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"Close them up or Perish" "Pat you're spitefully on us, Pat
Thu Apr 9, 2015 12:16

"Close them up or Perish"

"Pat you're spitefully on us, Pat you stumbled." Tele receives 12.13 AM

If something reads in yesterdays post that way, will you please forgive me? Bitch wishing that labor would have the faith and courage to come forward and STRIKE THEM OUT. Is there not some way that we will see just how badly we're falling ourselves out? Must we not end literally forcing our way out of life?

"Genocide is foolish abusive." 12.15 AM

Precious sweet Father loves us all. Father wants us to save ourselves. Do we not perceive that we are literally forcing ourselves out of life? Do we not see that we are funding our own die?

Weap Judah has one plan here, to leave as many of us sick and dead as he can. Do we not understand labor, weap Judah is as dead a door nail now? Do we understand that the only way he can harm us now is if labor will do nothing and keep funding his nuclear waste die of us? Do we not perceive that Judah nuclear waste war will literally take us out in the hundreds of millions in only a few more years now?

"Heroin cipher holds you up." Tele receive. 12.25 AM

Judah decided he wanted to harm us out of life with genocide. Our good God loves us and let Judah shoot himself right on out of here. From reading Judah reverse speech, he may have exhausted himself and now may be totally out of fresh nuclear missiles to fire at us.

Our good neighbor and friend, Sir Casper, has pulled every single nuclear blast shot off of us. We exist due only to the love of God for his children. Will we not try to perceive Father? "I love you." Father said to us. "I gave you the peace, must you fail?"

Do we not see that only if the mass of the ordinary people are concerned enough to STOP THE WAR, will we be able to save ourselves?

"Authorize yourself." Tele receive. 12.31 AM

One nuclear power plant into complete melt down, spewing vast quantities of toxic waste into our environment. Given time, literally will wipe out the human race on the surface of planet earth. 435 more weap Judah has operating ready to put even more waste into our environment. Is Judas plot not seen yet?

Genocide is illegal in the Galactic Federation of light. Must American labor not end funding it? Will American labor not become concerned and brave enough, to STRIKE THEM OUT and stop it?

Will the members of labor not have faith in our good God to see us through to success and victory in peace?

Do we not see that some one else cannot make us free, that we must free ourselves? Is it not certain that we have enough spirit to challenge weap Judah and demand that we live as human Beings with our God given rights for each and every one of us?

"White people have really stepped out," Judee say. Will the people not step in again and bring us into a world of peace? Must labor not end funding the multiples of genocide that Judah is doing to us in this world?

Emergency vehicles with double oxygen tanks still prowling the streets of America. Why? Here's a reverse speech that may help explain it:

"Until you take us in we still have business rights," Judee say."

Does labor perceive that as long as labor does not challenge Judah "Business rights," he can continue to swipe the unsuspecting out of life for free?

"My God has saved us." Tele receive. 7.48 AM

Judah claims as his rights, to take our lives from us. As he is doing it right in front of our eyes, does he not then have the right to slay us?

If we are unwilling to STRIKE THEM OUT, and he can do with our money as he wishes, does he then not have the right to slay us for free? Does he not have the right to write paychecks to his op members for their crimes against us?

Druid, the only race funding and fighting war on planet earth. Druid, our rights thrown out in the land of our birth by the trespasser Judas. Using his kosher style urban renewal of 911 and bringing in the patriot act.

Druid ancestor, held out in 1789 until there was an agreement to put a Bill of rights in. Druid renowned Bill of rights, tossed into the garbage can by weap Judah in 2001. Will we not reject being right less persons in America? God gave us our rights. Judah threw them away. Whose voice will we listen to here? Must we not listen to God and put our rights back in again? Will we not hear the thousands of warnings from God and STOP THE WAR? Will labor not hear the love of God for his children of planet earth and STRIKE THEM OUT?

The silence of the lambs? Being slaughtered and not making move one to do something to help ourselves. How can that be? Judah has fled into his underground shelters as we are now being put to the nuclear waste torch. Our airstream being permanently, lethally polluted.

"We just failed ourselves." Tele receive. 8.11 AM

Has Father not cared for his meek children? Has Father not gotten rid of Judah blast genocide? Yes he has. Has Father not let us see Judah hand? Yes he has. Has Father not let Judah get rid of himself? Is it not certain that Judah has gotten rid of himself for good?

