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Fishermen Photograph UFO in Santa Fe, Argentina
Tue Jan 13, 2015 06:57

Frightened Fishermen Photograph UFO in Santa Fe, Argentina
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Frightened Fishermen Photograph UFO in Santa Fe, Argentina 1-5-15


Fishermen from the village Villa Ocampo, in the province of Santa Fe were surprised by a UFO. In a region where previous reports have originated on several occasions regarding these "alien" apparitions.

On January 5, a UFO again surprised a group of local fishermen on an arm of the Parana river. The people who were in the "Phoenix" inn on the coast of Rio, were extremely surprised with this phenomenon. Locals confirm that these types of occurrences are common place.

A few months ago, a few kilometers in a town called "The Sombrerito" strangely mutilated animals with missing their jaws were found. The same farmers report having seen these occurrences often at the same place when the luminous objects are present.

Truck Driver Reports Strange Object Sighting in Canada

UFO Depiction
Published: 6:17 PM 1/12/2015
... a strange blue/white object with a curved halo

Emerson, Manitoba, Canada - 05-01-14

I was facing north on hwy 75, in my semi, about 1 mile north of the Emerson MB/Pembina ND border crossing.

I was pulled over and was about to get out of my truck to check the tires. I opened my door, stood on the step, I took one step down and suddenly had a strong/strange feeling to look up.

I looked up, directly at a strange blue/white object with a curved halo. At first I thought it was a very slow moving comet, having never seen a comet before, let alone a slow moving comet, that was just what popped in my head.

I stared at it for a few seconds and noticed a second object behind it (roughly 6 inches behind if I held a ruler at arms length). Both objects were traveling the exact same speed, on the exact same path.

I felt kind of sick in my stomach when I realized that I didn't know what this was. I then jumped back into my truck, went into my sleeper and grabbed my phone to take a video. My phone was on when I grabbed it, I jumped back out and ran to the front passenger side of my truck and somehow in that few seconds my phone shut off!

It took about a minute to turn my phone back on and to start the video camera. As I waited for my phone and camera to load, the lead object's "halo" was growing and shrinking and appeared to be swirling.

Whenever it would make the swirling motion the actual object would black out. I don't mean fade out, I mean it appeared to smear out into a black cloud shape that was darker than the night/early morning sky, then it would "smear" back.

My camera finally turned on and I started recording. The video is only 37 seconds long and there is only about 5 seconds of this object. If you are able to lighten the video, or somehow adjust it, you may be able to see more and in better detail.

I cannot see the second, smaller, trailing object in the video. The object was very far away at this point, but was still pretty large in the sky, but not big or bright enough to get anymore video.

The speed the objects were traveling was approx 1 foot in 5 seconds at a arm's length ruler. I don't know if I heard any sound with the objects. I don't remember physically hearing anything, but I had a feeling like I was hearing a noise similar to rustling leaves, but that may have been adreneline, I don't know.

I continued watching the object for a few more seconds, but then I had a very strong feeling of being alone and I suddenly felt very frightened and I couldn't get back in my truck fast enough. I jumped in, feeling very panicked and scared, I locked the door, and took off. As stated before, I wish to remain anonymous!

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UFO Photographed Over Huddersfield
UFO Photographed Over Huddersfield 1-10-15


A UFO has allegedly been photographed over Grimescar Woods in Huddersfield.

Andy Porter, a local resident, claims to have photographed the unidentified flying object over him as he walked his dog.

The incident took place at around 4.30pm on 10 January.

Andy said: “Before it went dark I went walking with my dog as I do and I heard a strange humming sound. With the woods being very quiet, I looked around to see what it was and saw a strange silver disk flying relatively slowly above the trees.

“It didn’t have fancy lights like your typical UFO but did have a bulge at the top. I took out my Android quick and tried taking photos. I kept on clicking until it flew an opposite direction above the houses and out of sight. . . .

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    • Fishermen Photograph UFO in Santa Fe, Argentina — PS POST, Tue Jan 13 06:57
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