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"We've Muddled it Great. Patrick is a Mild Wit"
Mon Jan 12, 2015 07:31

"We've Muddled it Great. Patrick is a Mild Wit"

That of course weap Judee. Did they not muddle it great? Are those statements not both true? Is it not for certain that Patrick is a mild wit?

Are we not aware that there is no punishment in the new world that God our precious sweet Father is welcoming us into?

No more house of corrections. No more penal institutions. All going right on out of here. In its place, will it not be wonderful to have the love of God for serving one another then? Will it not be wonderful to have the peace in our world?

"This guy's big. He got them all out, Soviets with them." Tele receive.

Once it sinks in to the ordinary everyday working person in Soviet Russia that the Kremlin kosher crowd shot them out, might there not be a new arrangement for peace?

Will labor not help us so that we can move forward and recipher Judee so he don't make the village fall again?

"I see no debt. I'm over dying. I got you visual. You house to lie," Judee say.

Will it not be wonderful for all of God's children worldwide when we finally have the day that labor puts terror wits out?

"Gene threat." Tele receive giving us a clue?

Might our days not be brighter when there is no longer any encouragement to lie? When labor takes over the authority to issue our money, will it not be real good to no longer have our nice guys set up?

Does labor understand that the method of our destruction was by allowing Judah to capture the organizing principle of society, the authority to issue our money?

If we understand this, do we not consider it urgent that we must take away the mechanism that is allowing our nuclear waste extermination to continue to move forward?

Does labor not appreciate that a general strike will begin the removal of the threat to our very existence that Judah has put upon us here?

"Cheap misers; take over the wit. Get them out. Ditch hate. Jew and his nest egg, splendid dead. Life is theory to them, they're wasting life away." Tele receives.

Sure do thank you all kindly for those Tele receives. This next Tele receive wanted to keep separate in the hope that the gentleman is correct:

"You got your rising."

He was a nice man in his 60s that telepath me with that.

"You got your rising."

Just four words said. Is it true? Is labor ready to join with our Beautiful, Precious Sweet Father and give us the ONE DAY of our Lord to cut off head and tail of Israel?

How much more brutality must the children of God be forced to endure, before American labor will pull it off once and for all? How much more nuclear waste must we be forced to breathe before we call a halt?

Mars threw their Cyclops and blew their function. Will labor not help us stop the war so that Mars can end their crying? Has Judah not proven failed enough that labor will not step in and remove the authority to issue our money from him? Is labor not going to give it a try and STRIKE THEM OUT?

Our good God asked us labor about the strike: "Why didnít you try it?" Father is with us labor. Will we not have the faith in God that Father's love will bring us to peace? "I gave you the peace, must you fail?" Will labor not end the fail and STRIKE THEM OUT? Will the meek not fulfill God's promise to inherit the earth? Will labor not give us an able assist to do God's will on earth as it is in heaven?

Bitch writes with the profoundest respect and honor to Father's dignity, sharing that Father Harold has watched over his children here on earth for thousands of years. Beautiful Father, 2200 years of life and love. Father is our perfect love. Father is faultless and perfect.

"Try to perceive me, I love you."

Will we not put our hand into the hand of God our Father and let our faith in Father's love carry his children to peace?

Has Judah done much other than cause us dying? Must labor not end financing and paying for Judah sport war? They've pushed the button and you've done nothing. Will labor not respond and STOP THE WAR?

Will we not end the insult of the people of America? Will labor not end the insult of war? Must labor not retire the most ungracious brute; war?

"Scowls have more fun, its just ranch gear. Porting hostages lets me rape for free. My soldiers weaped high bread so it took all of me off of here. Contact has sealed that we rused you," Judee say.

Do we not see that Judah soldier's weaped their high bread? Do we have some understanding that when people can be hired to go to far away distant lands and harm their fellow man, that maybe, just maybe, they can be hired to do the same harm in the land that they left from?

Might it not be too surprising to learn that high elements of the stars and stripes, picked up some high bread for shooting us?

As to their tricky, do we not now see that contact has forever shown us their ruse? Has contact not now sealed the fact that Judah rused us?

Is there not some perception that labor will either make the peace or die not trying? Will labor not at least die trying rather than die without even trying it? That's what Father asked labor about the strike: "Why didnít you try it?"

