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Their desk fell
Wed Jan 28, 2015 09:32

Their desk fell

Using their desks, they've officially crimed us. The evidence, abundant. Their plan; extinguish our lives before we had time to react to their plans. Their method; nuclear blast weaponry. They're a powerful sin group. Reduce their theory.

Stage events to keep war going on and under cover of war commit atrocities against us here in America.

Once they get the power of bourse in their hands they contract us as their management style.

Strangers to justice. It is a concept that they do not accept.

The first purpose stated in writing for the creation of the constitution of the United States of America: "To establish justice."

Judah claims that with images he holds us. Shows a couple of purported hostages about to get their heads cut off by some naughty Islam guy with a mask on. Might they all be actors staging to frighten us? Weap Judah shells that are being ghosted out by way of staged terrorist op?

Then we hear the family is suing for death by medical malpractice. Does that not prove that she is actually dead?

Could it be another trick to fool us? Might it not be another case of Who ya gonna call? Would you know my name if I saw you in Haifa?"

Hundreds of people saw a missile fly from the ground and flog the wing of Flight 800.

Government agency had the planes re-inspected long after to make sure there was no static in the fuel tanks to blow up the flight again.

If a missile was seen shooting flight 800 down, how did government agency come to the conclusion that it a was a spark in the fuel tank?

They recalled the planes to check for sparks, doesnít that prove it must have had to have been a spark that knocked that plane down?

Head of the local chamber of commerce went to Florida and was hit by a big fish while out power boating. Freak accident it was called. RIP the obituary said. The papers had a picture of a big fish in the boat. Doesnít that prove it was an awful accident?

Are we getting a sense of how easily they fool us?

Thousands now dying everyday from the toxic chemicals coming from Hitachi-GE at Fukushima. American labor still sourcing it. What's the deal here?

Our fields now being permanently poisoned, our air being poisoned and made unsafe to breathe.

American labor sourcing worldwide wars for free. What's the deal here?

They take us off with private rights. Shoot us once a week. What's the deal here? Will labor not put our rights in please?

"Our police have died for our thrill," Judee say.

Steal our real industrious to keep us weak. Strangers to justice. Will labor not help us here?

"Don't rice their feelings." Elders caution Bitch. Bitch accidentally rude and blow himself out of here. Hears elders say today, "Donít rice their feelings." Bitch thank our elders from space.

Bitch a bit grumbly when he first wakes up, still canít believe that labor is allowing us to be so fouled with war and not do something about it.

"Donít rice their feelings."

Bitch heard that and thanks our elders from space for reminding him to always be nice. Sure looking forward to the day that labor STRIKES THEM OUT and stops the war. Wonít it be nice when we all can wake up in a world at peace?

Judah holding us so that we miss our chance to go into the universe in peace. Instead of funding peace, Judah has working people funding massive death and destruction of our brothers and sisters for his sport.

Universe at peace for the last 9 million years. Judah fool the people of America to fund his unending war.

As Judah holds American labor to fund his worldwide wars, simultaneously he poisons out America's farms, fields and air. A perfect poisoning that will leave us poisoned for all time forward to be.

Warned by our good God thousands of times, for several years, to STOP THE WAR. American labor goes forward washing itself, its children and grandchildren right on out of life. An enormous burden now on the grand children of the people of America who are leaving a sickened and ill environment for their grandchildren to inherit. Will our grandchildren now be cited as enormously true failed?

"I sucker big," Judee say.

Thousands now dying everyday from nuclear waste. American labor continues to ignore it so far.

Judah still building one missile a week and shooting it at us. Is that not holding us quite fool?

ONE DAY of the Lord and the authority to issue our money can be taken away from Judah.

Will American labor not give us our ONE DAY of the Lord? Will labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

God our Father in heaven wills labor to issue our money. American founding Father Thomas Jefferson said that, "The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs."

From our good God in heaven above to our founding father Thomas Jefferson, do we not see that the rightful issuers of our money are the people? Will labor not do the will of God, take the authority to issue our money away from Judah and STOP THE WAR?

Thousands viciously slaughtered each and every week by Judah sport war. Simultaneously, thousands in America, instead of weekly, are now dying each and everyday from the toxic affects of nuclear waste blowing in from Hitachi-GE.

