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"We Tossed Your Rightfully out of here" That of course the
Mon May 4, 2015 09:32

"We Tossed Your Rightfully out of here"

That of course the inscrutable weap Judah; "We tossed you rightfully out of here."

Have great hits not died us rightfully? Stood down and continue to stand down, as they keep right on shooting us. Attack refugee camps and kill a large number of people, and we continue to fund atrocity both at home and abroad, day after dreadful day. "What happened here," our beautiful precious sweet Father asked of Bitch when Bitch accidentally and non-intentionally insulted you's. "What happened here?"

So what happened here labor? Why no response from the minnow? Judah tells Bitch that he has now wiped out half of the People in America with his nuclear waste scrimmage. He also reveals that if we do nothing until July of this year, he will have taken the entire United States of America out of life.

Thousands dying everyday due to the affects of nuclear waste in our environment. Children being born harmed by the mutating affects of radioactive waste. His dirty bomb Jewish electricity plant, out of human control and set to burn now for hundreds of years. Only one Jewish electricity plant able to wipe out the whole human race, along with the other animals, on the surface of planet earth. 435 more to go. Can we not read this Judah mans intent?

They're wholesale destroyers of human life. They enjoy destroying members of the human race. Harmless, defenseless, innocent people `they kill for pleasure. They commit crimes against our family in the world, and put the face of Druid on it. Might we not surmise that Judah are aiming to deface Druid as a way to leave us as disabled and out of touch with our fellow men on earth as is possible? Might Judah be trying to destroy the soul of "We the People" with their atrocious criminal acts against our family in this world?

"My rooms are now racing a lot," Judee say.

Does Druid not see that it is to put their heinous acts on us as to why Judee commits atrocities? Must labor not end paying for these crimes against our family in this world? Must Druid not end this shame? Must Druid not end paying for these infamous and shameful criminal acts against our family both here at home and around the world? Must Druid not stop funding them?

Part of Judah game is to infantilize the hostages. How can Judee embarrass some people with a picture, and yet, the people are not embarrassed at him flying an advanced plane, made in America, over a refugee camp filled with defenseless and innocent people and bombing the life out of them? Would it not seem that mature minds would be shamed by that atrocity of death and not by a picture of body parts of a sexual nature?

"Excrement of a dog I say," Judee say. That reverse speech from an Asian hybrid shell head of state.

Bitch would like more than anything to sooth our precious sweet beautiful Father. Has Father not warned us thousands of times to STOP THE WAR? "I would have given you anything." Father said to us. Will labor not get into this world that is being burned out and STOP THE WAR?

Now we face dying ourselves and our children away over the next few years, while simultaneously funding the destruction of our world in war. Judah has fled into his mountain hotels to sit out our extermination. And yet, we continue to allow him to manage our society with the organizing principle, privatized and held exclusively in his hands; the authority to issue our money. Weap Judah still holding on to it despite all the evidence that he has shot us, using his permit to issue our money to do it.

On average 6 to 8 thousand people a day die in America. So who might notice an extra thousand or two? If they are old or very young, or have been ailing with something for a long time, who would connect it with the radioactive waste that is pouring in?

A nice long bike ride on a bright sunny day. Who would ever guess that it could be the last enjoyment of this lifetime? Sitting in the boat all day enjoying the great outdoors fishing. What could of happened that he passed away that night in his sleep?

At this late time in our existence, as we are in the apocalypse now, are there folks who are not yet aware that we are being put to a genocide with nuclear waste? God has warned us thousands of times to STOP THE WAR. Can we not ask ourselves, "What happened here?"

Judee would like to hang Bitchie he says "for snitching him out." Bitchie not part of his weap team, so it ain't snitching, it's blowing the whistle on the guy. I blew his cover labor, so why don’t you come in and help us here? Judee shot us and Casper grabbed all Judee missiles out of the air and let Judee throw himself out. Judee, Judee, Judee. Thank you Casper Sir. We love you and your lovely community of love and appreciate all that you have done for us here.

Mercury elder said to Bitch, "You have a limited range; operate within it." Bitch say, "Thank you sir. Will do." Mercury also tells Bitch that his technical ability is higher than he is even aware of. "Electrify them; enrich them." Is what Mercury said to Bitch.

So that is Bitch function once the war is stopped. "Electrify them; enrich them."