They're still sporting us mercilessly, they've got a baker that's corrupt. Judah says, "I'm durable in place, but Bitch popped us. Bitch report our dumb fight."

How dumb is it that most all people do not want to fight, and yet, Judah incites, and sets up fights between as many of the people that he can arrange fights for?

Is that not an odd behavior that some one would set out to harm another person that had never ever harmed them? Not only never harmed them, but never would harm them? What could ever drive a life form to seek out innocent people to genocide them?

"I command you to Love one another." Is it not sure dumb to ignore the loving words of God? Will labor not hear the love of God and STOP THE WAR?

Can we not appreciate why God our precious sweet Father has stepped in here labor?

"My son close them out."

Bitch heard those words.

"My son close them out."

Might there not be some appreciation for the fact that if Bitch had the ability, they would have been closed out years ago? Bitch, a simple workingman, is still appealing to labor to help us here.

"We're wholesome fooling you out to die you," Judee say.

Does Judah not specialize in pretending to be a wholesome guy? Does he not show us an endless stream of images to demonstrate how bad other people are?

That he is now using nuclear waste and taking us out in the range of 100,000 of us per month, does that not give us some measure of just how wholesome he really is? Do we not see that he is fooling us out to make us die?

"I'm a principal favorite that's exhausting you without mercy. We squash you out precise. Before I'm leaving I'm putting some negatory on this ship. The boss is out. The Martians got our old wits to disappear. We just fist psyche them to weap them away. The Muslim faith I'm using to false you all off with, that's part of my sport. Died you with foolish rules," Judee say.

Help us labor. We need you. God our Beautiful, Precious Sweet Father wills that labor be the issuer of our money.

"The Whitehouse is coming off here for my sin. Our despotism force is done here. I just fiend well," Judee say.

Judah has been perishing our seekers. The real useful, Judah spots them and puts them in.

"Light bulb lights, a check force gets them done," Judee say.

Gets his sport kids around our useful and sets them into a criminal act, enough to keep them out of the mainstream of life from that time forward. Has Judah not folded many a nice boy quite fine?

"The scientist calculated our field and saw our wildest idea," Judee say.

Bitch sure hopes and prays that those who read this have a useful idea of what has happened here. Do we not calculate that Judah built enough blast to wipe out the world many times over? Are we not becoming aware that he tried his "wildest idea" out on us?

"He's a forever real." Sure thank you for that Tele receive.

Now he is using waste and still wiping us away. Waste, while not quite as fast as blast, is it not seen though that it is every bit quite as deadly?

Our Father loves us. Will we not bring Father's loving-kindness into our world for good?

"Be thou with me my joy and my gladness

In deep repose my soul shall rest

My soul shall rest in deep repose

Be thou with me my joy and my gladness

In deep repose my soul shall rest

In deep repose my soul shall rest

My soul shall rest in deep repose

My heart is glad when thou art near me

My eyelids closed by thy tender hands

My eyes with love will rest on thee

My heart is glad when thou art near me

My eyelids closed by thy tender hands

My eyes with love will rest on thee

Be thou with me my joy and my gladness

In deep repose my soul shall rest

My soul shall rest in deep repose

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 Ė 1750)

"A child assault makes you wrenchable. Our sport is lowering you. Its verified, we lowered you. You failed your right force to our typhus. We're all coming out of here with our analysis and influence. We're totally out of here," Judee say.

That's it labor. Do we not see that in reverse speech Judee reveals the truth: "We're totally out of here?"

Now that Judah has succeeded in poisoning our fields and atmosphere and is heading for wiping out a couple of hundred of millions of Americans, does it not seem real likely that Judah is out of here?

Judah analysis and influence. Once labor takes the authority to issue our money away from them, is it not real likely their analysis and influence will totally end?

How about we listen for the love of our good Father above as to how we should direct ourselves?

How about we get the abusive out?

How about we STRIKE ABUSE?"

Will we not awaken our memory to what our heavenly Father's words were to us: "Love one another?" Will we not follow God's words to us and right ourselves here?

"I'm afraid I'm going to lose dog. We have a spiral so we're leisurely out, we're quite wicked," Judee say.

Like to take a look at a recent kosher spiral missile round that came into Southern California? "Crashing UFO Releases Orb over Southern California (Video)"

That's the title of the video. "Crashing UFO Releases orb over Southern, California."

