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US Operations Order Gladio Shield - Permanent War
Fri Jan 16, 2015 16:07

US Operations Order 11-002, Operation Gladio Shield - Permanent War

19 May 2011 the US Army Cyber Command published a completes Operations Order approved by teh Presidnent calling for a Permanent War Footing.

The Intent is to ensure the Primacy of the US Corporation World Wide.

(((Please pray - visualize - as you read this article that those intent on harming Humans and the Earth become violently sick when within 1 million miles of the Earth))

actors will be set up world wide to stage False Flags, and real killing, to create "Areas of Interest" so that the US Corporation can continually engage in war and remove all government officials world wide that are opposed to the murders and destruction set forth by the US Corporate Military.

We have heard allot about The Report From Iron Mountain, which actually set forth these goals years ago but havve never really seen the US Army Document calling for this PERMANENT WAR.

All NATIONAL SOCIALIST (NAZI PIG) organizations collapse when they run out of other people's money to spent so the only solution is "Permanent War" where other nation's wealth is seized.

In this document the US Corporation (Under Redevelopment by the IMF, USC 2, Sec 286) has ordered - by hte authority of the IMF - all nations to comply or their leaders will be killed. Join in the Destruction of the planet or die.

The primary acting school for these False Flags is in Pima Arizona and employes primarily Ex-Special Forces soldiers. They are excellent at this kind of work.
Two recent good examples of these False Flags are:

1) Paris Shooting where the victims wore New US Army Boots and had no blood and the leader of the shooting had dinner with the French President not to long ago.

2) Malaysian Airliner QZ8501 where the initial Dead Bodies (7) were floating naked in the Java Sea and not even the sharks would eat them.
To 90% of the people - these things actually happened, as they drooled into their beers and believed what the TV told them. so the Operation has been a success for at least 3 1/2 years.

As for the young kid that the FBI claims bought 1 AR15's and 600 rounds of ammo and planned to shoot Obama - completely fake, yet there is a real attempt that will be conducted tomorrow on an Obama Clone if he does not keep his head down.

So - the Operation to date is a complete success - good job US Army Cyber Command.

The second part of the Operations Oder involves controlling YOUR mind and since 90% of you have a TV - this Operations Order is a complete success.

In February the FCC will vote on taking over the Entire Internet - thus they will be pumping lots of Propaganda and frequencies into the internet sites and you will again be Mind Controlled out of Langley.

Red Dragon Family - if this happens you loose. Even your mothers will be Mind Controlled out of Langley - unless you destroy US Corporate Command and Control Centers.

Look up - look at the asteroid belt that used to be Adama and Marduk. Do you really wish the Earth to look like that?

Then Red Dragons - pay the Debts GOD directed you to pay and us what GOD has given you and you will live. Otherwise it will be a shooting war. How many more members of the Red Dragon Family must die for you to figure this out?

GOD promises you - the Rothchilds are the most vicious and evil entities in the galaxy and you play it GODs way or die, so says the I AM That I AM, who was and is and is to come.

Death: Smoking or Nonsmoking Section Red Dragons?
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Thanks to Jim Willie and the Golden Jackass Website for alerting me on this.

An analysis of US Operations order 11-002

US Operations Order 11-002 --- Permanent War

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