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We know we love one another, so why do we allow our money to
Wed Jan 21, 2015 06:27

We know we love one another, so why do we allow our money to be used to harm our fellow man?

Bitch asked Father why labor has not acted yet to STOP THE WAR and heard two words: "MOST SELFISH."

If it is true that we love one another, how is it that we allow war to go on? Why have we not been able to collectively focus on this one thing, war, and stop it?

While out shopping today Bitch had his Tele receiver turned on to listen to what people had to say.

One lady passed and with one word revealed why she is not on board for the strike. "Embarrassment."

Thank you dear, I do appreciate your opinion.

Another Tele receive from a regular working man said, "Fear weap."

Thank you sir, I can appreciate that.

Might we not consider that embarrassment is actually a type of fear? The man said clearly, "fear weap," and the lady said "embarrassment."

Might we not consider that fear, of either physical or mental assault, is basically what is keeping labor from its assignment with love, joy and peace?

Elders tell me that Judee has acid racialed me. Libel its known as. Whatever anyone is willing to believe about Bitch, Judee has mirrored it to them.

Be that as it is, is there not some way that labor will step in here and end the zipper wars? Do we not see that Judee's scorbious rule is dead? Will labor not throw their vicious waste ways out?

Oh, Bitch forgot one other Tele receive: "Truthful."

Thank you, I do appreciate that. Has Bitch not shared the truth as best as he can? Do we not know the truth that our good God has kept us all in? Do we not know that our good God loves us all?

"The criminals have mostly outfoxed ya. They pushed the button and you failed Jewishly. You're slippin." Thank you for those Tele receives.

Do we not need our right industry off of sportsters? Will labor not redirect us to the goals of life rather than the profits of death? Have we not felt the brunt of their substantial fist enough already?

Have they not used their most fair pistol for the most foul deeds? Will the true Christians not step up here and bring us to peace?

Their happiness comes in mousing us by stages. Monsters with an Impala that do happiness saucily. First sums nest eggs wage our lives easily.

Do we not see that their genocide permit fell naturally? Do we not yet see how they have violated us whole?

Terrorists that certainly believe in terroring us. Have they not been thumpin out the land with their pura-jets great?

In tax games they embroil us.

"We use violence to make our salary," Judah tells us.

So their war has brought us to the corner of MLK and heartbreak. Dr. King called for an end to war when he was alive. Will labor not help us to keep the dream alive?

In the name of our loving good God won’t labor help us to STOP THE WAR? For the love of God and mercy on your fellow man will American labor not end funding their bus bombings? Will labor not end their nuclear waste shot on us?

Is it not clear that if labor continues to fund the mass destruction of God's innocent children that our lives won't be spared?

Do we not see that Judah is a life of crime that fell? If we want a life that's right should we not organize?

Has their light bulb neurosis not caved us in a world of war? How long before piston and diesel seal us into radioactive ways to die? Are we ignoring war because only the minnow bleeds?

"We want the cabbages to riot, it’s a way to exhaust them," Judee say.

Has a right share of industry not failed us here? Is Judee not virtually out of this world for stumbling here?

"Get a peace table employed." Elder said.

Has Judah not died us awfully hustled? Will labor not give us a real celebration of peace?

Was Judee not comfortable pulling us all out of here? If we let him continue will he not die the life of America?

Do we not see that it was a bunch of horse images that fired us dead? Are heroes not terminus on us?

Will labor not get the certified temporizing cannibal boys away from us? Will labor not take the authority to issue our money away from them?

Has paralysis not shot us with a hole in the sky? They’re cutting our atmosphere away from us. Poisoning our air and fields to make us die.

Do we see that Druid was not careful and allowed himself to be died falsely corrupted?

Judah barked at us and simply forced us with rifles for spite. Their Brussels app holding gentiles with usury. Blood eternally crisp. An intellectual with a bad boomerang.

Their symbols are purian. Has Judah sold us anything other than his pitiful waif passing by hydrogen?

"We infantize your head," Judee say.

Do we not see how he's done it?

Do we not know that we love one another? If so, then how is it that we silently pay for prisons and war and millions of our family that Judah has forced to live out on the street? How is it that we've failed to bring humanity in? How is it that we've failed to STOP THE WAR?

They're scoring us out nuclear. Will labor not care?

"I have nice boy here, he don’t want me making war. I have yet to successfully bourse a disease on him, Harold doesn't want him out. We simmer dead."

Do we not see here labor, Judah is simmering dead? Is there a representative from labor that might explain why labor is the only one holding the simmering dead Judah in?

