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"We just truly ruse you guys. Contact will end my massaging
Tue Jan 13, 2015 06:20

"We just truly ruse you guys. Contact will end my massaging of them. You're truly a marshmallow to Judah way. Jewish people make retards. Cash owl.

You failed my fierce well. I have some psycho bits here for you still. Our continentals have abolished Jews for sure. I know I'm Jewish but my good time is strait falling off. I have faulty financial rules that do minimum all the time.

My parents give a rough score. I'm ever a menace that's folding. Our tuna fish failed for jeopardy.

I just picture the government doing my conspiracy for me. We're outrageous savages that did you. Judee bash you to be rich but fall for big fist. The Martian guy show I fall your rights," Judee say.

Here is a reverse speech from a top Judah guy while parading in the staged Paris march protesting the shootings last week: "Fooled you again. Sullivan, he pushed a magnifier."

Do we not recall our elders from space and their dropping of a space craft at Roswell in 1947 to "Magnify their imperfections?"

"I just fist ya to get my pension. I like ya tard. I'm always setting them in, that's why I need a tyranny.

We just push war. Our psychos got thrown clear out. We were famous so consequently a new force is coming in. We just want you in cow sin. I always want you bound for the ice man.

With our London side Jew had a lot of fun. With the palace we set you to core. With insurance we've always had a bad way. We ever have sported white power. We just give you shafto and false ya.

My vicious will preserve the truth so it's not visible. With Moscow I got weird with you one day. Bitch has shown I'm so vicious that I've got to leave.

My vicious handle made you die for me. Its really time for me to close, London is defeated. We're just very discouraging. You exhaust effortly. I'm about as hopeless as wood dusting you for free. We set you racial, but obviously your vibes have dissembled our force around you. Judee say.

Has Judah not failed us in everything that was packaged right? Has Judah done much other than encourage us to get Bourseheimers here?

"Camel force refused in Iowa." Tele receive.

Judah looking at decades ago hoping to hook Bitch. "Stale."

"Camel force refused in Iowa."

When labor takes the authority to issue our money away from Judah, will we all not be able to get a sound nights sleep not wondering where his next bomb will go off at?

"Nice man wants a settlement on out here. I just score you in my way. Minnow has no teeth to molest us with. We just ever wanted to give you a shot to be good. Our company is over because shrimp is over here.

("Jews have a big assault week coming up." That reverse speech from a top military guy in France.)

I'm basically a thrill seeker. We just want to try to embarrass you in all ways. Crazy cot, you failed to martial me. Still closing up your state," Judee say.

Still wiping out as best he can what is left of the American state. His crazy cot, how is it that we have failed to martial him? We have the Martians helping us; they took every blast round away from Judah. Will labor not give us the meek to walk out and STRIKE?

Do we not see that we've failed to save our function? Judee holds us to damage us. Are we not aware that the radioactive hot particle count is rising? Latest estimate is that Americans are now breathing 20 hot particles a day. As we have velocity power sources up and running, is there any reason that we should we be breathing any hot radioactive particles any day?

"I have a way with a passport for a gentle port. Pharmacy comped us dead. The good ole boys are letting us keep dusting. Fouling you up scorbious. I have a fraud that gives brutal sewer results. I manage ya dead. It makes sense to my own kids. Friend, pull us loose, then we can bury the hatchet," Judee say.

Will you not help us labor? Do we see here in that last statement that Judee wants us to pull them loose, so that then we can bury the hatchet?

"You always let us accomplish you," Judee say.

Do we not understand that to accomplish, is to take ones life away? Do we not understand that Judah is taking the life forms away from hundreds of millions of ordinary people in America? It may take 6 years to get the majority out of here, yet should we not act while there is still some chance to prevent the big die off?

"We cite you the bravest and because of that Jew left here," Judee say.

For those who have gained the view of God our Father and our extraterrestrial family that has spared us from nuclear blast war, here is an interesting reverse speech of what has happened in Judee's own words:

"Harold waited until I apped you and now he removed the force of Judas."

Is there not some comprehension that the facts are, Judah hurled all his nuclear missiles, planes, submarines and bombers at us with the intent to wipe out the entire human race with nuclear blast technology?

Judee tells us in reverse speech, "You've failed to martial us."

