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10,000 baby sea lions dead on one California island — Expert
Wed Mar 18, 2015 17:57

10,000 baby sea lions dead on one California island — Experts: “It’s getting crazy… This is a crisis… Never seen anything like it… Very difficult to see so much death” — TV: “Numbers skyrocketing at alarming rates” — “Woman is burying the rotting mammals” after digging graves at beach (VIDEOS)
Published: March 16th, 2015 at 10:40 am ET
By ENENews
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NBC L.A., Mar 12, 2015 (emphasis added): “The sea lion emergency is back all along the California shore“… [Pups] are washing ashore at a rate so alarming, rescuers said Thursday, this year is the worst yet… more than 1,600 marine mammals [have been picked up].

KTLA, Mar 10, 2015: Stranding numbers for the months of January and February were more than 20 times the average [said NOAA].

ABC 10 News, Mar 14, 2015: Friday, Konnie Martinkis was burying her third sea lion… There were at least five within just more than a football field’s length that were dead… she contacted the city… but it just decomposed as more showed up… she will continue building those graves.

Coast News, Mar 12, 2015: [NOAA] said not to feed it [that] will only prolong the animals suffering.

KABC: Numbers are skyrocketing at alarming rates…Sunday, six sea lions were found dead

NY Times, Mar 12, 2015: “It’s getting crazy,” [Wendy Leeds, animal-care expert at the Pacific Marine Mammal Center] said… Sharon Melin, a wildlife biologist with [NOAA said] “We do expect the population to take a drop… probably a really good hit”… Michele Hunter, the center’s director of animal care, said, “It’s very difficult to see so much death.”

Sacramento Bee, Mar 7, 2015: Tens of thousands of pups birthed last summer are believed to be dying on the islands… some [are] desperately trying to climb onto small boats or kayaks… Scientists noted a worrisome anomaly in 2013, when 1,171 famished pups were stranded… scientists blamed the phenomenon on unseasonably cold waters… On San Miguel… Melin said researchers believe “probably close to 10,000 are dead, and we expect more to die over coming months”… the mortality rate is similar on San Nicolas.

Time: Experts at NOAA say that the culprit is rising ocean temperatures [note "unseasonably cold" ocean temps were the culprit during the record strandings in 2013]… a NOAA climate expert said that they do not believe the stranding increase is tied to climate change.

Marine Mammal Center, Mar 5, 2015: It’s clear these sea lions are trying to tell us something. Their very presence here in such great numbers at this time of year is sounding an alarm up and down the coast… it signals something complex happening in our ocean… sea lions are very sensitive to their environment… alerting us to major changes in the ocean… The scene on the Channel Islands this year is grave, worse even than what researchers saw in 2012, before the Unusual Mortality Event in 2013… “What’s scary is that we don’t know when this will end,” says Dr. Shawn Johnson, Director of Veterinary Science at The Marine Mammal Center. “This could be the new normal—a changed environment that we’re dealing with now.”

LA Daily News, Mar 13, 2015: “By the end of January, we had as many as we did in (all of) 2013,” [Marine Mammal Care Center's David Bard] said… “We’ve never seen anything like this with back-to-back events that are affecting the same part of the population,” Melin said.

Dr. Melin: “Based on what we are seeing… we should be bracing for a lot more animals”

CBS Los Angeles, Mar 9, 2015: [California Wildlife Center’s Jeff Hall] says the event has escalated into a crisis. “I would personally consider this a crisis,” Hall said… The epidemic has prompted a number of volunteers to step forward, including… television personality Kat Von D [who said] “I think there’s a lack of awareness of what’s going on in the environment.”

TV broadcasts here: NBC | KTLA | ABC | ABC | CBS

Published: March 16th, 2015 at 10:40 am ET
By ENENews
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March 16th, 2015 | Category: Audio/Video Clips, California, US, West Coast
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278 comments to 10,000 baby sea lions dead on one California island — Experts: “It’s getting crazy… This is a crisis… Never seen anything like it… Very difficult to see so much death” — TV: “Numbers skyrocketing at alarming rates” — “Woman is burying the rotting mammals” after digging graves at beach (VIDEOS)
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March 17, 2015 at 7:59 am Log in to Reply

The Real Jaws – 4 Years of Fukushima
Christina Consolo, March 11, 2015

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Patrick-Henry Patrick-Henry
March 17, 2015 at 7:40 pm Log in to Reply

Great article Rogerthat.

Very insightful.

Thank you.

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obewanspeaks obewanspeaks
March 17, 2015 at 8:04 am Log in to Reply

Very well written!.. :)

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March 17, 2015 at 9:33 am Log in to Reply

Dr.GH…Thanks for the info and link. I guess it is the roll of the dice to know your time left on planet Earth…

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March 17, 2015 at 11:42 am Log in to Reply

Collapse of sardine population, everything else follows.

It would seem that the sardine eggs die after being laid:

Most commentators suspect environmental pollution, but are unwilling specifically to cite radioactive contamination as a possible factor. Some state that such fluctuations in population have been seen many times before (I guess the same is true for the fluctuation in human popultation). I note a tendency to associate concern over radioactive pollution with environmental extremism amongst academics, and for such views to be ridiculed.

The nuclear Ponzi scheme is VERY big business. One golden rule: if someone tells you radioactive pollution is harmless they are either medically unqualified, receiving a kickback or both.

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AnneBeck AnneBeck
March 17, 2015 at 1:42 pm Log in to Reply

So the sardines' eggs are simply not hatching, or they are hatching, dead.
Still, the derps want to say it's the overpopulation of sea-lions that's killing sea-lions (and brown pelicans, too.)

Why can they not see that there was a huge disaster/nuclear event that took place, on the Pacific, that continues, even today? Why are (particularly civilians) people so afraid to say, Fukushima? Is it because the facts of this highly-irradiated ocean is too hard to swallow?
It's got to be the cognitive dissonance.
I'm okay, you're okay, and if sea-lions are dying, it's their own fault(s). Same goes for those pelicans and the sardines, too. That can't hurt people, can it??


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CodeShutdown CodeShutdown
March 17, 2015 at 4:26 pm Log in to Reply

AnneBeck, the scientific community MUST ADMIT the effects of low level radiation, especially on embryos! This is EVERYTHING! Not a meaningful word is issued from the mouth of a scientist unless they understand and admit this!

Im going to spell it out; POINT ZERO FOUR BECQUERELS PER LARVA!!!

"Remarkably, the mortality rate of the Koriyama group [.04 Bq per larva] was 53% [in the first generation]… We discovered various morphological abnormalities in the surviving adults… severe and rare abnormalities"

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CodeShutdown CodeShutdown
March 17, 2015 at 4:28 pm Log in to Reply

Is the ocean life dying from low levels of radiation, which scientists scoff at and say its way below harmful levels?

"The new study shows that radiation can damage larvae even at much lower concentrations. Otaki and colleagues collected leaves 16 to 20 months after the accident, after short-lived radioactive contamination had decayed, but this time from locations ranging from 59 to 1760 kilometers from the power plant; contamination levels ranged from 161 to 0.2 Bq/kg. They found that as contamination increased, mortality rates and incidences of abnormalities increased. "These results suggest that low-dose ingestion of approximately 100 Bq/kg may be seriously toxic to certain organisms," the team writes in a paper published in BMC Evolutionary Biology.

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