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willpwilson 908
Neuro-Economic Worldwide Money Laundering Cloud Computing.
Tue Jan 27, 2015 05:52

Neuro-Economic Worldwide (Bush Crime Family Rothschild Vatican Financed Psychotronic Warfare Research - - - - Worldwide Psychotronic Warfare Research (Vast Worldwide Money Laundering. - Financed Psychotronic Mind Control Warfare Research Cloud Computing. Pro Mega Cloud Computing - - Tableau Cloud Computing -

Tied to Chem-Trail Saturation - Urben Water Specific Population Targeting - Tied to, thereof, the Money Laundering Outlet that was quietly Paid to Build this Nationwide Urban Water Weaponry and Specific Population Targeting System was Through the Department of Homeland Security - DHS. - Janet C. Phelan Water as a Weapon - - and - a lot more to report here with no time to do so to post this on the Message News Board - on January 27th, 2015 by WillPWilson - - - - -Beware the Guardianship Mafia! - - -

Hi Laura and everyone,

my stalker in Seattle was arrested for rape in front of the Burger King.... there was no notice in the paper.... usually these rapes are reported in the media and that this was only to ld to me by the Burger King manager probably means this creep was working for the police according to an attorney I was talking to....

this moron sat at burger king bragging about getting me arrested as a prostitute....."I'm going to set precedence with this case..... a prostitute with glasses.... hahahahah...." his creepy buddy said " it hurts me just to look at her"..... I have never been a prostitute.... I have been raped and molested....

I have been trying to find a place to live and am now in the area of two of Will's friends one of which is Patricia Shoup.... when I showed Patricia some of my evidence she was only interested in the commonalities.... My stalker, whose first name is Elliot (aka "Mr.Bill") was a cohort of Patricias ex husband, Terrel Lee Holm..... she has written a book linking them to the Green River Killings..... she says Gary Ridgeway took the onus for many....
she says these girls were virgins, used for sacrificial ceremonies by the so cqlled "elites" of the seattle area..... there is a very large satanic element at work here..... as distastful as this information is, I am telling you because I am certain the people attacking you are just as distastfull.... and also if they kill me I want you to be able to utilize this information for your case....

Mr. Bill also used to sneak into my residences and hide in the infrastructure.... gasing me and who knows what else..... it is very unfortunate our government uses such slimey smarmy morons to harm innocent people they attempt to set up and ruin, however I know why..... the insurance policies they collect at our deaths..... all of this criminal illicit activity has one purpose.... to shorten our lives way up and seize every asset possible.... then collecting the insurance policies which are sometimes hidden in europe...

if you think I am whistling Dixie, please look up dead bankers for the year 2014.... 36 of them, all in a position to be able to discover the algorythms driving these systems of control, murder and pay off for these criminals..... according to a source I met here who works with felons in a steelmill, this trail leads through the bishops (all denominations) to the popes ...... everyone got into these programs through the medical community which is run by the bishops and the banks.... If you don't believe me ask Valerie Tarico who is a child psychologist in Seattle.... I begged her to help me.... but she has other eggs to fry..... perhaps if you all got together she might help... I havent found her Alternet article about the bishops destroying healthcare lately.... perhaps she could give it to you.....

Laura could you please print out my email to you and hand it out at the next meeting.... I will send you an update om this.... the corporations phone carrier had the nerve to call me in texas..... as it turns out.... that corporation is a major bank......

