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To Joel Skousen, Invitation to appear by phone on AllDayLive
Tue Apr 7, 2015 05:11

To Joel Skousen, Invitation to appear by phone on the AllDayLive TV program, thanks Will P. Wilson.
April 02, 2015 To Joel Skousen - http://worldaffairsbrief.com/home/contact/editor - http://www.joelskousen.com/strategic.html - http://www.joelskousen.com/about.html -
http://www.joelskousen.com/images/HEAD1.gif - from Will P. Wilson,the producer of the weekly AllDayLive TV programs that are archived here: http://www.MediaCific.com - http://www.youtube.com/willpwilson - http://www.facebook.com/willpwilson -

After the AllDayLive TV program is up loaded, archived, broadcast, on local cable channel 77/23, in Seattle and King County, and as well also streamed on-line, that these now archived and televised programs become Federally Copyrighted and then as well, become considered to also be admissible legal documents in all known courts of judiciary and jurisdiction.

Joel, I have not seen you for many years but I hope that things have been the best for you and your family.

If you can get back to me by phone and or e-mail for our planning a one hour televised pre-recorded program.

You can call into the school's studio telephone for us to be able to put together a one hour interview of what you consider to be of important focus that can and may be some of the key issues that the American People are now seriously facing right now.

And, for example what your thoughts are, concerning our trying as a very concerned people to all now seek formal and critical remedy in this time of threatened and burgeoned world circumstances.

To discuss as to what we as a people can begin to do to work together toward our finding remedy for these now pending and serious matters.

Thereof, to seek, to share, and to find answers that will be serving in all of our best interests.

Concerning all of our critical and important need to seek better understanding, thus, to help all of us to be able to inspire all of us in our striving to further seek and to find the necessary discovery and knowledge that will be helping us all to be able to more effectively sustain our communities in this extremely challenging and thereof, highly threatening era of human history.

AllDayLive is dedicated to the viewers for providing respected and leading edge information and knowledge that is critically needed at this time in order to better guide our thinking thereof, to help us as a united and free people to be able to more effectively address the major issues that will be effecting all of our entire nation's future welfare and possible benefits, and combined positive advancements in logical historic remedy.

And, to begin to implement the re-building of our nationwide economy thereof, in order to help our communities to be able to make it through a now pending period of prolonged economic collapse and the possibility of this country now sustaining soon through uncertain foreign military interventions of all kinds that are and that will threaten the security and the welfare of the people of North America.

And, to discuss as to how we as community can begin to know how to fully sustain our communities with things like the Cannabis Medical, Commercial, and Agriculture benefits of CBG & CBD non THC Medical and Commercial Cannabis and Hemp, for example.

Soon there will also be the CBB Medical Cannabis research findings and discoveries as well, that the public isn't even currently aware of this next Medical Cannabis dimension of research on Cannabis CBB.

Advancements in Medical Cannabis research that will be prevailing into becoming and resulting into being many more amazing resulting discoveries in this remarkable emerging field of Medical, Agriculture, and Economic innovation, that can provide some form of remedy to our currently threatened societal sustainment.

The now being discoveries that encompass the amazing and astounding benefits of Medical Cannabis are now being found to be able to remove nuclear contamination from the soil, from the water, and from our bodies.

And, concerning other possible important topics to cover that involve our preparing as a people to begin to learn more about clean free energy and plasma technologies that also can be used to neutralize nuclear contamination from our drinking, agricultural, and irrigation water sources.

Technologies like that of Hydroxy Plasma Water Technologies like that of Browns Gas, contributed by the world renown Bulgarian Heavy Water Nuclear Physicist, Dr. Yull Brown.

Thereof, to try and to inform and to inspire the AllDayLive viewers to learn more about the Pantone GEET Energy Plasma Systems, a technology that was invented by the highly revered inventor Paul Pantone, http://rebuilding.geetinternational.com/ -

The Pantone GEET Plasma technology can also be applied to transmute nuclear contaminated water and other applications for the necessary transmutation of all known and un known toxins and other historical and societal threatening toxic wastes, contaminants.

Thusly, this plasma technology will even destroy and transmute all known and unknown nano technologies and bio warfare and other contamination, weaponry, substances, and materials. https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=geet+international+pantone+plasma+technology

Thus, for our trying to help and to inform our communities on how they can begin to provide plasma water filtration in their community water systems.

Thereof, in order for all of our communities to be able to accomplish and to begin to implement an effective means of neutralizing nuclear contaminated water sources that are at this time are coming from the Fukushima Nuclear Plant Catastrophic Worldwide now impending global extinction event.

To consider that this plasma water filtration system(s) can be immediately utilized to effectively filter all nuclear contamination that for example is now coming directly from the rain fall coming from the nuclear contaminated Pacific Ocean from this Fukushima event.

The rain fall that is now coming from the Fukushima Nuclear Plant Leakage has now killed off all of the known baby whales, baby seals, hundreds of thousands of birds, and predominantly most of the entire mammalian species that are now threatened with extinction.

That this matter as well, will now be becoming the fatal transcendence of this period of our planet's historic and yet unbelievably becoming a full scale worldwide extinction event encompassing most of the sea life that normally lives and survives in the Pacific Ocean, and now as well all water ways upon this planet.

We are now in a serious and presently occurring Worldwide Extinction Event.

To consider our hearing from you on other key matters thereof, concerning your highly respected input that my viewers would like to learn from you.

I provide this weekly TV program for the appearing guests in order to have the viewers of the AllDayLive TV programs to get to know the guests and to learn from them.

To help the AllDayLive viewers to get to know more about the very key and important issues from the AllDayLive guest appearances of highly respected experts, who are the people who can provide expanded understanding.

Thereof, to provide a innovative futuristic means of remedy, inspiration, insight, and foresight to the AllDayLive viewers.

I will be greatly honored to have you appear on the AllDayLive pre-recorded televised and streamed on-line programs.

You can call into the studio at North Seattle Community College media center that is linked here: http://www.seattlecommunitymedia.com - studio number is: (206) 934 - 3941 - willpwilpson@gmail.com -
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