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REd Dragon Family Has Had Enough
Sun Jan 11, 2015 17:11

The Red Dragon Family has reached a decision. In the morning they plan to call their Ambassador to deliver a message to the Rothchild's and their the Committee of 300 and their Round Table:" Obey Or Die. You have 24 hours to decide."

(((Please pray that those who wish Humans and Planet Earth harm become violently sick when within 1 million miles of Planet Earth.)))

As you recall - the Red Dragon Family has been double crossed again and again and when they gave the Rothchilds the Ultimatum last week they responded with a Fake Shooting by French Special Forces on a Gay Porno magazine that the French SPecial Forces was running. In other words - they told hte Red Dragon Family to "Go "F" Off."

That was apparently the last straw for the Red Dragon Family.

Time will tell what happens now. Neither the Rothchilds, the US Treasury, the Russians or the Red Dragon Family are doing as GOD has directed so expect some sparks to fly.

In about a month President Obama the Traitor will host an Anti-Terrorism Conference in DC. In the day great speeches will be delivered, behind closed doors these Evil Presidential Handlers will discuss their next terrorist plots, which World Leaders they will kill and replace with a double, and the times of these events. The desires of the Red Dragon Family are NOT on the agenda.

The Rothchidls and their Evil Lucfarians know full well that unless the US Treasury, Russia or the Red Dragon Family do as the Living GOD has told them they have ZERO protection form Lucifer and his minions. NONE. The Rothchilds (Bauers from Germany)ey please.

These NAZI sponsored Terrorist Attacks will be centered around the Full Moon - as was the Fake Attack on Paris - +- 3 days roughly.

So what are they planning:

1) The Russian Federation has just lost a BBB Credit Rating and has ben down graded to a BBB-, soo to be made a C+ - their bonds will be rated as Junk, non-investment grade. They ignored GOD's requests. Too bad, so sad. Now their economy is going down thanks to their leadership of Pres Putin and PM Medvedev.

This morning PM Medvedev is trying to stop the huge price rise in food all over Russia.

Did Pres Putin, PM Medvedev and other Russian Leaders think GOD was joking?

Is a 20% rise in Bread Prices in St Petersburg funny to an older retired person?

What good is your military might when your relatives cannot afford bread?


2) Chinese held Treasury and Federal Reserve Bonds will no longer be honored by the US Treasury of Federal Reserve. They will not honor my bond, GOD will destroy their ability to cash in on theirs. They are holding Useless Paper they paid good money for. Too bad, So sad, Touche'.

3) Before the Conference there will be an "Attempt" on an Obama Clone. Failing this the Rothchilds will set up a Fake Hit against the Roman Pope.

4) If the Red Dragon Family plays by GOD''s Rules and actually has the guts to honor what they have been told to honor (Not Likely, but just maybe) then many in leadership positions who work for the Rothchilds and Lucifer will simply vanish. GOD will bless these Red Dragon Family Members, not kill them.

The Rothchilds know the Red Dragon Family. To play according to GOD's Rules and to be Honorable is only for Holly Wood and the poor. They count on the Red Dragon Family not having the guts to do as GOD has directed them to do - or so they think.

Time will tell.

5) The US Corporation has ordered a huge increase in Child Kidnapping tall over the world to support their insatiable desire to kill and destroy by raping and poisoning. The Area just North of Northern Idaho will increase in activity in Child Porn Video Making and Child Murder - films used to control their Illuminated Members and supported by Hillary and Mit Romney's Wife. See Abel Danger for a confirmations - or previous APFN Stories.

The US Child Protective Services and FBI will be fully responsible for these kidnappings, rapings and murders. Look at their website - every one they arrest has Child Porn on their computer - supplied by the FBI after the arrests.

6) The US Rand Corporation estimates US Population to be 69 Million by the year 2015. Now how do you suppose that they will kill what - 280,000,000 Americans?

Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Weapons - that's how. They will blame it on "Terrorist Attacks."

So how are you going to drives your truck Macho Man when the gas stations are gone and what you gonna eat when the Deer, Bear, fish, etc all die of what they are spraying us with?

7) These coming attacks worldwide will center aroudn the Full Moon +- 4 days. Consider 1863 in the American Civil War, who's many battle were fought at "Devils Den, Devils Etc:

Date Full Moon Battle Casualties
Jan 5 Galveston 1500
Feb 3 Dover 1200
Mar 5 Thompson Station 1000
Apr 4 Charleston Harbor 36, many, many more on land
May 3 Chanslorville 30,000
June 1 Port Hudson 18,000
July 1 Gettysburg 40,000
July 30 Stoney Lake 5 Started a Series of Indian Wars
August 28 Devils Backbone 31
Sep 27 Sterlings 800
Oct 26 Whatahoochie 700
Nov 25 Chartanooga 13,000
Dec 25 Mossy Creek 400

All were fought as a Sacrifice to Lucifer and the Rothchilds profited by selling weapons to both sides.

The purpose of these Terrorist Attacks will be to start WW3, and take away your rights.

Terrorsts shoot at innocent victims so take away the public's right to defend themselves.
About 20% of the public will wake up. WHat you need is :

a.....Food - Incuding your medications. What I recommend is: Immusist, Diatamations Earth, Sea Weed, and Oregano Oil, and Citri Care and an Essential Oil to help you breath like Uncle Harrys Breathing Oil. months.
b....Water - one gallon per day per person for 6 months.
c....Toilet Paper - Lots
d....Ammunition - One pistol per person along with 20 rounds. Hide the pistols when the NAZIs come by to seize your guns and food.
e....Heat - Wood or Propane to last the winter
f...Communications - a way to summon your neighbors in an emergency.
When things break down a little silver and gold may also be useful - but for how long I do not know.

Buy a 50 pound bag of rice and mix Diatamatious Earth in with it and it will not go rotten. This will go an awful long way. One pint of the Diatanmatious Earth per 50 pounds of rice. It can be stored in a Home Depot Bucket very easily. Rinse before cooking.
At this point - expect anything. The Assassination Attempts on Obama will be stepped up - as well as Real Attempts of Chinese, Russian, Tajikistan, Khazahstan, Mongolian, Indian and African and South American Leaders who will not comply with the Rothchilds. This will continue until either the Russian's or Chinese Leadership decides to be Honorable and do as GOD has directed them to do, So HE has said it, so it shall be.
The News You Need

Ambassador, Dr William B. Mount

Sorry - I could pinpoint the next False Flags but I live in an area that only allows me to access certain amount of Information - too much electrical interference. So when the Chinese President, or Argentina (Etc) is targeted - sorry. You will die because you have ignored what GOD has asked you to to.

Remember - HELL is forever and I have the formula for living a Very, Very long life.,d.cGU&cad=rjt

The Cure For Cancer You Tube William Mount

Enough - you can only handle so much.

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