Here we have the Martians protecting us, and with the Beings from whom the very word "Martial" came from, we have failed to martial Judah, the guy who's shot us with blast, and is now in the last stages of washing us out with waste.

"They're dying us oily. You sobered us up." Tele receive.

Are the good ole boys seeing now, that letting Judah carry on dusting the kids, has cost them their own lives here? Are we all finally getting sobered up and into place to act to save ourselves?

Paris attacks. Is it not obvious that was all Judah staged up deal? Can we only guess how many of those persons that were supposedly shot down, actually went and ghosted on out of here?

Will the druid not take the organizing principle into your own hands and end funding these staged terrorist productions of the Judah people here? Must labor not end funding Jewish race wars in the world?

Our beautiful, precious sweet Father Harold, let Judah act with his own free will. With his free will do we not see that Judah set the nuclear trap to wipe out the entire human race on the surface of planet earth?

Here is a Tele receive from elders that was in yesterdays post:

"We cite you guys hopeless citing them out."

Warned thousands of times over a few years to STOP THE WAR, by the highest level Being of our house, God himself, and yet, American labor continues finding world war while it is being perished out with nuclear technology.

"I hold you by tarding your wits. My racket shoot ya 3 or 4 times to trap ya," Judee say.

Bitch would just like to assure you all, our good God is with us. If only we will put our faith in the love of God our Father, do we not see that we will be able to rid ourselves of the genocide guy from within our midst?

Has Judah not given us a real gorgeous demonstration of how they were able to take the new world druid back to the old world to put the old world druid in with the first and second Judah world wars? If only Judah could have gotten around the Martians, do we not see that we would all be gone?

Does labor not understand that Judah people have no defensible rights? If this is understood, then why do we allow them to have the organizing principle, (authority to issue our money) of society in their private hands?

From reading reverse speech, the government is dead. Many speakers in the know indicate that you all are about ready to get rid of this tyranny here.

"We're forming out a race card."

The druid people have been warred out with nuclear blast. The druid people are now undergoing their second genocide, this time with nuclear waste. It is mentioned druid people; because the mass death phase is going to fall right here in America, which is majority druid descendants.

Druid law, Bill of rights, Judah threw into the garbage can. A fist and a fraud in its place. Intentionally income starved Druid children sent out into the world, to harm their brothers and sisters for Judee profit and delight. "We enjoy mass misery," Judee say.

Might we not understand why our elders from space, cite us hopeless in citing Judah?

As our good God has saved us from Judah nuclear missile attacks again and again and again, will we not put our trust in, our faith in, our good God from above?

"Our boomis is falling out. For my sport, I'm canceled this time," Judee say.

The little mouse, the minnow, the guppy. Has a little baby to love and cherish in ways that are pleasing to our good God above. While in the nursery, a needle stick at only three days old. A lifetime of mental problems stem from it.

Special education. Special care. "Our little princess, that we love so much. Different than others. Never able to understand the simplest of things. The other kids went on, our little princess stayed behind. All from just one needle stick at 3 days old."

Can we not see that these sorts of harms to our children and us, are sport for the People of Judah?

Might we not have some appreciation of why our good God wants the Judah sport people off of his nursery here?

Druid people I speak to you with the knowledge of our good God above. I tell you, you are destroying yourselves in a well planned genocide. You are exhausting yourselves in a race war that is aimed to smash what remains of this tyranny that Judah corruptly bought in.

Elder informed me early today, radioactive hot particle count for us is now up to 20 hot particles a day.

Understand druid, you are being perished HUGE both in America and Europe by nuclear waste.

Reverse speech indicates that the players and Judah are desperate to set London on fire. Is it not clear that they have shot us good?

Will labor not help us let them off?

Do we not see that Judah assaulted the world with his contrivance of white power?

Will labor not stop the world of suffering by ending the financing of war?

Is it not perceived that Judah has a plan to embarrass and collapse as much of America as he can before he is finally gone away for good?

The Bible informs us that one third of the human race will die off in the abomination of desolation. Is it not clear, that nuclear waste is the fire, smoke and brimstone that the abomination of desolation is talking about?

Do we not see now that we are the creations of an extraterrestrial civilization? If we are of such a undeveloped level that we can not make the determination that war is no good and must be stopped, and we do nothing to stop it, can we not see that the out come will be desolation of us in only a few years?

Trained on Jew paper, we've already flunked ethics and morals 101. If we flunk Darwin 101, do we to see that it will literally be the end of druid in the new world here?

