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California UFO that Jettisoned Orb Befuddles Experts Crash
Tue Jan 13, 2015 07:17

California UFO that Jettisoned Orb Befuddles Experts
Crashing UFO Releases Orb over Southern California
Published: 8:37 AM 1/12/2015
They Continue To Question Video’s Authenticity...

Has the video of a UFO sighted “crashing” over Southern California before launching some type of “orb” been debunked yet? Confirmed as real? Is it a well-done UFO hoax?

After lighting up the internet all week as much as it seemed to light up the sky, the bizarre “UFO Crashing Releases Orb Over Southern California” video has been under scrutiny, but has it been debunked?

One thing you often hear people complain about are stories that just disappear without there ever being a conclusion, answer, or follow-up to give the incident some closure. Of course, some stories are easier than others to resolve, particularly paranormal stories such as the one on Bigfoot earlier this week in the Inquisitr.

But others aren’t so easy to explain away, as seems to be the case with the “UFO Crashing Releases Orb Over Southern California” video, below, though some paranormal experts and skeptics are attempting to offer some possible explanations.

Among the skeptics of the “UFO Crashing Releases Orb Over Southern California” video is Jason McClellan, writer for Open Minds. McClellan doesn’t have a definitive conclusion, however.

“It’s unclear if something unusual was truly captured on video, or if this video is a simple for-profit creation… Shortly after the video was posted to YouTube, another YouTube user posted a comment in response to the video, expressing interest in the video and proposing an offer for use of the footage. The description of the video has now been updated to inform viewers that this YouTube user, who aggregates videos on a YouTube channel related to UFOs, ghosts, and other paranormal topics, has been given ‘exclusive rights to use the video.'”

McClellan also mentions that, despite the date and location of the “UFO Crashing Releases Orb Over Southern California” video still being unknown, other witnesses of a similar spectacle have come forward. Those witnesses were in Northern California, however.

A Reddit user called flaxom is perhaps among the most adamant that the video is a fake, reports Yahoo News Canada.

“I think this is faked. The explosion sound is synchronized with the separation of the object, which doesn’t seem possible for the implied distance. The masking on the main object gets sloppy near the end of the video, for example as it emerges from around the pole and passes behind/over the last wire. Also just before the last movement of the camera away from the small object, you can see the mask on the main object slip a bit ahead of time.”

Despite his aggressive skepticism, flaxom’s analysis of the “UFO Crashing Releases Orb Over Southern California” video seems preordained, as he later mentions working with “After Effects [a video editing and effects program] quite a bit” and also there’s an “explosion sound” when the orb emerges. Upon further listening, however, the “explosion sound” actually sounds more like the recording device being bumped, not a sound effect, and flaxom seems to rely too much on his audio/video expertise, working backward to fill in the gaps for his predetermined conclusion.

Video at:

Perhaps the most in-depth analysis of the “UFO Crashing Releases Orb Over Southern California” video is from Jesus Diaz at Sploid.
Diaz runs down the list of what the UFO could be other than an alien UFO.

For a meteor, Diaz concludes that “the trajectory and the speed of the ball ejected from this object” aren’t consistent with how meteors behave, and a weird camera angle also doesn’t provide any conclusive explanation.

A satellite or spacecraft? Diaz doesn’t seem to think so, but even if it is, it’s something way out there.

“If it’s something experimental, we may never learn about what the hell it can be.”

Diaz also debunks the idea of the “UFO Crashing Releases Orb Over Southern California” video being a missile or weapons test by comparing it to other video of such tests.

In the end, the only other explanation Diaz can come up with is in line with flaxom, that the UFO video could be a fake. “This is the most obvious explanation — it could all be a prank carefully crafted in a computer.”

All interesting analysis, but more interesting, and perhaps more enjoyable, for UFO enthusiasts is that, as far as they’re concerned, the “UFO Crashing Releases Orb Over Southern California” video hasn’t been definitively debunked.

If you have a theory or explanation, we’re all ears!

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UFO Casebook Reader Comment
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8 posts
jumpugly9 hours ago
Good Lord Nooooo! Not again with this one! It still "befuddles the experts" because they are not familiar with some of the most basic cg platforms. Thanks for the hoaxkiller attachment Bratton. People who do this for a living can always smell a rat.

bratton5 hours ago
Maybe the befuddled "experts" don't know what they're doing :(
irmensul16 hours ago
Wish I could see the effects of cgi better..I couldnt make out any gradient screens quite small atm though..damn
Yes.. Hoaxkiller did some work on this:
Very nice. Thanks bratton.
bratton19 hours ago
Hopefully this particular hoaxer will not be featured on Casebook again.
These fakes are getting more and more tiresome.
littlealien17 hours ago
Thanks Bratton!
rekluse21 hours ago
Now this is the good stuff great find. And yay Youtube! These fireball type objects are some of my favorites.


Is it not curious that the only person so far to identify this smoking object as a nuclear warhead under the control of an extraterrestrial space craft is Bitch?

Do we not see our Martian neighbor and good friend Casper holding the war head tightly to dissipate and burn off slowly the blast energy?

There are numerous videos on the net of warheads being burst burned off by our elders from space.

The big question, why is American labor funding these constant nuclear missile attacks upon us here?

Will we not say a prayer to Father for sending our elders in from space to protect us all?

Nuclear rocket air burst. Middle picture Chelyabinsk. Right, Argentina great ball of fire
Details at:

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    • California UFO that Jettisoned Orb Befuddles Experts Crash — PS POST, Tue Jan 13 07:17
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