Hundreds of millions in America to die out with radiation sickness over the next 6 years. Is there not some way that American labor can be convinced that it is in its own best interests to STOP THE WAR?

Is it not in labors own best interests to have the authority to issue our money in labors hands?

Management, with the authority to issue our money in its hands, can with stand any strike, accept one; a general strike to take the authority to issue our money out of their hands.

Will labor not give us that one strike? The one to take the authority to issue our money out of weap Judah's hands?

"Plant moisture," Judee say.

Labor apparently will pull Judah out any day now. It is becoming generally accepted that we are now in the process of suffering hundreds of millions of casualties to Judah nuclear waste weap, and it just can't be hidden much longer.

Do we not see here labor why we need you to get our bank off of only making war and spreading disease?

We see the news that America is going to fund the building of nuclear power plants in India. Why would we do that, if velocity can power all of our industries with no threat of genocidal contamination?

Are we not becoming aware that what we see and hear is a largely a staged production to fool us?

Labor so far has remained mum. Of course, do we not recognize that only ONE DAY of our Lord and God our Father will cut off head and tail of Israel?

Have we not had enough of Israel tales?

Will labor not help us here? Will labor not end funding Judah sport?

"Even after I go away I'm going to leave you with a chemical disease for free.

Every day I have freedom to op. Our rumor died. The nice boy put us all away with truth. I just have a fiction that is course.

I strike contempt, Harold's roll throw me in. We lost the whole state cause of shrimp. I shoot you to win, Harold saved you. I'm not a spiritual man, I just boo you out molest cause that's my theory.

I'm a major sin. I just excoriate you and make you die my friend. I have maniacal Jew rights. You see me, I'm dead. The minnow I tamper with. My ways fall. We work to empty you.

The peace guy fall me down and sent me home. Harold, I'm great not useful right. Judah police state about through for foulin you guys dead. With my tuna fish I boss stumbled right. I usually get to give you my choice of sieges, but I folded here," Judee say.

"Great, I can't wait." Tele receive from someone looking forward to peace?
Depending on who is doing the counting, if his current nuclear waste war is counted in, as many as 800 million will have died out by Judah in his hundred and 2 years of holding the authority to issue our money. The extra few hundred million are those that will succumb to nuclear waste disease in the next 6 years.

Will labor not help us here? Will labor not give us the purse so that we can hire the engineers to shut the dirty bomb power plant down?

Do we not understand that cannibal is a sport of Judah and his collaborators? Do we not see why he needed to take the state into his control? Do we not see that only if he can control the state mechanism can he systematically violate our God given right to life and get away with it?

Does labor not see that when you take the authority to issue our money away from Judah, he will lose his control of the state of America for good? Do you not want to have the lawful and legal right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness protected? Do we not see here that when labor strikes them out, the right to life will be yours, mine and everyone else's once again and fully protected by law?

Do we not have some idea of how deadly is Judah tyranny? Can we not appreciate why God our Father stepped in here?

External, Judah has boots kill thousands of people a week with shot, shell, poison gas and fire.

Internal; its food, medicine, hospital services and much more.

Now with his nuclear waste he's fisting thousands a day. Heart attack, asthma attack? Who can blame nuclear for it? Might it not be his last perfect crime?

Will labor not help us here?

Will labor not help us pull the insurance rackets out? Do we not see that we've lost our lives already to Judah? Do we not see his nuclear waste is intentional to exterminate us all? Must the ordinary people not gain a sense of why the universe stepped in here to try to save us all? Is it not understood that Judah is still dying us off? Will we not listen to our elders and help ourselves here?

Judah, he's a dead fish labor. Why are you holding the genocide terror boy in?

Bitch nice boy. Listens to the love of sweet Father. Follows Father's command to "love one another." Does loving one another not come natural to us? Sure it does.

Do we see that Judah always wants to reduce us by putting us into war against one another? Do we not see that he and the royals are the ones behind the racing here?

Will labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take the authority to issue our money away from weap Judah? Will labor not stage us some truth productions?

God has warned us labor. How has labor so seriously missed the word of God? The universe is passing us by as we crash in eternal Judah sport war. Sourcing our own genocide. Is there not some chance that labor will organize and give us a strike?

"If you donít get Jewish out this beautiful nation will be destroyed." Elder said.