Our children, grandchildren, being wiped out of life form now. It is the end of our existence. Warned for thousands of years in the bible of the end times. Father had grandfather keep Bitch in so to deliver the message to everyone that Father loves us. Father wants us to live. Father wills that labor be the issuer of our money.

"Stupid man faults you." Tele receive. 12.58 AM

So that must be in yesterdays post. Instead of inspiring labor to act, is Bitch faulting labor for not acting? Forgive me, will you all not look past it please? Will the people not let the love of Father take us into peace?

A false man with a fist. An enormous thug. Literally took over the entire economic and political system of our planet, recreating his errant cipher in almost every terrain in our world.

Putting nation against nation into eternal war. His mutual, to serve his right to kill us in every land. Putting the minnow to harm other minnows throughout our world.

By taking into his private hands the authority to issue our money, do we see how he has been able to accomplish his plans? Do the American people not as of yet accept as fact that we have been successfully put to genocide not once, but twice now? Do we not yet perceive that Judah has indeed accomplished us?

"Patrick you’re supposed to help us." Tele receive. 1.06 AM

Bitch read in Judah reverse speech that Bitch spite the people. Elder told Bitch that he has a "grudge." Must be in the unconscious. If Bitch could see around it, sure would. Will labor not help here and STRIKE THEM OUT so that we all can find who we really are with out the terror of Judah crowd around?

Is it not clear to us that it is violence at the root of the problem that is holding us from living right? Do we not see that violence is being held in by allowing Judah to be the private issuer of our money? Will labor not pull the merchant rights power authority to issue our money away from them? Must labor not take the authority to issue our money away from Judah?

Nice house, nice car, Nice vacations every year. "Money made me helpless." Is that what it is? Don’t want to challenge Judah?

Has anyone ever seen even once on the talk shows a discussion about the question of whom it is that issues our money? The question of who it is that has the authority to issue our money, do we not perceive that it is the most critical issue to us for our very survival? The very last days of our healthy existence, being sealed into a nuclear waste burial for us and our kids. That we are funding war throughout the world, how have we overlooked this question of who it is that has the authority to issue our money?

Bitch sure don’t intentionally spite anyone. Bitch would appreciate if everyone would listen to our precious sweet Father and save yourselves. Is there not some perception that we’re physically putting ourselves and the rest of the human race in when we continue to fund war in our world?

"I vegged them," Judee say.

Our vast abundance, now being smashed forever. Poverty, privation, famine and destitution to come into America big time with nuclear waste devastation now. Is there not some way that the ordinary worker will see just how deadly is the nuclear waste war that Judah is waging upon us now? Cancer in every breath of air we take in.

"You are suitable." Tele receive. 9.00 AM. Bitch says "thank you for that vote of confidence."

We're being extincted in a nuclear waste war and seem to not be aware of it. We paid for it ourselves. Our life's work all wasted. Will our children die before we do? Bitch is here to help, could it be the state of mind of nervous wounded has prevented us from getting together and putting ourselves into peace? A simple man that is baffled as to why labor continues to go on sourcing our own destruction in spite of being warned thousands of times by God almighty to STOP THE WAR.

Judah has stolen the people's lives off of us. The nuclear waste blowin in the wind, may take a few years, but it will lead to the death of the people of America in the hundreds of millions in only a half dozen years. Never again a breath of fresh air. Is there some one who will tell us why Americans have done nothing about it? What will it take for labor to help us?

Bitch would not ever offend the love of Father. Bitch nice boy, only follow the love of Father.

Of his own free will Judah chooses to do genocide. As one gentleman said, "They have a problem rooted in abuse."

Can we not focus on getting the physical abuse off of the people? Can we not focus on getting the physical abuse of war and imprisonment out of our world?

"Have mercy on the boys caged, you can let them go by summer," Judee say.

That was a Judah telling us we can leave the boys out of jail by summer. A couple of other Judahs' said that our prisons would be closed by May or June. Will labor not help us get to closing Auschwitz down?

"It's a bake." Tele receive. 10.26

If Judah, the guy who built our vast American gulag state, is the criminal, then how can he hold anyone? If the prisons were built on the pretext that they were to house the criminals, but in actuality, the criminals are who built them, then how do we have any moral credence to hold anyone?

If only labor will help us, will we not get the prison state out of here? We're not swapping horses here, will labor not come into this, end horse style leadership and start us fresh? Will we not end the horsing around here?

Might we not consider that the ways our elders from space have conducted the intervention, that they have let us immunize ourselves against ever being falsed again? That is, once understood Judah did shoot us, much likelihood we'll be buying him anymore weaps? Seems unlikely doesn't it?

