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Be Still And Know That God Is Still In Charge
Tue Jan 20, 2015 16:58

Be still and know that HE is still GOD.

(((Please pray that those who would harm Humans or Planet Earth become violently sick when within 1 million miles of Earth)))

In Deuteronomy 29:1 Moses gave his last speech to the people of Israel and said in verse in Hebrew: He summoned all of Yisrael (God's People) and he said to them: "You have seen before your eyes all that Yahway did to Pharaoh and his officials and to his lands. Before your own eyes you saw the great trials, the signs and the wonders. Not did Yahway give you a mind to understand, or eyes to see, or ears to hear."

Moses then went on to explain that if you disobey GOD you will be destroyed and if you follow GOD and HIS laws you will be blessed.

A Chinese representative has arrived in Davos Switzerland for a financia cinference that begins in about 36 hours. and there is panic throughout the financial world. About ten thousand of the most influential leaders are arriving by Private Jet, or are already there.

Absolute panic is sweeping the financial world tonight.

Tonight we see:

1) Hedge Funds Exploding

2) Credit Bubbles Bursting

3) Oil Prices falling to perhaps $20 a barrel

4) Economies in Venezuela, Brazil and Argentin collapsing

5) Greece and the Netherlands (Both legally owned by the Queen of England) planning to leave the Euro and Iceland formally leaves negotiations of joining the Euro.

6) Monsanto abotu to produce it's New Killer Wheat - all under 5 in a test in Australia died after eating the New Killer Wheat in a test.

7) The Subprime Car Loan Market (Affirmative Action Loans) are defaulting at an extremely high rate.

8) Food shortages appearing throughout the world.

9) Obama #3 gave an hour long speech tonight reminiscent of Nero playing the violin as Rome burned.

The Economic Confusion is increasing every where - just like GOD said it would months ago here.


After these stories are posted GOD has directed me to step outside and create a World Wide Earthquake - if ever so slight - that will shock the the planet.

Red Dragon Family, Russia, Pentagon, White House, Pentagon Officials are still ignoring GOD so HE has one question: When you die do you want smoking or non-smoking?

The Sun Goes Up, The Sun Goes Down - GOD is still sovereign.
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Dr William B. Mount

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