wythe not given the theory needed to require proper grand jury process to appear again in American law? Has their theoretical work not given us the tools needed to mothproof the Bill of rights this time? Certainly, once understood by reasonable people.

Did the legal thinkers of 1430 Poland not give us the right mix to help us all?

"Conquer abusive." Tele receive.

Hyper-dimensional physics today explains the wondrous intuitive genius work of Dr. Moray. Is there not an analogy to be found with Jefferson a

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