We're obviously losing our failed sin, will labor not help us get it gone? Will labor not STOP THE WAR?

Judas is out of time. Will labor not end paying him for overtime?

"Horrible." Elder just gave Bitch for his post of yesterday.

Angry, upset, distraught, unbalanced; disgruntled. Unable to see how to convince everyone to save themselves. The world is being destroyed and no one is doing anything about it. Where are you labor? Are we even aware that we are funding the extinguishing of the lives of our children? Systematically burning out our environment. A burning with waste that may last for thousands of years. Where is labor? God has a mission for us labor, to take the authority to issue our money into our hands in trust for all the children of God.

A third of the human race going out in this genocide. Where are you labor?

Warned for thousands of years of what Judah will do when he is finished out of here. Will we not awake from the silence of the lambs and STRIKE THEM OUT? Is it not clear that Judah is exterminating us?

Our good God has warned us thousands of times to STOP THE WAR.

A nuclear waste war that is guaranteed to wipe us out, and not one labor group stepping up to help us? Labor leaders blocking a strike? Can we not get a response from labor leadership to help let Judah off right?

We've been abandoned folks. Do we not see that we now face being left stranded on a burned out planet to die?

If we cannot or will not STOP THE WAR, do we not see that the alternative is a long, slow painful passing out of life form? Will the ordinary members of labor not get involved here? Is it not seen that it is American labor that is funding all the Judah wars in our world?

"Close them up or perish." Tele receive. 2.08 That may have been from elder.

Do the people not see what the bottom line is here? Close them up or perish?

A steady stream of Jewish heading into the safety of their well-prepared undergrounds. A complete life sustaining mountain hotel enterprise they have for their own protection as they wipe us out on the surface of our world.

"The whole family is stupid." Tele receive from some time ago.

We could save ourselves in a day with a general strike. "Why didn't you try it." Sweet Father asked us? Judee shows us their new dance steps. Is there not some sense of how funny waging world wars are for Judah and his shells?

A steady barrage of nuclear missiles Judah has been launching on us. Not one has reached us. Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our elders from space for pulling all Judah nuclear missiles rounds off of us? Will we not say a prayer of thanks to Father for sending our elders in to help us? Is there not some way that we will help ourselves?

He's terrorized us with his ops. Shot us up with his sports and collections. Is there not some way that labor will get into this and bring us to some place of humanity? Will labor not STOP THE WAR? Will labor not help us to straiten it out?

"Horrible. Patrick, you’re supposed to help us."

Bitch doesn't know if he would even spot his mistakes if he read them today. Is there not some way that labor will take over here? The fiends, lunatics and crazies are wiping us out. Will the common sense and decency of labor not step in here?

Our foods massively contaminated with brain slowing compounds. Our most important tool of survival, our thinking ability. Judah has been poisoning it out. Might this explain why we've failed to do a thing to save ourselves here?

His torture chambers. His gurneys. His false arrests. His perjuries. His frame ups. His genetically modified viruses. Has Judah not had fun toying with the mouse? Has his sport not thrilled him so? Hundreds of millions dead in his century of eternal war and still counting bodies. Is there not some way that labor will make an attempt to save us here?

"Oh my God, they're destroying the human race?" Tele receive. 2.42 AM

Yes, they are destroying the human race. That is correct. Judah is destroying the human race. Is it not understood, that is their right if we make no objection to it and fund it so that Judah can do it for free?

"Disaffected." Tele receive. 2.46 AM

A comment from a reader. "Disaffected.

Resentful and rebellious, especially against authority.

Discontented and disloyal, as toward the government or toward authority.

Might that be the mental that is affecting Bitch and preventing him from being smart enough to be able to convince you to save yourselves? How can labor be convinced to stop paying for the war? What will it take to convince ourselves to quit funding shooting ourselves?

"You’re idiot fish," Judee say.

"Stay close to me, I'll fix your head. " Father said.

Our elders from space are so high intelligence, that we hardly even know that they are interacting with us. Bitch believes that it is the violence, the terror, the fear that is holding us from moving forward into peace. The whole world so violated, yet how do we bring the people together to stop the violation? Has Bitch fault caused us to slow what we need to get done?

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If only labor will look to our elders from space who have saved us from Judah great balls of fire. If only labor will pray to our go

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    • "Close them up or Perish" "Pat you're spitefully on us, Pat — Patrick Sullivan, Thu Apr 9 12:16
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