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Mon Feb 16, 2015 04:29

Please go to GLOBAL HEALING and find their 13 natural remedies for radiation.

Certainly knowing that the FUKASHIMA DEATH CLOUD is coming, and maiming many people is of GREAT IMPORTANCE. However not to post what the EFFECTIVE REMEDIES are is irresponsible.

From now on I want to see every post of the RADIATION ALARM, references to RADIATION REMEDIES.

It is time to pray, and more than ever, do the work that God asks of us.

    • "You Won't Lose"Patrick Sullivan, Mon Feb 16 11:12
      Beautiful Father said that to me. "You won't lose. It was while feeling the pain of what is coming on us now. Short post today. Tele receives and some Judee say. " Cause of my blood I'm an A-fail. I... more
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