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Operation Dead Duck
Mon Jan 12, 2015 16:36

Operation Dead Duck, commonly referred to as "Quack Quack" is an operation set forth about many moons ago to test a new frequency weapon developed for underwater warfare.

For the last 5 years the US Navy has been testing this frequency directed weapon on Whales, Dolphins, Sharks and recently some Old US Tankers. The tankers hulls simply dissolved first - coming apart at the seems and then dissolving.

When tested on Sea Life the animal literally cooks itself in the water. This is why we see so many dead whales - their brains were targeted and they were literally cooked from the inside out --- like an Underwater Microwave Gun.

These tests were initiated just after Iran perfected the Neutron Beam Weapon - literally - Berrillium in a can then plugged into a wall outlet.

The next phase of the test will be against moving Chinese Cargo Ships. If the shipping lanes can be disrupted then trade comes to a stop and the Chinese Economy dies over night. Not even the New SILK HIGHWAY will help.

Captain Nemo on steroids.

The Next Phase:

1) The First ship targeted just south of the city of NAHA will be registered in Southern China and contain allot of Chinese writing on it and has a name similar to "Shang Ha." It will be headed to LA carrying mainly plastic toys painted with led paint.

In a few personal lockers and a "Boyancy Room" welded shut will be weapons. The Captain will be clueless what is in this room - Plausible Deniability.

Since the Rothchilds control the Central Chinese Bank it is unlikely the Chinese will be able to respond in any significant manner so the Red Dragon Family will have to once again bow to their Western Masters - something they have done now since 1727.

2) The Second Ship to be sunk has a name similar to "Dong Shu?" It will be carrying containes filled with various products and will pass just south of Naha 2 days later. I will not research it's contents. Ilive in Tacoma and it takes too much effort.

The Submarine will initially be accompanied by 2 other US Attack Subs - a NAZI Wolf Pack - and as soon as they reach their destination they are to get out of hte area at a High Rate of Speed.

What you will see from the air is a Donut of Bad Weather but the center will be very calm. The US/UK Press will black Out the stories of these missing ships.

The Offending Submarines are too deep to read their names but they wear funny uniforms similar to the NAZIs in WW2 and the sailors are very clean and well dressed. No slackers in this bunch of All Men.
What you can do in China:

1) Tripple coat the Rubber Life Rafts with Rubber and Wax on the bottom and provide NON-MATAL paddles. When the ship begins to "Buzz" ever so slightly, the ship will begin to jar as if it has no rudder, it will slow as the propeller dissolves, and then all the crew members begin to get very hot.

2) As the hull begins to peel and then dissolve. Get on the Life Rafts and paddle like Mad Men to get out of the area.

3) Film Everything.

4) Create Pressure Sensitive Depth Charges wrapped in Paper or Plastic using CDX Russian High Explosives set to go off at the depth of the shelf just South East off NAHA. The coating is important and a great coating would be with Altamont Crude Wax from Utah, wrapped in a Parchment Paper.

Although it will take several minutes for the Depth Charges to reach their target and the ship will not be saved - it might just cripple the US Submarine and save the second ship.

Test the Depth Charges as they go down because buoyancy changes the deeper you get and non metallic charges just might not sink deep enough unless weighed down with very heavy plastics.

In hte Korean War we found many Metal Free Land Mines. Go back to your old 1955 Mine Manuals and look at these Land Mines - then use a Plastic Pressure Sensitive Detonators.

5) This Frequency Weapon is Unidirectional so another option is to use a Chinese Submarine that goes to 3,000 feet and can fire a Nuclear torpedo just after the ship begins to dissolve and target the bottom of the shelf. You must a long ways away to sue these torpedoes.
On to other mattters:

1) The Red Dragon Family is about to start buying US Press Outlets - this will be a Game Changer.

2) The White House ordered the French Police Commissioner of Paris to be killed because he was issuing an Arrest Warrant of Obama for the Paris False Flag. Apparently one of the Gun Men was seen eating and dining with the French President in 2009 as an honored Guest and was the guest of many in DC.

It was all a False Flag meant to create Military Rule and to kill the French people.

3) When Hillary ordered the death of Christopher Stevens for taking HER commission for 400 tons of weapons sold to the Muhujadeen Al Kaleek (MEK) and ordered the death of the Black Dragon (Japanese) Ambassador to the Golden Dragon (China) family this set out a series of events that are about to lead to some very serious consequences for Obama's Handlers.

4) Obama's Staff is Weak, stupid, and pre-occupied with Gay Sex and Drugs in White House. They are ripe for toppling.

5) Russia is getting clobbered by the Rothchilds Russian Central Bank - they refuse GOD's Protection by doing as HE has directed them so the Blood os on their heads.

The Russian Oligarchs set up by the SVR (KGB) are becoming anxious and loosing faith in their leadership - mainly President Putin. They are rips for bribes and blackmail. This will continue to get worse until Putin and Medvedev decide to follow GOD.

6) The Russian Navy is about to experience huge poblems. They ware about to have several wiring 'Fires" in their High Tech Ships. They contracted out many wiring harnesses to bae made in China and they subcontracted them to be made in Southeast Asia. The Wiring sizes were decreased and Fuse Panels were not installed in critical places to save costs.

The Fix will cost them about $50 Billion Dollars - or about 2.5 Trillion Rubles.

These are the same troubles the Ukrainian Reactors are having - the wiring is too small and no Fuse Breakers or Circuit Breakers in critical places and the New US Rods supplied by Westinghouse (By Orders of the US DOD) are too hot and burn out their wires. Another reactor went off line today --- but it is not in the news.

There are 6 Reactor Shut Downs in the last 60 days in the Ukraine due to US Meddling in Ukrainian Affairs.

Ukraine - have you not had enough Nuclear Reactor Problems?

The US Goal in the Ukraine is "Scorched Earth" - to kill everyone in the Ukraine and make it uninhabitable.

It is called: "Ukraine, Operation Scorched Earth."

7) The problems with Russian Navy Ships will also now be found on Russian High Tech Jets and Tanks. Your electrical Engineers thought 18 Guage is better than 16 Guage - they have NO practical Experience and got confused by the contractors on the phone.

The Sales Reps for these Subcontractors need to be hung and your High Tech folks need a US Electrical Contractor's Course. Not kiddng.

This is why many of your Nukes now need rebuilding - bad electrical work caused by thinner wires.

7) I had an Audiovox Cell Phone and a worm crawled across the face from inside while I was on the phone with Verizon. There are worms that eat wiring and they come from South East Asia. If you have your parts made there they come with these worms and they eat your wiring. This is very bad in High Tech Jets, Ships, Tanks and Nukes - think about it.

8) Prince William Mount, my 12th Cousin Removed, will now quietly take the thrown of England as the Queen is incapacitated.

9) If you research this - neither Eric Holder nor Chuck Hagel have officially resigned. Check it out in Wikipedia - you have been lied to. It was all done to pacify the Red Dragon Family. They were lied to again - double crossed.

By the way - weapons are still being shipped into Mexico while laws tighten about YOUR ownership of guns.


Perhaps tomorrow we will discuss "Operation Cook Your Goose" - a real Operation to kill people around the world.

OK - Enough

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