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Grey State Producer David Crowley, Wife, Daughter Murdered.
Mon Jan 19, 2015 17:25

Grey State Producer David Crowley, Wife, Daughter Murdered. - David Crowley Grey State Producer Murdered with wife and daughter Apple Valley Minnesota - -

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The 1st GRAY STATE TRAILER public screening, 31July2012 - - - -Gray State -
GRAY STATE Official Concept Trailer #1 - -

Gray state movie producer David Crowley and family found dead - - - - - A warrior. A dreamer. A visionary. I met David Crowley when he was starting to promote his new project, Gray State, in Tampa in 2012. He had a vision of bringing a Hollywood quality movie exposing the tyranny and destruction of the police state to theaters across the country.

Two years later, he was succeeding. The trailer had been viewed nearly 1 million times. The film had already raised $61,000 in initial funding. A side documentary on just how close America was to its own Gray State was almost completed, paving the way for his masterpiece.

And now he’s dead.

According to the Apple Valley police department, it is an “apparent murder-suicide” that left him, his wife, and young daughter all dead in an Apple Valley, MN home. The police haven’t said for how long, but their neighbor who originally discovered the bodies believes they have been laying there since before Christmas as packages hadn’t been taken inside.

There are many questions yet to be asked. Police are supposedly treating the murder as suspicious. Correlation does not equal causation, and the fact he was working on a successful film exposing the police state does not mean he was targeted with malicious intent. But it may have the same effect. As posted on Gray State: The Rise’s Facebook page, the team is unsure as the to the future of the project.

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That Very First Billboard Decoded in ‘They Live’ Wasn’t Put There by Accident
Share on FacebookTweet about this on TwitterShare on Google+Pin on PinterestShare on RedditShare on TumblrEmail this to someone - (Truthstream Media - - They Live, We Sleep: How the Control of Data Allows an Invisible Government to Rule in Secret - In the prescient and unsettling-but-realistically-surreal alter-reality 1988 cult classic They Live directed by John Carpenter, there are many clues about the real life police state scientific dictatorship we’re all living under today.

Before the pivotal, iconic turning point when Rowdy Roddy Piper first puts on the Hoffman sunglasses and sees the very first subliminal billboard to “Obey,” there is another subtle message for the police state technocracy to come…

The regular billboard – before revealing the hidden message “Obey” – carries an advertisement for a company called “Control Data” and reads, “We’re creating the transparent computing environment.” - - - - - -
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‘Thought Crime’ Law Hits Britain: Defy the PC Mob and You’ll Be Deemed a ‘Terror Threat’
JANUARY 18, 2015 BY 21WIRE - - - - -
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Introduction I'm a literary writer being severely harassed in India for the past many years. I have been warned by senior IAS officers not to write, and have been refused housing and do not have an internet connection.
THE PAUL WILCHER CASE - - PAUL WILCHER WAS FOUND DEAD UNDER MYSTERIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES - PAUL WILCHER FEARED HE MAY BE KILLED - Paul Wilcher was working on a story which also touched on some of the criminal matters being investigated by the journalist Danny Casolaro. In a letter to the Attorney General of the United States dated May 21, 1993 he said the following: 'If you let this information fall into the hands of the wrong persons, some or all of those who... are now prepared to come forward and testify could well be silenced in the very near future' WITHIN A MONTH HE WAS DEAD - On the 23rd of June 1993, his partially decomposed body was found in his Washington home, in a state of rigor mortis, seated on the toilet.
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CIA killed screenwriter over Panama invasion revelations? - - -
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Vancouver Island will ‘rip open like a zipper’ when overdue megathrust earthquake strikes, experts say - Dirk Meissner, Canadian Press | January 18, 2015 - - - -
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Freedom Activist Network's Guide To Persons - -
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Freedom from Electronic Covert Harassment - - -
alldaylive Psychotronic Warfare -

James F Lico - - Stopping this TARGETING crime is the most important thing for AMERICANS to do right now because anyone can be targeted in minutes. We TI's are slaves and EVERYONE is or will be a slave until this is stopped. - - - James Lico Mind Control Victim - - Unethical CIA Non-Consensual Human Experimentation On Innocent Americans Covered-UP - - James Lico - - - - James Lico - Psychotronic and Mind Control Covert Weapons Research Target and Extreme Victim -
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These people never responded: Response to this media group today: - - January 11, 2015 To Cox Media Group from Will P. Wilson the producer and the host of the weekly AllDayLive TV programs and the associate producer & host of other TV programs that also appear weekly and that are all archived and broadcast on local cable channel 77/23 in King County and on-line streamed at and from Seattle-Northwest - I have produced more then two thousand one hour news documentaries & interviews over this past twelve years and I am contacting your offices for your staff to find volunteers who may want to appear on a AllDayLive TV interview segment and (That may also possibly lead to producing even more interviews with Cox Media Group associates and leading experts, etc.) some time and to help the Cox Media Network to be able to have a media presence here in the Northwest. I and my media media colleagues apparently have more then one million Northwest viewers who have watched and or that who do watch regularly our weekly TV (Public Access Television Programs.) thata includes the AllDayLive televised and streamed and now archived TV programs. And thereof, as well, my colleagues include Patricia Shupe, Don Grahn, Laura Solway, and other associate producers that include the producer of Public Interest Issues Janet O'Brien, Keith Ljunghammar, Keith Dougherty, Alex S. Gabor, Curtis Kimble, Ron Gilman, author of Violent Politics Lyle Courtsal, homeless issues reporter James Wlos, Dr. William B. Mount, Avis Hamlin, Lawyer William Budigan (, James Paulsen, Mathew Gordon (, Ambassador Lee Wanta author - (, Inventor Paul Pantone - ( The Closing the Circle producer Mike Shupe, Rev. Fortress Smith, Dan Levine, Tim Walters, Eric Griffin, Derrick Robinson (, Sam Jenkins (Author of How Blacks Ops Stopped Ascension.), Stew Webb ( - - Chip Tatum (, Brian McCanne, Gerald Sutton, Fred Christian, (A soon to be a possible TV series on Disabled American Veterans issues to be possibly co-hosted with Dennis Petrillo DAV Sr. Vise Commander.), Mr. Nice Seed Company (, Professor Gizmo, Belzer (, William Budigan ( - Bill Budigan hosted more then thirty programs on the educating of the public concerning the reporting and the media coverage on the now transcending areas of (Medical.) Cannabis and (Commercial.) Hemp nationwide and now worldwide. Our programs apparently have played a very key part toward the the current Federal and now public recognition now leading to the Cannabis and Hemp industries now becoming fully implemented and soon to be part of many advanced college degree programs. That now all of the many states and counties will be taking part in this charted to be a more then forty billion dollar industry in the United States this year. In part due to congressional legislation recently and the many congressional representatives who have been referencing the more then two hundred news documentaries that were produced this past three years on the AllDayLive TV progam, the Budigan Law TV programs, Call4Investigation shows, and other associate weekly broadcasts. Thereof, my colleague list is actually much longer and this particular list of named associates only includes a few of the contributing Seattle Community Media reporters, contributors and interviewers, other contributing production associates, etc. Some of our other weekly TV programs include the Call4Investgation TV shows - All Ways Pursuing Truth - Truth vs News - and MindControlUSA, and other weekly broadcasts.
Please get back to me Will P. Wilson, - - (206) 383 - 4817 - about helping to schedule some interviews with your colleagues and associates at Cox Media Group - Sincerely, and thank you Will P. Wilson.

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