How do we become enriched? Is it not labor that produces all the things that make us materially rich? Certainly. Labor is the root of most all wealth. The only wealth it is not the root of is the natural wealth we have in our beautiful surroundings. We need our natural environment to provide us with the base materials to enrich ourselves. Do we not see that Judah is scrimmaging out our environment on us? How long until our fields are entirely poisoned? Is it not better to put oil in the engine before it burns up? Is it not better to fix the leak in the roof before the rainwater reaches the electrical box, causes a short circuit and burns the house down? Will labor not do some preventative maintenance on our society here? Will labor not fix the leaky roof that is pouring war in here? Is it not perfectly clear that Judah is pouring all the waste in that he can and stirring as much turmoil as possuible to burn our house down?

Centuries of imprisonment and brutality in America after kidnapping the people from the land of the good people. This to steal their labor. Making it look as if it is the ordinary English man that is doing it. England, the people of that land nearly as imprisoned as the people of America these days. Hostages to the people who issue the money of England and have since 1694; weap Judah. The royal house of Orange that invaded England with their Dutch shells in 1688. The Dutch hybrid shell, new king of England, then gave away the authority to issue the money of England to international Judah in 1694. Private issue of money ever since. Royals, using their henchmen, shot their way to the top with the holy men helping them fool the people. The royal parasites have now lost their missiles after shooting them at us. They’re out of here to labor. When will you come in? They're done labor, when will you come in?

Judah, still having the authority to issue our money, hundreds of thousands of dollars or more, available to the people who will act and steal away our brightest. No threat of real lawful revelations, money talks. Does it not appear that Judah is still on target to get his upheaval in? Is it lot likely he wants to burn down his old dilapidated buildings for insurance cash? Will labor not mature real quick and STRIKE THEM OUT?

There is no double jeopardy in grand jury process. Might we not consider then that Ferguson may not be finished? Do we see that another grand jury can come on in? It can be reopened. If only labor will STRIKE THEM OUT, take the authority to issue our money into your hands, might Ferguson grand jury not be reopened again?

Elders recommend using grand jury process for informational purposes, not indictment. We're closing up Judah molest cages so there will be no more imprisonment, or punishment of any sort in this land.

We're getting master Judah out labor. He has about 20% of the Druid that are playing master with him. We're getting them out to. Will you not give us a hand?

Are we not seeing that the whole deal of our society is wrapped up in who it is that has the authority to issue our money in their hands? Genocide has forced them out of here. What might it take for labor to help us here? They got hold of the federal and tossed us right out of here. They're still dying off the hostages. Their principal rights are being taken out of here. Will labor not help us close them right?

"We're completely out," Judee say.

As to the existence stipend, the noted retired government economist Richard Cook has suggested a $1,000 per month cash payment to everyone. Do we not see this, as the existence stipend that the love of our precious sweet Father wants put in for his children?

To have the will of God effected, do we not see that labor must STOP THE WAR and take the authority to issue our money into your hands?

Judee pays his opper kids $600 dollars or more per week. On a yearly basis, is that not $2600 dollars a month? If so, instead of a $1,000 dollar a month existence stipend, how about the same as Judah gave to his cult members, $600 dollars a week, or $2600 dollars a month?

If it was good enough for Judee to pay this stipend for assaulting us and insurance collecting on us, does it not seem fair that the people now should receive as much as Judee paid his opper kids?

Might it be that Judah has run this wealthy nation so tight and put so much fear in of losing income, and that is why labor has not as of yet challenged Judah right to issue our money?

"Bitch tossed them out and their powerful images are fooling us." Tele receive. 7.50 AM

Do we not see that to serve ourselves and everyone else while doing the will of God, we need for labor get a hold of the paper here?

British woman finds $30K engagement ring diamond after 3 days of searching dog poop
"On Christmas Day I had three poops to deal with and it was in the third poop," owner says. "I had almost given up, so it was the last shot. There it was, glinting in the sun."

Alaska Woman Finds Her Missing Wedding Ring At Baseball Field In Dog Poop
April 20, 2015 3:38 PM
Balovich was reunited with her ring on Thursday, her husband’s birthday.

“It’s been on my hands ever since,” she said. “My hand was feeling naked without it.”