Fear? Is that what is holding labor to keep on funding war?

If it is fear that is preventing us from saving ourselves, can we not pray to our good God to help us? Will we not have faith that Father's love will see us through?

Is Judah not loud enough with treason that we can hear him? Is their bond not suspected of fine illness? Do we not perceive that their powerful genocide force for bruising is in full paralysis now? Is it not understood that the Martian took Judah genocide boom from him?

"Boursing up this missile to foul you has revealed our screwy life rules."

All they have left to genocide bruise us with us with is nuclear waste. Do we not understand their screwy life rules? Will labor not get into this and take the authority to issue our money away from them and hire us some shut down grace? Will labor not protect us from their screwy life rules?

"We mental you great. I perished you's. I'm racist with my jury. I falsed you out with menacing completely. My force failed to cattle ruse you in. My accomplishment was to shoot you mentally. It was a great fist analysis to make you all die. Our weapatory was for much oppression," Judee say.

It was all rackets workin fine here. So why did he have to go and spoil it all? Why did he have to shoot us?

Does it matter at all? That is, if we understand that he did shoot us, is that not enough basis for us to act upon it and to take the authority to issue our money away from him?

"Authorize yourselves." Tele receive.

Can we not rise the REAL Christians here labor and STOP THE WAR? Will labor not authorize yourselves?

Their harsh has failed to muff me up. Do we all not want to be with the meek and peaceful bunch, the ones that live and let live, those that have mercy and forgiveness much? Do we not want to be with those that love one another?

"We buy your sale." Tele receive.

Will labor not buy this sale and bring us to peace? Will labor not try to strike them? Will labor not do God's will and take the organizing principle of society, the authority to issue our money into your hands?

Have our eyes not seen the embarrassment of their investments? Score-vivors with wheel chairs. Is Judah sight not fallish?

"Bitch is getting us out graceful. I was big on wits but I'm dying for it. Patrick is reporting about our foolish state and how it died. I put you in too much oil," Judee say.

Do we not see that we are not alone? We have a beautiful precious sweet Father in heaven who is with us through all of these days that we are going through.

Father loves us. Do we not see that with our elders from space that we are in good hands?

"Mercury is keeping a stew beam on him," Judee say.

Mercury is holding Bitch in. Will labor not give us a hand?

Might it not be interesting to hear of the Minot to Barksdale B-52 flight with 6 nuclear tipped cruise missiles, where one got lost along the way? Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our elders from space for protecting us that day of nuclear attack? Are we not aware that the 1% shot the other 99% of us? Will the 99% not take the authority to issue our money away from the 1% that is still shooting us good?

We have been gifted with the peace from God; "I gave you the peace, must you fail?"

What say labor, God asked: "I gave you the peace, must you fail?"

Whether it be fear of embarrassment or fear of a weap, will we not overcome those fears and join together to help ourselves to peace?

Bitch outfoxed by the criminals and Jewishly shot himself. Will labor not make up the difference and get us out of war and into peace?

While there is much to be perceived, can we not see enough to bring ourselves together and make the peace? Is it not clear that if we cannot or will not make the peace, our lives won’t be spared?

Do we not understand the rules of the universe? That is, if we are in a nuclear war and we ignore it, might our lives not be spared? Do we not see that we are in a nuclear war with Judah shooting us?

Is nuclear waste not perceived as the last weap of Judah? Do we not see the genocide here?

Do we not understand that one whiff of plutonium dust is enough to take a healthy man out of here? They're firing their GE waste cannon at us everyday. Will labor not help us here?


"We had the white house but shrimp fall it down. If it wasn't for Mercury I’d of violated you right."

God asked about the strike labor, "Why didn’t you try it?" Will you not try it labor? God is good.

God Bless you. God Bless us all.

Love God

Have mercy
Wednesday, January 21 Psalm 15
1 Chronicles 19,20; Acts 14:21 15:5

In your hand are power and might, so that no one is able to withstand you. 2 Chronicles 20:6

Christ says, All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations. Matthew 28:18 19

Maker of heaven and earth, your power and love is remarkable! We know there are people who still need to hear your word. Inspire us to make disciples for you. Let us share that our Lamb has conquered, and invite others to come and follow him!


Be thou with me my joy and gladness

In deep repose my soul shall rest

My heart is glad when thou art near me

My eyelids closed by thy tender hands

My eyes with love will rest on thee

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    • We know we love one another, so why do we allow our money to — Patrick Sullivan, Wed Jan 21 06:27
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