Tue May 19, 2015 21:48

My impressed regard, Mr. Wilson and to Mr. Mount (who seems to have found his voice in reaching people of late.) To me, the uphill battle to free cannabis from the bad propaganda rap given it in the fifties, should have been won early on. But like so many other efficacies denied Americans. In the case of cannabis, however, the resistance is far more absurd than to so many other things, excepting that to ET reality. So, it is no leap to regard the resistance to cannabis as a sort of metaphor of resistance to social change, its poster child. A barometer of suppressed growth, a barrier to the next step up. Social engineers' polling device to see how secure our dog collars are. If we could but get passed this, imagine what might open up before us. Keep up the good work...and you to, Mr. Mount. JCH

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