Judah tells us that it was the Egyptian that made him crazy. Do we note that Judah has always questioned, "Where was God when these terrible things were happening to us?"

Did God not tell Judah to forgive? Instead of forgiveness, did Judah not hold revenge in?

Has our good God not let Judah remove himself from our midst? By letting Judah attack us with nuclear missiles and having our elders from space pull the missiles out of the sky, is it not certain that Judah shall never again dwell in our midst?

If this is understood, will the ordinary people not open up their consciousness to accept that we are in a situation that requires us to act if we want to survive? Will labor not take the organizing principle of society away from Judah? Is one genocide not one genocide too many? Will labor not take away the second genocide of Judah that he is doing to us now?

"Super right force. He's helping us. The guy's trying to right us." Tele receives.

1% of our population is assaulting out the other 99% of the world because that 1% is bright enough to understand where power exists in organized society, the authority to issue our money, and takes control of the purse to harm us.

Judah invaded America with the preformed secret plan to exterminate all the people. With a series of elaborate ruses Judah captured the American system of government, and removing the Bill of Rights, destroyed the original agreement that allowed for the creation of the government of the United States of America in the first place.

God our Father sent our elders in from outer space to prevent Judah from exterminating us with nuclear blast weapons.

"This is a fasci nation. It has proven unsuccessful; it is unsustainable except by force. It is no more. Put them out, they're criminals." The words of our good God.

Why have you not helped us here labor? Do you think that you can skate past this genocide?

As the blood flows of our brothers and sisters in Judah sport wars, labor continues to pay for all of it. Must labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

We're dying out in the thousands a day from Judah nuclear waste war on us. Will labor not do something to help us here?

"Your lives wonít be spared." Elder said.

If labor fails to hear the word of God to STOP THE WAR and continues destroying our family by recklessly funding Judah war, then our lives wonít be spared.

The first nuclear war of Judah we had no way to defend ourselves from.

Our good God stepped in and spared us from genocide.

We now are in the second nuclear war of Judah against us and again our good God has stepped in. This time, we can defend ourselves. Our good God has told us what we must do to defend ourselves against being wiped out in this second nuclear war of Judah against the children of God on planet earth.

Do we not see that to defend ourselves we must defend our brothers and sisters all around the world who are being viciously, brutally slaughtered by American boots, funded by labor? Will we not hear the warning words of our good God to STOP THE WAR?

It's our last chance here labor. "The majority won't be around in 6 years." Elder said.

A couple of hundred million people in America are scheduled to lose their life forms to Judah nuclear waste.

The hot radioactive particle number is climbing in America, as it is throughout the world.

Is there anyone who thinks that somehow they can escape what Judah is bringing in here?

Will labor not join together, organize, and bring us to peace? Is it not seen that war is merely sport of Judah?

Will labor not take the authority to issue our money away from Judah and hire us some help to stop the nuclear waste war that Judah has put upon the children of God?

They've pushed the button and you've done nothin. Will you not have mercy on me?

"Have pity on me and I will have pity on you." The infant of Prague said to the parish priest in 1637 AD.

Have we allowed our lives to be forfeited to Jewish? Is it not rather sad to have been forced out by a rice boom for benefits?

Have our life forms failed our lives bad? Is it not clear that we lost them to a Jew missiling?

Organize yourselves! Will labor not try to help itself here? Do we not perceive they toasted us with missiles? They're forcing us out of life with chemicals. Will labor not help us all here?

Love has survived. Will labor not give it a hand? Will labor not get the hate of war out of this land?

Will we not join together in praying for peace? God Bless you. God Bless us all.

Love God

Have mercy

Wednesday, January 28 ó Psalm 18:7Ė15
1 Chronicles 26; Acts 16:30Ė17:3

The fear of the Lord is hatred of evil. Proverbs 8:13

Consider yourselves to be dead to sin, but alive to God in Christ Jesus. Romans 6:11 (NASB)

Lord, why do we make excuses for our sins when you have redeemed us with the cross? You died to give us your grace and a new life! We must truly believe that sin has no power over us! Thank you, gracious Lord! Amen.
"Have pity on me, and I will have pity on you. Give me my hands, and I will give you peace. The more you honor me, the more I will bless you."

Be thou with me my joy and

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