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Red Dragon Family: Ready For Currency Reset
Mon Jan 19, 2015 15:33

The Red Dragon Family will send a Chinese Representative to the Davos Switzerland World Financial Conference starting in about 36 hours. The purpose is to lay the ground work for the New Financial reset.

((Please pray - Visualize Hard - that those who are harming Humans or Planet Earth become violently sick when within 1 million miles of this planet.)))

Since we stopped the Global Nuclear War way back in 2007 and the BRIC Nations formed the world economy has been hit hard with a sever Depression - Recession if you are working, Depression if you are unemployed. This was specifically created to help in this Global Economic Reset.

It was either Nuclear War or an 8 year period to reset the World's Economy - the latter seemed most plausible as a Nuclear War could get out of hand very quickly.
(A) There is enormous evidence for this Global reset and a New World Currency as:

1) Medvedev showed us the New World Order Currency 6 years ago during a G-8 meeting.

2) Pope Francis has called for the coming NEW WORLD ORDER during a Lucifarian Ritual a year and a half ago.

3) Christine LaGuard, Head of the IMF, told us this morning to prepare for a NEW MULTILATERALISM in the Reserve Currency.

What Multilateralism means in the Political World of Nations is that many nations are now unified in what is about to be announced - 186 of them to be exact.
(B) For us in they United States what this may mean is:

1) Exactly what Jim Willie (Golden Jackass) says: A New US Treasury Dollar as the Republic of the "united states of America" is re-instituted.

2) The New US Treasury Dollar will be issued and be re-evaluated to be worth the value of a Yuan, about 16 cents in a year - so imports will increase in costs - maybe. The mark-ups are criminal so we may not see much effect.

3) The cost of Gold and Silver will skyrocket.

4) If successful - those in Monsanto and all others producing the new Killer Wheat will be killed or placed in a FEMA camp.

5) We may even bring our troops home. We may bring cancel the position of the SUPREME ALLIED COMMANDER and the hundreds of thousands of troops now instituting Marshal Law in Europe right now.

6) The Toys of the US DOD will be severely cut -lot of Budget Cuts - and if they even squirm whatever is above us will swat them down like a fly. That is all I can say.

7) The exchange of the New US Treasury "Shist" Dollar (Jim Willie) for the New World Currency.

8) Real Alternate Energy Products will be produced - the Petro-Dollar is dead. This is why the House of Saud is pumping oil just as fast as they can - to get as much money as they can before the need for oil dries up.

(((Let us pray - Visualize - that Fracking using anything but Steam dies with the need for Oil.)))
If this is done in accordance with the Will of the Living GOD then it will all work out very well - everyhting will be peaches and cream, Kumbaya stuff.

Unfortunately I have a very bad feeling about this. This feeling, in the bottom of my gut, says these people at the top could care less about what GOD says.

GOD is not in this financial re-organization or the Red Dragon Family and the Russians would have done as GOD has directed by now - and they have not.
I will tell you this - with what is coming you will need to stay healthy because you will not be able to afford medical care - especially if you are a senior.

I put the following video together for our Veteran - to remove Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (Agent Orange) form their bodies and heal the nerves in their brains after they were close to an explosion.

Yes - yea - the procedures have been know since 1854 - Dr Chase's Last Complete Works - but they are not well published so here we go again.

The clinics I contacted using these procedures have about a 99% - 10 year Cancer Cure Rate. My Wife's 3 cancers are gone, her brother's brian has re-grown and her blood pressure went form 195/175 to 120/80 without loosing a pound.
The News You Need To Survive

Dr William B. Mount

PS - The Pope almost died as he landed in the Philippines this week and it almost skidded off the Runway. We warned you about this what - in October on APFN and Pravda?

Next you will set up an attempt on your self by a shooter within a few days to correspond with DDAVOS meeting - but your actors will fail to materialize.

As for the attempted Nuclear Attack and Obama Assassination planned for 17 February - this is a go by members loyal directly to the Rockefellars. This may be stopped by the coming in of the New American Republic and the arrests of the Brazinskis and Rockefellars - time will tell. There are 6 cities targeted and with over 1,000 missing US Nukes -- who knows.

There is a very distinct possibility that DC and New York City (Perhaps Chicago as well) may go away. Too much effort to tell you more, and I am tired. I live too close to a GWEN Unit - so you figure it out MI5, CIA, KGB, or whatever.;_ylt=AwrTceEO3b1UddgAbB8PxQt.;_ylu=X3oDMTB0ZWVkYm84BHNlYwNzYwRjb2xvA2dxMQR2dGlkA1lIUzAwMl8x?p=pope+francis+calls+for+new+world+order+and+unification+of+religions&tnr=21&vid=F257F5C11408EBE56291F257F5C11408EBE56291&l=319&

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