Tuesday, January 27, 2015, wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> I am still studying the TALKSHOE videos on being a host.
> I know I could just jump right in, but I want to do it correctly from the beginning and punt afterwards.
> Iris Ziller has been sending me some excellent emails with articles she has found on the web.
> Maybe Iris can share them with the group.
> Also, I am negotiating with 3 RF scanning engineers to do RF scans of those who want them.
> I am asking $800 per person. I know that seems like a lot of money to most of us, having been drilled down into poverty by "the man."
> But that should be reasonable going for the engineers. ICAAT offers free scans, but they are not admissible in court.
> You get what you pay for.
> These issues are categorized TS/SCI or Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information and regulated under State Secrets Privilege and National Security.
> The military has been given a free pass by the courts and exploits that pass to willy-nilly murder, torture and gang-stalk thousands of innocent citizens setting-up and framing them as patsys and manchurian candidates in their never ending quest for "terrorists" "criminals" and "mentally ill" figures for their media-frenzy campaign.
> A class action lawsuit is most appropriate, though those who want to make single claims to exit the running-wheel are understandable.
> Remember, a daily log of your symptoms as an affidavit for the court is a primary necessity. Handwriting is OK. Three hole punch 8-1/2 by 11 sheets of lined paper are the best as they are the easiest to handle. My Torture Diary is 1,500 pages long and spans 2 years.
> Video evidence on thumb drives is excellent.
> That is why when we do have meetings in person I recommend we video tape our meetings.
> For the camera shy, we will be having weekly Sunday 1 pm in the afternoon meetings soon.
> Just be patient. We should still consider a protest for filming for Public Access TV at the FBI office downtown. The purpose is for video, not length of time.
> Most of us are too old and weak an can only last 1/2 an hour holding the heavy signs.
> We need to have an in-person meeting to make our signs. Having them printed is $250.00 and that is prohibitive.
> There are so few of us we don't need a permit.
> We should plan it months in advance. It should be during lunch hour M-F.
> I can film, so can Will P. Wilson. We will notify the FBI. It should be entertaining for them.
> Laura Solway
> 206-604-1216 - - MindControlUSA - -
= = = = =
your protest should be at city hall.. they are the ones directly in charge of your program....... county by county.....
the police have been militarized..... I once heard Sue Lambert make the comment "and how we are our misdemeanits doing on our justice technology???" this led me to a convo with JustNet and the International Biometric Group..... they got the tracking contract from the government in 2003..... so if you are on the lists... which there are 611,000 according to their own figures, you will most likely have a creep like Elliot hiding somewhere in your house wth a motor running on the outside to power the tech... if you are on the extra targeted list, Snowden claims there are 33,000 of us and we are on a list to be killed with multiple insurance policies taken out on our lives.....
= = = = =
More information on what A is describing about who her interstate stalking and targeting - The party apparently is actually named Steve who lives in a governmentally paid for brand new Motor Coach who is referred to as being Mr. Bill and who is tied to governmental (CIA-FBI-NSA - etc.) - FINDERS (Tied also to the more then two hundred other actual Gary Ridgeway Satanists (Thus Ridgeway was Only serving as being their Paid For Fall Guy, and thus why do you think that Washington State Elitist Billionaire Satanist Aristocracy paid more then six million dollars to protect Ridgeway and then to let his wife walk with his six million dollar estate that he made by painting trucks, yah right.) Green River Murder Satanic Sacrificial Victims Finders. Apparently Dave Reichert and Slade Gordron both played a key part in this cover up according to Patricia Shupe the host of Call4Investigation.
= = = = =
January 21, 2015 To Mike B_____ from Will P. Wilson, the producer of the weekly AllDayLive
TV programs that are broadcast on local cable TV in King County Washington on channel 77/23
and streamed worldwide on and archived as then
being Federally Copyrighted media documents for admissibility in all courts of law worldwide.
My contact information is Will P. Wilson - (206) 383 - 4817 and my media associate, the host
of Call4Investigation is Patricia Shupe (479) 471 - 1895 and I am forwarding this correspondence
to Patricia and as well to Don Grahn, to Gene Chip Tatum, to Stew Webb, to Veterans Today,
to Dr. William B. Mount and to other associates as well to notify them of your message.

Thank you and call when you can either Patricia Shupe or myself, Will P. Wilson -
to help to coordinate a possible way that we can present a message that you may want to have
us help you and or someone else that you may also want us to have their message
thusly presented to our worldwide audience and for archiving for the record by Federally Copyrighted
On-line Archived Media Documentation also at and that we also
archive on our - channels.

I am also forwarding this correspondence to Laura Solway (
who is one of my media colleagues who has been providing disclosure on the extreme Mind Control
and Psychotronic Warfare Research that is now being used without any limitations against the world and
the American peoples. Also to my associate James Lico as well - - - -
James Lico Mind Control Victim - -
Unethical CIA Non-Consensual Human Experimentation On Innocent Americans Covered-UP - - James Lico - -

Thanks Mike, and please get back to us. -
can provide our televised programs for copy right archived media disclosure-
I am forwarding this correspondence to my colleagues Patricia Shupe, to Don Grahn,
to Dr. William B. Mount, to Stew Webb (, to Chip
Tatum (, to Veterans Today (, and
to other colleagues. Thank you, Will P. Wilson.

Call4Investigation - -

MindControlUSA - -

AllDayLive - -

Truth vs News - -

All-ways Pursuing Truth -

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