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Mon Jan 19, 2015 09:49

Bob Todd Independent Calls for National Boycott of Pagan Holidays and for the Keeping of God's Seven Holy Feasts, Begining With the Seven Days of Passover This Spring

From Bob Todd

January, 18, 2015


Independent candidate, Bob Todd, is calling on all of the country to repent, return to God by giving up pagan holidays, keeping God's seven Holy feasts, starting with the seven days of Passover on God's calendar, not Rome's calendar, in every community around the nation and the world. "If we, as a nation, and true Commandment following Christians, continue to allow ourselves to be divided and assaulted by every enemy of freedom,we will no longer have a United States of America and the last beacon of self governance will disappear from the face of the Earth. The enemies of truth and freedom have covered the true Christians with a cover of pagan Idolatry by the Roman Empire for those Christians I have always known that did not like making Idols or keeping of pagan rituals, since Christ's visit; in fact that is why we came to America, to not have Christmas forced on us by the church, government of England or Rome." Todd said, in what he calls his second press release in his Independent and money free campaign for President in 2016.

Todd ran for Congress against Wally Herger in the largest district in California, receiving 10% of the vote, with very little money, in 1998, in the only open Republican Primary in the state's history and later made a journalistic run for governor in the recall election of Governor Gray Davis, against Arnold Schwarzenegger, while completing a documentary, "Recalling Freedom" Which can be found on You Tube in seven parts, by googling "IAMUFREE", and a corresponding article in the student magazine, "Osprey", at Humboldt State University, in Spring of 2004. He says he is a common man who just wants his country to be free and it's people to all be treated equally.

"In the past seven years I have experienced discrimination on obscene levels, from blatant criminal acts to open chemical exhaust assaults by cars and trucks while on the street, bureaucratic malfeasance and uncalled for acts of interference and hatred by those who have full knowledge of what discrimination is truly about. What we need today is truth, in the government and business and to return to small family run operations. The electronic voting system is nothing short of criminal and all we need to do is institute labor intensive paper ballots. There is no reason for there to be anyone unemployed, because we all can contribute something, no matter how small it is. The problem is selfishness, short sightedness and greed worldwide and America was a nation that showed the world how to make a difference in the fight against tyranny. Unemployment is being used to keep wages low just as illegal immigration is a weapon for oppression against everyone,
especially the immigrants who need true immigration, and homelessness is being used to keep rents high, in a cruel game of supply and demand economics. What we need to do is open up homesteading and dissolve corporations allowing only family run operations after giving the present system of distribution to the employees of the corporations until a gradual change can be made." Todd said.

Todd says he is, 'a simple person and sees the solutions to the nation's problems as simple, laying out his platform as two basic things; Paper ballots and homesteading as the most important things to be addressed right now, to return free and fair elections and relieve the suffering of common Americans under attack by multiple fronts in a war on freedom that is returning us to an oligarchy of rich international groups located in New York, London and Rome. His campaign is based on the the principles of reform; First, a spiritual national repentance returning to God, His Laws and the things Jesus laid out as mercy, truth and justice for the poor. Secondly, judicial reform, closing the Constitutional loop-hole allowing treatises to supersede our "Bill of Rights" and courts to interpret the Constitution rather than applying it to each case, and excluding relevant evidence at will, return executive authority of the President back to the Constitutional limits.
Thirdly, economic reform returning to the Biblical principles of fixed prices, no interests on loans, and gold and silver compared to the average weight of a kernel of wheat as legal tender, and fourth, land reform giving everyone a homestead by opening up homesteading on unused corporate and government lands. Todd added a message to Anonymous activists, "PS:(Messsage to Anonymous: If you do not forgive the enemy if they repent then you will not be forgiven by God either and you can not declare war on your own country. Who are you to not follow common sense? The Occupy movement was ran by those hiding, not allowing open election of it's leaders, or being responsible for their actions that put many in harms way, and a young man died in Eugene Oregon, stabbed to death the last day of that movement and those there threatened myself when I asked them to organize into a twelve man Grand Jury and put forward grievances that the government in power should address; like paper ballots, judicial reform, economic reform and homesteading. "We are the Liberation movement of true Americans" and we will not tolerate unaccountable groups usurping what little freedom we have left hiding and claiming to act on our behalf; we are the people, we are the government do not tread on us because that means you are too a tyranny;
we are all equal and want free elections of our leaders not those who hide and dictate to us what will be; it is God's creation no one else's! Christ will reign not legion! Expect it!' Todd says.

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