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Weaped a subterfuge huge. With a pair of diapers Judee rifle
Wed Jan 14, 2015 05:29

Weaped a subterfuge huge. With a pair of diapers Judee rifled the world. Ignore him at your own risk. He's out for missiles, yet still in because labor is still allowing him to issue our money.

This next is a comment from ENE news concerning the ongoing abomination of desolation that we are in:

Dr. Goodheart

January 13, 2015 at 12:36 pm Log in to Reply

Good observationÖ

the public needs to know! There is no 'safe' nuclear plant. Period. Nature will eventually take them all out, if humans don't do it voluntarily.

The only sad thing is that when this happens via one of many scenarios, pretty much all life on Earth will be gone as well, due to 400 nukes and 400 spent fuel pools melting down, blowing up.

One spent fuel pool equals 1,000 nuclear weapons or more, if MOX fuel is used. Multiply 400 times 1,000 nuclear weapons and you start getting the idea..

Humanity cannot live through 400,000 nuclear weapons going off globally

"I cement you hazel. I pretend youíre the right man to core thee. Our sewerage is a beautiful average but its falling soon.

Super reveal my right in me win so big it threw me out. With our margarine you engage loss.

My abusive is a habit. Patrick pushed us aside for some new music. Bitch roulette scored me out famous.

Death sold me stupid rumors, my desk is now threw. Major is part of our common disease. Yes, I had tumors with Loomis.

As long as you keep Jew hopeless with a weap a check Iíll put some fear into management.

Jew peacefully exhaust you viscous, that's a sign of my times. A grand jury soothes my hospice and throws me off. We ever cite you with our false economy and our chaps for free. A nice bench I had. Sue richital.

Since roman times I've been fantastic with my criticize.

Trash is going to be cleared all off of here. We just want to make you dead with our original treason.

West Germans tumbled out of my crime. Basically I'm through here. We have multi deeds to deceive. Now I'm Judah I'm mighty dead," Judee say.
Do we not have some idea of the lethal potential from the 400 plus nuclear power plants that are dotting the surface of planet earth? Have we not been adequately warned of what may befall us due constant leaking of nuclear toxins into our environment?

400,000 nuclear bombs exploding on planet earth. That's how much radioactivity is waiting to be turned loose on us from Jewish electricity nuclear power plants. Have we given any thought to what Judah has forced in here? Does labor not yet see that there is no way out if we do not do something here? Do we not see the completion of the abomination of desolation if we remain frozen?

Contact established truth. The professor has revealed truth. Might it be that the professor revealed it in a wisdull way? Is that why labor has yet failed to respond to its perfected extermination at the hands of weap Judee? What can explain why labor is continuing to let Judee have his rape way with us? What will it take to bring labor to end funding this guys eternal war?

Extraterrestrials have kept the professor alive throughout the numerous ops that Judah has put onto him.

Are the ordinary people not yet aware that extraterrestrials have also kept you in? You've been spared by the love of God my friends. Will you not wake to the wonderful news of the love of God for us all?

Ricin in the library ventilator shaft. The professor awoke in the middle of the night electrified by that.

As you all are pushing yourselves out life and ignoring the loss of yourselves and your children, will labor not end literally killing yourselves inch by inch?

We're looking at a burned out environment that won't sustain life. Will labor not end funding the war?

More television with more terror attacks that it is claimed are from Islam. Is it not clear that terrorism is all funded by American labor and staged by Judah?

Must we not end financing it all?

Will labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and let a new day begin?

A day where we once again will have our God given rights of life liberty and pursuit of happiness. Do we not recall that Judah took them away so that he could steal easier?

Casually Judah is murdering us out at the lowest rate. Removing the oxygen from our nostrils day by day. Dying off 100,000 people Just in America every month from his sparkler waste disease.

"Thou shalt not kill." The rule for the last 3,500 years or so. American labor funding mass killing of innocents all around the world everyday. Will labor not act up and STOP THE WAR?

It may be easy to talk about the hired hands that decide whom to kill, yet would that address the real issue? The real issue of why we as a people have allowed them to carry on with their kill? What sort of mind set is it that is needed so that we will just not let our wealth be used for molesting our family?

196 comments on the state of Georgia putting a man to death who has been held on death row since 1998. Not one called for mercy in any way. Has Judah not always sought to reduce us in whatever ways he could? How have we gotten so far away from God's ways?

