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"Your Lives Won't Be Spared" Heard that while sleeping, "Yo
Tue Jan 20, 2015 04:42

"Your Lives Won't Be Spared"

Heard that while sleeping, "Your lives wonít be spared."

We have free will that our good God gave us. Freedom to choose what we want to do with our lives. Freedom to act.

For over 3 years our good God has warned us thousands of times to STOP THE WAR. Now we hear a message, "Your lives wonít be spared."

Has War not been called the greatest crime of them all?

If war is the greatest crime of them all, why then does American labor quietly go on funding it?

"Your lives won't be spared.

It's just a fact of life. Judah knows how deadly is nuclear waste, and he has the people frozen into not acting to save themselves. Might it be his fearful vicious that is keeping the mouse and minnow frozen? Might some folks merely be looking for an excuse as why not to act to STOP THE WAR? Might some call Bitch a name as way to not have to bring themselves to act to bring Judah to STOP THE WAR?

Does labor not see that the day a general strike goes against Judah and he loses the authority to issue our money, his vileness is out the door and war is no more? Do we not see that on that day of peace that we will be able to bring the millions in that Judah threw out on the streets of America? Will we not rejoice in no longer having Judah storage of the children of God? Will labor not take upon itself the duty to God and man to STOP THE WAR? Will you not save yourselves?

"By July they'll have Spent Their Lives"

That of course weap Judee.

"By July they'll have spent their lives."

Do we not yet see that we are being poisoned out of here great?

"Its our genus state, we died your miracle. It was fate to squish you. We get away with shooting your heads by shooting racials," Judee say.

"ORGANIZE; itís the best thing in the world." Tele receive.

Thank you for that Tele receive. So timely.

Will labor not focus on organizing a general strike to take the authority to issue our money away from the only guy who does genocide?

"Muster the able." Tele receive.

Will the able not bring us together here so that we can try to save ourselves from this genocide that is washing us out of here?

Our good God is with us. Our beautiful precious sweet Father loves us all.

Father asked us about the strike, "Why didnít you try it?"

Does labor not yet see that it is falsing out itself? 1% of the population has made serious attempts to destroy the entire human race with a few hours of shooting. Why does this 1% still have the authority to issue our money in its hands?

Judee already tried to missile us gone. Does labor not yet believe that Judah shot his bolt already? He has no nuclear missiles left to genocide us with labor. The Martian took them away from Judah when he shot them at us.

Are we not aware that Judee is busy falling through the ice, overdosing on heroin and getting hit by flying fish when he is out power boating?

Have we not been seeing an extraordinary amount of Judah people going out in all sorts of ways? Might that not be to ghost on out of here? Did the plastic surgeon really make a slip?

"Who ya gonna call? Would you know my name if I saw you in Haifa?"

Do we not as of yet understand that Judah has a sport of killing human Beings? Might that not explain why he has been ghosting out of here big?

Might Judee now be trying to get rid of his druid mechanics? That's the term Judee uses for the guys that do his dirty deals for him; mechanics. Are we not aware that he has a historical ghosting operation available to his cult?

Do we not perceive that Judah is ghosting himself out?

His children he trains from babyhood to take the lives of other human Beings.

Our Father loves us labor. He is a beautiful Father that loves all his children. Only truth allowed in Father's world. Do we see how our beautiful, precious sweet Father has let Judah put himself out of here for good?

Once it is completely understood that Judah attacked us with thousands of nuclear weapons in the middle of the night, is there any doubt that Judah will not be able to reclaim his image?

Judah claims that he mentals the people and that is how he holds them.

He claims that by embarrassment, he is holding the people in right now as he poisons them out well.

Do some of us who watch Illinois recall when the race for US Senator from Illinois was on, there were big write ups in the newspapers about one candidate and his wife's divorce filing? It was revealed that she said that he wanted to have sex with her in a Paris restaurant that has booths where diners can have sex.

Do we recall that the newspapers even had pictures of the booth where she said he wanted to have sex with her?

Do we not recall that he lost the election to the Judee selected candidate? Are we getting some appreciation of how Judee mentals the ordinary people with such non-substantial, inconsequential, minutiae as that?

Did we not notice today how touching was the spontaneous response from a question of 12 year old girl "why are kids prostitutes?"

Are we picking up on a theme here from Judah? Do we not see how he sells his prison state legislation?

Judah is bombing numerous countries creating millions of refugees, while his cult members are purportedly engaged in anti human trafficking efforts. Do we note that he always puts his prison system in as the remedy? Have we not figured out that he storages to rape?

No mention in the mainstream news about the nuclear waste that is heading to wipe us all out of life, but human sex trafficking and kids it is. Might not just stopping the war solve the human trafficking and homeless exploited children's issues also?

Thousands dismembered by shot and shell week in and week out. And yet what makes the news, "Why are kids prostitutes? Human trafficking for sex?" Might that theme not help sell more new Judah prison colonies to storage and rape the children of God in? Might his cults efforts bring in more new statutes that allow Judah to weap us with?

Might it not be better to STOP THE WAR as a route to end all the other harms to the human race here? How about putting our civil rights in labor?

Does labor not yet see what the game is here?

Literally wiping us out physically with nuclear waste technology.

He's lost his big stick labor; Judah shot his blast. He lost his missiles to Mars.

Might his mechanics look forward to talking to the grand juries as to what he has done to us here?

Will labor not get involved in life with us here and STOP THE WAR?

Will the able not pick up the thread and help us to get organized?

