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Red Dragons Double Crossed, Millions Freeze In Europe
Sat Jan 17, 2015 18:09

The Red Dragon Family was double crossed again by forces loyal to the Rothchilds, and thus Agarta.

(((Please pray that those harming Humans or Planet Earth become violently sick when within 1 Million Miles of Planet Earth, really focus on this. we will win.)))

Wile the Red Dragons are trying to stabilize the Planet the Rothchilds and their allies are trying to destroy this planet - these Lucifarians are at war with Life itself.

Please realize now that very major decision in Europe must be run through the NATO Commanders in Belgium - everything - from the construction of a large building to the building of a Electrical Generating Plant. This is part of Operation Gladio Shield - Permanent War leading to WW3 and then more war, more war, more war. The worship of Lucifer where everyone is controlled and chipped. Perfect Slavery.

Ever since the US Corporation invaded the Ukraine and started a war there the US/UK Puppet Ukrainian Regime has ordered the stealing of Russian Natural Gas. Outright Stealing.

Almost every large building and Large Factory are run, and heated, by Natural Gas. Everything is Natural Gas - from the Water Heaters to the ovens.

Russia responded almost immediately to the US Corporation Demanding Permanent War in hth Ukraine by attempting to build a Natural Gas Pipeline to Europe through the nations just North of the Ukraine. When the respective presidents of these nations cooperating with Russia approached NATO Command about the pipeline they were told that if they allowed the pipeline to run through their nation they would be killed - this was no idle threat.

One thing the United States Corporation does well under the Rothchilds - they kill. Hit men are generally part of NOAH, IRS, US Army Chaplain's Corp, etc and Hits are paid in cash in Briefcases usually - at least when I was there.

So the pipe line was cancelled.

In order to support Turkey in this US Corporate/Saudi War with Syria Russia has shifted a good deal of their Natural Gas Output to Turkey.

In Eastern Europe these National Socialist Nations (NAZI- by order of NATO Command) pay their Natural Gas Bills out of their National Budget and the nations that have had a hard time paying include those in Southern Europe, IE: Ukrain, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia and Romania.

As you read this Natural Gas Shipments to these nations have been cut by about 3/5ths.

Please keep in mind it is the Dead of Winter right now and US Bases are in these nations - yet they will not allow Natural Gas to come in by ship to these "Allies"

In other words - through "By Orders Of NATO Command and Operation Gladio Shield" Southern Europe is freezing to death - pipes breaking, buildings bellow 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

US Corporate NATO Command is committing Mass Murder because they can.

Perhaps this is why the US Corporation worked with the CIA so hard to create a situation at NATO Headquarters in Belgium to create Marshal Law - so as the NATO Commanders and US Allied Supreme Command order Southern Europe to freeze and kill the people in these nations they can be protected by these SWAT Goons in Belgium - these US Corporate Generals are big, fat, and Cowards.

To add insult to injury within the last few days 4 of the Ukrainian Reactors have shut down due to NATO ordering these reactors to use Westinghouse Nuclear Rods - which are too hot for these reactors.

This is great for the US Corporation and the Rothchilds - those with Electric Stoves and Electric Lights to heat their homes cannot even do that AND the Ukraine is now having cooling problems in most of their 15 Nuclear reactors and having to use Backup Heating Systems to cool the reactors - where the water runs past the Nuclear rods and into the rivers - Raw Radiation Pumped into the Rivers - that should kill a few million through cancer.

These man and women in US NATO Command and US Allied Supreme Command need to be rounded up and either arrested and jailed or killed for murder and it needs to be done NOW.

Red Dragon Family - can your help from above handle this or are you all talk and no bark?

The people are freezing, especially if they live in the Mountains.

Obama's Handlers have purposely created a Humanitarian Disaster for no other reason than to kill and keep this Permanent War Culture going and now use YOUR money to protect themselves.

Red Dragon Family -- until YOU do as GOD has directed YOU will always be barking but not biting. YOU have NO respect in the eyes of the Living GOD because YOU will not honor GOD's requests.

Is that clear enough red Dragon Family?
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Dr William B. Mount

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