Has war as a business model not affected the high-level life forms that we are? Are we not aware that we were made in the image of our good God? Will the people of labor not reacquaint ourselves with our good God and save ourselves here?

Is it not understood that our good God has spared us from Judah nuclear blast war? They've pushed the button and you've done nothing about it.

I love you all, will labor not act and end us going out in such a sad wasteful way? This beautiful nation being destroyed. Will labor not help us here?

Labor cold get him out in a day. So far, "Mums" the word from labor.

Tricked us so bad, are many of not now suspicious? Still has his police state in on the people of America.

Have we not seen enough of his staged terrorist events to recognize Paris as just one more app? Tighter searches for Americans passing through airports. Will labor not let the Judah guy off?

As the minnow and mouse are losing their life forms to hot radioactive particles, might meditating and thinking not be useful to do? Might not focusing on the one thing at the top of the list of things to do, to save ourselves, be a preferred thing to do?

"No disgrace."

Elder said that to Bitch yesterday. "No disgrace."

What's that indicate? It is how our elders want us to act as for dealing with Judah people.

Judah is done and now the people will act and humanely institutionalize them for what they have done to us. Elder reminds Bitch; "No disgrace."

Can we only wonder what might happen when it is understood how effectively Judee fooled so many of us?

At that stage, might it break through that Judah waste weap has wiped us out?

At that point, might some be tempted to act in ways that are disgraceful? That is why elder from space put into Bitch thinking, "No disgrace."

Bitch only follows our good God's ways. Father does not want the Jew mishandled. Father wants them put into a humane institutional setting and died off in Godly ways.

Do we not understand that the Jew has done all that he possibly can to exterminate the mass of the human race?

As labor is still letting Judah issue our money, instead of being humanely institutionalized and put into a safe location and ending the war on earth, labor is sourcing some more poisoning of us all here. More destruction of our ocean, fields and loss of oxygen. More terrorist attacks. Must labor not change that for us here?

From reverse speech, it looks that the sportsters have a plan to burn London down. Does it not seem pretty likely that they will remain out for all time because of their try's at putting great balls of fire on us? They're done labor. Will labor not let them off right?

"Super right force." Thank you for that Tele receive.

On this high side of things, elder did visit with Bitch about how to protect ourselves from the increasing number of hot radioactive particles that are pouring into our environment.

Stay out of the rain and donít let the raindrops fall on your skin. Build velocity vacuums to wear on our belts to send hot particles away from our noses and into the background of space.

Is it not foolish to destroy oneself?

A constant die operation in now. Mass deaths from nuclear waste. This from only one nuclear power plant in melt down. 435 more ready to go. How does labor miss this die op when it is so big right in front of our eyes? Will labor not help the children of God?

Is it not fair to ask, "Why has labor not acted to STOP THE WAR?"

God does not want us destroyed. What might it take to discontinue funding our own destruction?

Again we want to know what will it take to bring labor to end funding poisoning yourselves out? Contact saved us all. Wonít labor do some thing to help yourselves?

On the high side. Bitch did hear a clear voice say to him, "They'll strike within a week."

If that is true, then Bitch will be real happy. The only thing though, Bitch has heard others say that labor was going to strike, and throughout it all, labor has not given us a strike. Labor has continued funding war with not a sign that war is a concern of labor. Will we not pray that labor this time will STRIKE THEM OUT? Have we not suffered enough genocide from Judah to end it forever now?

God our Father in heaven has warned us thousands of times to STOP THE WAR. Must labor not end funding the destruction of our world?

Do gentle minds not refuse to accept war and the Judah police states that go along with it? Will the gentle minds of labor not reject genocide? Will labor not bring in our God given rights? If God has so gifted us, will we not take our gifts from our good God and enjoy them?

Do we not see that to enjoy our God given rights, labor must have the organizing principle of society, the authority to issue our money, in your hands? Will labor not end funding murder in this land? Will American labor not end funding murder in every land?

Its awfully abusive what is going on here. Judah has big plans to bring troops into America and do some more of his terror work. Bitch sees that Judah is a dead fish though.

It appears that the real big numbers from sickness are going to be from the loss of habitat, nuclear particle environmental destruction.