Is there not some understanding here that God let Judah remove himself from our plane of existence?

That is, God did not remove Judah. Do we not see that God let Judah remove himself?

God could have taken all of Judah's nuclear missiles away from him, yet he let Judah keep them, even on hair trigger. So what did Judah do with them? He shot them at us. Do we not see that is when God had our elders from space take them away from Judah?

Do we not see that God gave Judah free will to do, as he wanted to do?

Is there not some general awareness that Judah has been attacking us with nuclear weapons ever since he first invented them?

Bitch thought that Judah would get a mushroom shot off and block elders' technology from saving us. The extraterrestrial Desmond, informed Bitch otherwise.

Desmond made it perfectly clear that Judah could not get a nuclear shot off in any way if they continued to hold onto him. Even if Judah did get a shot off, it would still not impede our extraterrestrial family's ability to control nuclear weaponry.

Bitch reported what Desmond told him long before Judah made his big attempt on June 11, 2011, when he attacked us in the middle of the night with the bulk of his nuclear missiles.

Might we not consider that there is absolutely no deception on the part of our extraterrestrial elders from space?

When Desmond told Bitch they had complete and absolute control on the nuclear weapons that Judah had in his possession, did Judah not know this from reading Bitch report? Certainly. Might we see that elders told Judah ahead of time that he could not get his nuclear missiles bursting over our heads? Do we see that our elders were perfectly honest speaking to Judah through Bitch? Do we not see they did not trick Judah into shooting? That is, do we see that elders let Judah know ahead of time that his nuclear missile attack would not succeed?

Now Judah knew this literally years before he shot, and yet, what did he do? He went ahead and tried to get around the extraterrestrials with a massive thousand missile shot in the middle of the night.

Our Martian neighbor and good friend Casper and his associates pulled all the missiles out of the sky in the boost phase.

50 UFOs, each one pulled 20 missiles out of the sky and took them to a museum on Mars, where they are today.

Is there not some sense of the contempt that Judah holds us in? Might we not note that Judah got away with it with humans?

Do we not have some sense of the overarching hatred that the guy has for the children of God?

Do we not see the genocide in Judah heart and mind?

Is there not some way that labor will bring its able people forward to give us a hand and take the authority to issue our money away from Judah?

Bitch mentions Desmond here with respect and honor to his dignity. Thank you sir, itís a cheerful day just to think of you. Cheers. We love you.

Desmond is a Nayling that is in peaceful cohesion with all the other races of extraterrestrials. He is a transport clerk who is stationed in the resources management center, 2 light hours away from earth in the direction of the North Star.

Desmond did the choreography for the battle of Orleans that Joan of arc won. The angels that were seen in the sky? That was Desmond that handled that light show.

It is also a cheerful day to think of Sir Casper and his Martian associates that pulled all the nuclear missile shots off of us. Thank you sir. We love you and your kind community of love. We're looking forward to the time when we shall be in peaceful cohesion with all the rest of you; all God's kids.

"I Say We Go On Strike For You"

Bitch says, thank you for that Tele receive. "I say we go on strike for you."

While it will be for me, will it not be for you to? It will be for all of your children. Will a strike not be for all of the children of God living on planet earth? Sure it will.

Going on strike will be for all of us. Do we not see that it will bring us to peace? Do we not recognize that to have any chance to survive we must STOP THE WAR?

Do we not see that to STOP THE WAR we must have the authority to issue our money out of the hands of Judah and into the hands of labor?

"Your lives won't be spared."

The universe has rules. Those that make war must be quarantined and held on the planet they make war at. They are not allowed to escape into the Cosmos. The universe is at peace. Judah has been refused.

What about you labor?

Do we not see that Mr. and Mrs. war making genocide all the time Judah, are going no further?

It's brutal. That's what American labor is funding. "Your lives wonít be spared."

At this late date, our elders from space urge you labor to give us some help. Is it not clear that our environment is being physically destroyed? Do we not see that we need our environment to survive? Do we not see that we are going no further in war?

Is it not clear, by quietly funding Judah war, "your lives won't be spared?"

Will labor not STRIKE THEM OUT until there is war no more?

God Bless you. God Bless us all.

Love God

Have mercy
Tuesday, January 20 ó Psalm 14
1 Chronicles 18; Acts 14:8Ė20

The Lord spoke and it came to be; he commanded, and it stood firm. Psalm 33:9

The centurion answered Jesus, ďOnly speak the word, and my servant will be healed.Ē Matthew 8:8

Creator of everything, we give you thanks. We are blessed by your creation and your healing every day. Thank you for believing in us, broken though we are. Remind us that we are still another part of your wonderful creation. Amen.


Bitch has only learned of our Beautiful, precious sweet Father in recent times. Patrick has felt the deep love of and for precious sweet Father.

Bach wrote about Father touchingly: "My heart is glad when thou art near me. My eyelids closed by thy tender hands. My eyes with love will rest on thee. In deep repose my soul shall rest. Be thou with me my joy and gladness."

Father's world has been at peace for 9 million years. It is known as the Galactic Federation of light. 38 light years from earth in the direction of the North Star. Our family that created us is known as the Galacticans. We are all loved equally by Father.

"Be thou with me my joy and gladness. My eyes with love will rest on thee. My heart is glad when thou art near me. My eyelids closed by thy tender hands. In deep repose my soul shall rest."
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    • "Your Lives Won't Be Spared" Heard that while sleeping, "Yo — Patrick Sullivan, Tue Jan 20 04:42
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