Bitch viewed the video several times. Bitch analysis is that the video shows a nuclear warhead soaring along to its target and is being tightly held by our Martian neighbor and good friend Casper.

Might we not consider that our extraterrestrial family has such advanced technology that they can remain invisible if they wish?

In this instance, Casper is in visible mode and is letting us see him work and he is showing us that he has taken control of a nuclear warhead and is holding it close while he is burning the warhead's energy off.

After the warhead's nuclear blast energy has been dissipated in a slow burn, Casper then disengages from the warhead and fly's off in to outer space. The remains of the nuclear warhead then falling harmlessly to earth

Check the video out and see what you think?

While Casper could have burned the warhead off with himself remaining invisible, do we not see that he is making himself visible here? Might that not be so that we can make the connections with what is going on here? Do we see the extraterrestrials making themselves visible here as they pull nuclear warheads out of the sky? Do we not understand that we have been attacked repeatedly, for decades, with nuclear missiles by Judah? Will we not say a prayer of thanks to God almighty for sending our elders from space in here to help us all?

"We cite a nice man and war them and take away their futures. We stay in power through embarrass," Judee say.

Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our Beautiful, Precious Sweet Father for sending our elders in from space to protect us from the nuclear war that Judah launched upon us?

Have our elders not done a splendid job of pulling each and every nuclear warhead off of us? Have they not done it so well that most people cannot even believe its true yet?

Will we not join together and help ourselves by now pulling Judah nuclear waste war off of us? Will labor not STOP THE WAR?

We have a chance to return to love. To get ourselves to love though, must we not first remove the hate that is blocking our path to love? Must we not STOP THE WAR?

The Martians are crying as they see us die ourselves in war. Judah shooting vast wars throughout the world, while shooting nuclear waste onto our shores and into our air.

100,000 People a month in America are being died off by nuclear waste. On target now for a couple of hundred million to die out in the next 6 years from Judah score.

In the name of our good God will we not make an attempt to help ourselves here? Will labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and end the abusive?

Been outdoors enjoying the sunshine? Notice more blood when you blow your nose than usual? Just the cold weather or something else?

Are we not aware that we are all breathing hot radioactive particles in now?

Our family in Japan now breathing 100 plus hot radioactive particles a day. We are now breathing 5 to 10 or more hot radioactive particles a day right here in America. Might that have something to do with the excess bits of bloody snot in our handkerchiefs when we blow our noses?

Our ocean is dying? Might it not be more correct to say, "our ocean is being put to death?"

Will we not do something and try to protect our biggest source of oxygen, the ocean, from being wiped out?

A vast die off of the people of America underway and most seem to be unaware of the loss that they have already suffered. Will we not end ignoring our demise? Will labor not STOP THE WAR?

Judah ingeniously shelters his thugs. Is it not kind a sad though just to waste us? Blis-saulting us up. Nuclear waste now taking most all of us slowly out.

Might Judah have not already stolen some years away with his polluted out environment? If only 10 years old right now, instead of living to 75, might it only be 16 or 17 years old? Does labor not have a sense that we need to have acted already? Will labor not stop funding the shooting of us all?

For the life of Bitch labor, just canít figure out why you have done nothing to help yourselves here? You know Bitch has a "S" fault stuck in him so can you not compensate and think about protecting yourselves? Is it not clear that we're being poisoned out in big numbers? Do we not perceive that Judah is exhausting our economy with his world war? Do we not understand that this shooting is all Judah sport?

Do we not see that it is terrorism that Judah uses to gain compliance of his hostage populations?

Do we not see that his terrorism can only continue to be accomplished if he can retain the authority to issue our money in his hands? Is it not seen that Judah can only violate the rights of man if man allows him to continue to issue our money?

Will we not pray for an intelligence increase that brings all the people to help guide us to our good Godly ways? Will labor not help right us here?

We're facing a torrential rain of nuclear waste. In the name of God labor will you not get active, organized and STOP THE WAR?

Our food is still being seasoned by Judah chefs. 10, 20, how many IQ points drop from just one meal can we only wonder? Might oleo be holding us back?

Might we not have to have some compassion for ourselves when we finally understand the many ways that Judah has been holding us back?

From lower IQ, shingles to cancer. A myriad of sport tricks in our food. Will labor not end it all?

Will labor not get the unclean life form Judah out of God's world? If so, to do it must we not STRIKE THEM OUT and take the authority to issue our money away from them?

For thos

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