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Hobakusha We Need You
Tue Mar 10, 2015 16:19

Hibakusa - we need you.

We ask you to call upon your Grandfathers, your fathers, your sons and their sons to assist us at this critical time.

You were disgraced by two atomic bombs unleashed on Hiroshima and Nagasaki after your Emperor had sent Peace Envoys to both the United States and Soviet Union to sue for peace.

You have suffered horribly through the decades not only due to your mental and physical scars but due to the deformed children you have born in silence and agony.

Your pain has been much, as has been the pain of your fathers, your children, and your children's children.

Yet through all of this you find yourselves needed even more than ever by a society spinning out of control.

Instead of accepting an Unconditional Surrender two of your cities were utterly destroyed and almost half a million Japanese People killed so that these leaders who ran the United States Corporation could hold the world as Nuclear Hostages as they expanded their strangle hold around the world.

Before the Earthquake at Fukushima on 311 I sent a warning to Japan on TV and in print - no one listened.

It is as if the media hates both Japan and the warnings I send out.

We Americans are also appauled as millions of our own citizens living near Nevada, Hanford Nuclear Reservation, and many other nuclear Storage Facilities die from the drugs the Big Pharmacies force on those who get cancer from these places.

For eight years I have been telling the world when and where Nuclear Terrorists were to strike and when and where Presidential Assassinations were to be made with 100% accuracy with severe hinderance from forces loyal to the Fascist United States Corporation.

When the Nuke went off in the Eastern Ukraine 8 Febriary 2015 everything changed - a nuke I had tracked for over 1 month yet no one seems to be listening any more.

You would have expected a fan fare of people to parade to my home after tracking 4 Nukes for a month and then one actually went off near an ammo dump - but nothing, not even one phone call.

Hoe can you get 50,000 hits on a story tracking a nuclear weapons, it goes off, and not one phone call?

I am in a box and it will lead down a road I think only you , the Habakashu, can understand.

What is coming is more of the same - except it is even worse. This is a more coordinated final attempt to lead the world into a Nuclear War.

There will be a minor attempt on an Obama's Double's Life in about 6 days but more importantly these people at the top - those who run the Rothchilds - the German Banks owned by the Vatican -will try a major attempt to start a Nuclear WW3 on 3 April 2015.

I am spent, worn out - partly due to fatigue and partly due to indifference. I have a wall around me placed by the political leaders to hold me in place in a very uncomfortable position in an attempt to press me so hard I stop and the Nuclear War can then proceed unhindered.

I call on you for your help world wide where ever you may be.

Help me to stop this coming Nuclear War.

Pray to your father's fathers and to your fathers and ask your children and their children to stop the coming war and the attack on Japan in a few weeks.

I have published the video THE CURE FOR CANCER and it will indeed eliminate your physical suffering.

We have taken stage 4 Cancer, MS, High Blood Pressure, and all forms of diseases like HIV and reversed them in 30 days - this is not hard to do nor is it expensive.

Your cancers and open sores will leave you if you follow what you see on the video and your pain will subside - an American coming to the aid of the Hibakusha.

To stop this coming attack on Japan and the coming Nuclear War I need your prayers and your help.

Thank you.

Ambassador, Dr William B. Mount

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