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"You Won't Lose"
Mon Feb 16, 2015 11:12

Beautiful Father said that to me. "You won't lose. It was while feeling the pain of what is coming on us now.

Short post today.

Tele receives and some Judee say.

" Cause of my blood I'm an A-fail.
I got rich by clear damaging.

I defile with the census.
Salem outdoes the pyramids, the minnow is out great.
A missault.
I'm already dieness for pulling ya's.
We're out for Bitch war.

I lived life that bourse died.
Totaled by professor, our whole subscription thrown away.
You died yourself, Judee say.


Tele receives:

Need a dog.

They shot us grevious.
Sold us out hot.
Sorry I missed everything.
Tragic destated.
Take your voyage to truth.
You lost your face but you're right for posting your rightful truth.
Get them off of this state.
Warning cashed.
Get em all off.
A Con bores you.
It's vegetable storage.
Safer done.
Turpid theory.
Absurd greed.
Keep it in pitch.
They're fielded.
Embarrass guns.
I'm sick of them.
Net closed them.
Real foil.
It's about die.
Hard to defeat the truth no matter what the age.
Truly master lost their right.
I'm running ahead of time.
Fall age.
Country out of business.
We failed to Jewry.
We failed the Jew way.
A strike is going to brush them away complete.
They fortunize.
Lend me your ears.
Bail bonds cuff you nicely.
You failed to clearly warn us.
I'm rather lost.
You're in sickness sad.
Pat? Its perceived.
You're coming at it right.
Make it so everybody win.

Bitch say yay for that. Make it so everybody win.
He hocused us.

A few more Judee say: "Showed you my comish.
We're patents, I just threw the mouse out and lost my state.
I just hold you with more pets.
Our cage is Jewish sport.
You failed to swastika.
We just can't get around the Martians.
I told you lies and you believed them.
Did you off with a flame brush.
Moderate must die.
Instead of fortune you're dying yourselves out.
13 collisions you survived.
Forced you to fail, lost your miracle.
A boursed cinnamon took a fit.
I already got 600 dead, it makes me happy
I foolish fell,Bitch total die us off.
I died boring you off.
Our skin died, forever a fail.
We failed all of you here abusive, you'll take all of us off.
Patrick took us all out for free.
With miracles we were surrounded.
I just have a force that's fiscus and fists you.
I have a genuine vision of thrifting ya's.
We're ever midgeting.
I'm going, we just screwed ya's huge.
Great rock molest.
Our radiash just finish us.
Marine forces assault you brutal well,it's just our custom," Judee say.



God loves us all.

God Bless us all

Love God

Have mercy

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    • "You Won't Lose" — Patrick Sullivan, Mon Feb 16 11:12
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