Is it not seen yet that we are being herded off the cliff? Most all of our useful thinkers Judah has imprisoned or made dead.

Simple guns and cages Judah uses to manage us. The palace has an op underway that is aiming to burn old London town down.

Is it not seen clear that the age of palaces, kings and queens and their armed dragoons are out of here? Their age is finished labor. Banker bomber, country club squire. They've been rejected by the universe.

Do we not see that it is the age of the children of God and peace that is coming in?

Will labor not give us a hand and get the war out? Will labor not help us and end our toasting?

The strike labor, will labor not a least try it? "Why didn't you try it?"

As our good God is helping us, will we not reciprocate and help ourselves to reach the goal of our God to all be at peace? Will labor not end funding Judah banker bombers and their crimes?

We've got velocity standing by. Our designers are a bit shaken, Judah scares them very much. All ya get when you call them is an answering machine, with no return call. Do we not see here labor, our real scientists cannot help us as long as labor continues to passively fund the threats and menace that Judah puts upon the best of them?

All life long of solid labor, working to build the dream for the family. What might it all come to, if our descendants are born sick? What good will the big bankroll be, if there are no children to leave it to?

Is it not clear, we are being systematically exterminated and having our life form forced out of existence by Judah? Do we not have some ideas now why our elders from space in their flying saucers have been buzzing us so heavily for nearly the last 70 years now?

Will labor not form the clear thinking needed and STOP THE WAR? Is it not seen that labor is sourcing our own destruction?

Have you given it much thought, that you are sourcing Judah to force you and your family right on out of life? He's lost his state labor, won’t you help us here? We need to close them up urgently.

Think of the joy labor, once you STRIKE THEM OUT, will it not be wonderful to have a new world with no more shootings and booms?

Will it not be so sweet for us all to be able to deal with one another with nothing more than paper, pen and pencil?

Is there not some understanding that there is no escape by ignoring what we are facing here? Maybe you felt the war was no good, but just chose the easy path of not saying anything about it?

Why invite calamity in? Is that what some may of said about it?

Is it not clear that calamity has arrived anyways?

A thoroughly criminalized and corrupted system that has spent its full time making war, and building the technology to finish out the human race.

Judah claims that he mentals the people to control them. Will the meek not come in here and take the authority to issue our money away from him so to end his mental power and STOP THE WAR?

Do we not see that we need all hands on board to get us to peace? Might there not be some who think that they can just slip out of it? That merely by standing by and waiting for some one else to do it will get it done? If so, is it not likely that it's not going to get done?

20 radioactive hot particles a day may not seem like a lot, in that elders say it takes about 400,000 to give a full load that will send a healthy guy out. Yet, should we be breathing any hot radioactive particles at all?

"You read well." Tele receive.

That may be from yesterday concerning what is going on in London.

Here's a link to the reverse speech from London:;article=153565

We just need a general strike labor and we'll have peace in our world. We'll have an opportunity to shut the dirty bomb power plant down. From reverse speech, it looks as if Germany is no longer poisoning us from there, they've pulled out. Only the local Judah Hybrid shell people on location now poisoning us from Hitachi-GE at Fukushima now.

"Jew analysis said we could pull you out of here. My gruesome failed so they pulled me out," Judee say.

Their goose already fell. Is labor still organizing so that we can do the pull in the right way?

"You always let me accomplish ya," Judee say.

Will labor not change it this time, will labor not take the authority to issue our money away from Judah and prevent him from accomplishing us this time?

How about helping us labor, helping us to get loose of this world of eternal war and atrocity? How about helping us to get loose of the offend of life that Judah has put in with his tyranny here in America and the world? How about helping us to cement it in, the dirty bomb that is washing us right on out of here?

Here's a couple of comments from an article about the leaking radioactive waste that we are facing:
Sol Man
January 13, 2015 at 1:07 pm Log in to Reply
You write the truth. The triumph of greed over the safety of the world for the children marks the collapse of humanity.

Dr. Goodheart
January 13, 2015 at 12:36 pm Log in to Reply
Good observation…

Continues at:

the public needs to know! There is no 'safe' nuclear plant. Period. Nature will eventually take them all out, if humans don't do it voluntarily. The only sad thing is that when this happens via one of many scenarios, pretty much all life on Earth will

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