Has the Bible not warned us for literally for thousands of years of these end times? Are some of us not making the connection with the prophets of the Bible and communication with extraterrestrial life forms?

A near constant volley of nuclear warheads sailing in. Numerous videos on the net showing us these warheads being burst burned off by our elders from space. Why is labor funding it all? Where are the free minds that can speak to these things?

What could bring the minds of the people to act decisively and STOP THE WAR? What is standing in the way of peace? Will we not pray together that whatever it is that is needed to energize labor to end the genocide of us here, it will happen?

Now it is gone much further than merely funding external and internal war with boom and bomb. It is into the genetics of the life of the species itself. It is about absolute destruction of our habitat and our destruction at the genetic level of our species itself.

Our world being perniciously poisoned out, blotting out the potential for higher-level life forms living on the surface of planet earth for thousands of years.

Is there not some sense among the people of the apocalyptic nature of the destruction that is casually carrying us out of here?

Bitch sorry to fail Father. Judah lost for rude, and yet American labor gives Judah a win merely by not acting.

STRIKE THEM OUT. They're fouling out our environment.

Might Judah rude be a way of self defense for him? Are we not aware that many Judah have already left the surface of earth seeking the shelter of their mountain hotels?

We need all the help that we can get. Will labor not get into this and take the authority to issue our money away from Judah? Will labor not close Vicioustan out of here?

"My steal is a very formed crime. My terror rights have failed. Peak excitement cost you enemus. Iowa crippled sales," Judee say.

Is there not some awareness that our lives have been spared here? If we know this, then why in heavens name are we wrapping ourselves up here? If contact has proven the truth, then why is labor still funding the lie? Will labor not stop funding the war?
A joy sprung in Bitch heart in a second, thinking the thought that our good God is with us right here. If only labor will hear the love of God we may have a chance to survive the war of nuclear genocide that Judah has forced upon us all.

Judah along with his tyranny has been tossed into history labor. Will you not close it out right? The false sick man has died labor, will you not end funding his genocide of us now? If not now, when?

The word of God will save us if only you will act. Our good God is with us. Judah, only hopeless he has for us.

The last chance to get our world out of war and into peace before we all sicken and die of disease. Will labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

Our lives have been spared by a God that loves us. Is there not some chance that this wonderful fact, that came from the love of God, will awaken a spark in our hearts and minds to save ourselves?

For those who have checked out the facts, is it not clear that hundreds of millions of people in America have now lost their existence to Judah nuclear waste war?

Is the truth not understood that Judah attacked us with nuclear blast war? If this one pertinent fact is understood, then must we not as thinking and feeling life forms, act to remove his ability to wage any more war in our world? To have a chance for our very survival must labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

We've been shot my friends. Is there not some way that we will get together, organize, and end funding any more shooting of us all? Will labor not organize and take the authority to issue our money into your own hands and end this Judah nuclear war fighting tyranny state?
Bitch has reported to you that I have been in the presence of a lovely Martian, who so kindly graced me with her presence. A lovely lady from Venus was also so kind to visit me.

Mercury are the elders that keep in constant watch over Bitch and check my posts after they are up.

For those who perceive the "magnitude of the deception," might we note, all of our elders from outer space live in absolute peace?

If this is understood, then why would we on earth leave our money be used to shoot war for a another day? For that matter, why do we leave Judah shoot war for another second? In God's name will you not end funding the destruction of war labor?

Planet earth is going out, just as Judah analysis told him it would.
Our atmosphere now is becoming polluted with radioactive hot particles. Our oxygen sources are being poisoned out. Might these things not sicken us? Should we not take action to help ourselves here?

For those who have any wish to survive this perfected wipe out of our world it is urged that labor STRIKE THEM OUT.

There have been a few people post on a few sites what is going on here and how to help ourselves.

They do a couple of posts, and no longer are around. From reverse speech Bitch has determined that Judah is fishing the internet and finding those who understand what is going on and fisting them out or arresting and imprisoning them so that they cannot tell the rest of the people what is going on.

There is very slim information available because Judah hires lies for us to read and hear. Do we not see that the way Judah pulls our useful people out is because he has

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    • Weaped a subterfuge huge. With a pair of diapers Judee rifle — Patrick Sullivan, Wed Jan 14 05:29
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