Reverse speech from news video:

"We're boomin some waste force here. I had to take you off forever, you're weight was on me. We know how to stool the garbageman. I'm the cheapest husky. I'm pretending I'm suing, it's a joke, I'm always falsing you. Police oxygen will end the joke. Ya, we're trying to prejudice Super here. We manage your soul. We're shit reckless. I broke someone up inside. This is a ruse to give us more war power."

"This is a ruse to give us more war power."

And the Asian hybrid shell statesman who said in reverse speech, "Excrement of a dog I say."

"Bitch tossed them out and their powerful images are fooling us."

Might we be reaching the deeper levels of the Judah stool culture now? "We know how to stool the garbage man?"

They're done labor, yet do we see they are running against Bitch? For what reason? Could it be found in this newscaster's reverse speech, "This is a ruse to give us more war power?"

Must labor not step in here and remove their power to make war? Will labor not step in here and do the will of God by taking the authority to issue our money into your own hands?

Father wills labor to provide an existence stipend that will have something in it for every one of God's children. God our Father said of the existence stipend; "consider it a God given right."

If it is $1,000 a month for everyone in the nation, as the economist Richard Cook suggested, to the $2600 dollars a month as Bitch suggested, do we see that it will be easy to do with a real economy in here?

Judee economy is $17 trillion dollars with it hobbled by employing backwards technology and preventing us from producing the real wealth that we can actually do.

If the stipend is $1,000 dollars a month for everyone, might that not be in the range of $4 Trillion dollars a year? On a $17 trillion dollar economy as we have now, that is a little less than 25% of gross domestic product and services.

In our new economy, using the high technology of life, elders suggest that in a short period of time we will more than double our dollar value of production. Both in material production and services rendered.

Full time employed labor is around 120 million workers. Another 40 million or so, part time workers. Another 60 million unemployed workers. Do we see that we have a large labor resource to draw in to build up more products and services?

If we do an existence stipend of $2600 dollars a month, and we are looking at a $10 trillion dollar existence stipend payment for our economy to support, if we go from $17 trillion dollars a year to $40 trillion dollars a year with our new high technical economy, do we not see that we can easily budget that right in?

Elders suggest that once we are up and running, our economy may be in the range of $400 trillion dollars year. How could it be so large? With unlimited clean free heat and electricity, plus robots, do we not see how it will happen if only we will give it a try?

As to the strike labor, God our Father asked labor, "Why didn’t you try it?"

With the authority to issue our money in Judah hands, he has a secret kosher pipeline that he puts his oppers into our vitals to work from within. His shell people, the innerspring fifth columnists in every land. Many of them are operating our schools and poisoning the minds of our children within. How about the food the kids eat at school? Working to take the soul of man down. Will labor not liberate us from the Judah errant cipher brand?

"We delight in our priestly faulting," Judee say.

"I would have given you anything. I want you to be comfortable." God our Father said to us. Why have you left us out in the rain to die like this labor? Judah is a frightful man, Bitch agrees; yet do we not see that he is now a nowhere man for shooting us for free?

"My mind is falling out," Judee say.

Do we see where the lovely actions of our kind elders has let Judah fall his mind out of here? God sends Moses with the rules to us here in Father's village. Three and a half thousand years ago God gave his law, "Thou shalt not kill," and Judah offends God our Father by incessantly killing his children wherever he goes. Has Judah terrorism been so successful that even facing extinction, there is too much fear to act? Will labor not help us to let this terrorist off of here right?

"Everybody's talking bout a new way of walkin, do you want to lose your mind?"

Sure do hope that labor understands, Bitch is not here to be ever giving any orders. Bitch is a shill for Father that is sharing with everyone the love of Father. Does labor not yet see that we could have already STOPPED THE WAR and saved our lives?

Why have you have refused to save yourselves? May it be that the fear is too great? Could it be unconcern? Disbelief that we are now an exterminated people scheduled to die off with our children and grandchildren in less than 6 years? Was it maybe money that made some of us helpless?

How is it that American labor finances these hustlers attacks on refugee camps, and has not thrown them all out of here yet? Can we only reflect on God's words to Bitch when he accidentally called his customers a name in print, "What happened here?"

Elder Jason's message to us today: "Toss them out, enrich the deal."

Bitch say "Thank you Sir."

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"What happened here labor?" Is there not a flickering ember of soul that will demand that we toss these terrorist guys out of here? Is there not a sense of the indecency that our American labor force i

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