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US Population Year 2025: 69 Million
Wed Jan 14, 2015 17:24

By now you have read the store is about the Daegel Corporation, estimates that the US Population will be 69 Million by the year 2025.

(((First - please Pray - Visualize Hard - that those wishing to harm Humans or Planet Earth become violently sick when within 1 million miles of this planet --- so violently sick they cannot even stand up)))

So who are they and is it true and who has ordered it?

1) The Daegel Corporation is a military contractor. Here are their estimates:

They may be taken off line very soon.

2) Where did they get these estimates?

The Deagel Corporation published these results after reading a Private Report from the Rand Corporation that has been pulled off the internet yet YOU paid for it.

3) Who Ordered this?

The Director of the US State Department, Dumb Dumb John Kerry, who is about to get hit by yet another Base Ball Bat between the eyes.

The Secretary of State has ordered the US State Department Office of Population (Control) to reduce the US Population to 69 million by the year 2025 without disrupting the economy through Plague, War, Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (Chem Trails) , and Frequency Weapons, GMO Foods and Weather Modification --- and YOU are paying for it.

4) Supporting Documents:

a) Operation Devolution: The ongoing operation of the US Corporate Government without a surface population.

b) Operation Gwendy: "COOK YOUR GOOSE"

The use of GWEN Cell Towers worldwide to fry people - like a microwave gun. Their range to be able to destroy your brain is about 200 miles and there are tens of thousands across this nation.

Using frequencies similar to a Cell Phone of Microwave (Radar) they have particular frequencies that can literally destroy your ability to think.

These GWEN units not only effect aerial frequencies but have huge and very long Copper wires running going deep into the Earth to cause huge disruptions in the Earth's Frequencies and causing Plate Disruptions thus destabilizing the Earth;'s Crust - causing Huge Earthquakes around the world.

c) Operation Woodpecker

A Russian High Frequency weapon similar to HAARP that literally changes the Earth's Magnetic Field and fries your brain.

d) HAARP: There are literally thousands of HAARP arrays around hte world, but here is a map showing hte major arrays:

Intel Geeks: These Lucifarians are at war with life itself and must be contained or killed.

aa) As a side not: The US Corporation has now sponsored Monsanto to spray the entire Ukraine with GMO Corporation to kill Ukrainians and Russians. As you read this US Planes and Jets are spreading these deadly spores all over the Ukraine.

bb) This morning two Ukrainian Reactors went down - they overloaded and went off line. This caused their backup cooling systems to come online and the water comes directly out of the river. runs along in tubes directly next to the Nuclear Rods, and then back in to the river.

In other words - the Reactors are pumping huge amounts of radiation directly in the rivers people drink out of. These rivers that run down into the Black Sea and are absorbed by the fish - yup - the FIsh are now becoming radioactive in the Red Sea.

All part of US DOD: "Operation scorched Earth, Ukraine."

This will not be reported in the news. I would describe where these are but it would cause panic.

Wait until the cancer skyrockets along these rivers in Southern Ukraine.

cc) US DOD - did you not see the Chinese and Russian Nuclear Subs in the Puget Sound a few hours ago - the Russian being just south of the Tacoma Narrow Bridge at about 400 feet and the Chinese being just North West of Seattle and about 100 feet?

They both carried about 12 Nukes on them - yet you have not even one destroyer on the water or plane in the air.

Getting sloppy US Navy - very sloppy.

Too busy checking toilets on private boats to bother --- oh wait - at 2PM there were no private boats on the water at least in the South Puget Sound.

What about the mini Russian Sub in New York Harbor this morning?

Or the Chinese Nuclear Armed Submarine off of Galveston?

Finally - you have been briefed about the Nuclear attempts on February 2015. How about the next attempt on 17 March 2015 around the world?

Also - SVR (KGB) I hope you are still varying Pres Putin's Schedule as one of the Oligarchs is tracking his through a low paid employee about 20, male, thin. They will begin tracking PM Medvedev very soon - perhaps as soon as tomorrow but alas - it is time for bed. Maybe more tomorrow.
OK - To much Info

The News You Need To Hear

Dr. William B. Mount

Sorry about the miss spelled words. A gift from US Army Cyber Command.

Sorry for their stupidity.

Finally: The Cure For Cancer: Put this on your Face Book Page if anyone you know died of Cancer - do not let these idiots win:

    • Operation DevolutionAbdur Rahman Al Ghani, Fri Jan 16 01:20
      Thank you Dr Mount for this interesting info, and may you be protected as you continue your vital work. Salam.
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