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Jade Helm - Russian Intelligence Reports
Wed Apr 29, 2015 13:41

Here is what the Russian Intelligence is saying about Operation Jade Helm:

Video: William Mount Jade Helm - Russian Intel Report

Jade Helm - Russian Intel Report - YouTube

Articles Confirming what the Russian Intelligence Services say on Pravda:

US army exercise on preventing civil unrest spread to Tennessee - English

Marines to suppress domestic disorders in the US. Video - English

US plans military operations inside USA in response to statement from Chechnya Parliament speaker - English

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

More on the 17 May Detonation when Info comes in - but after the 8 Feb Nuke in the Ukraine and the Nuke Hand Grenade near the White House causing the Power Outage (Both Nuke I tracked) there does not seem to be much interest in a Nuclear Detonation from any Intel Service.

Not from the Fudge sickles from Langley, or the Russians, or Chinese - or anyone for that matter.

How odd.

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