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Vermont Hat I recently came across this photo on a real est
Thu May 21, 2015 20:00

Vermont Hat


I recently came across this photo on a real estate web site while looking for a new home. I noticed something in the upper right hand corner that looked like a bird so it peeked my interest.

I enlarged the photo and sharpened it, but it does not look like a bird at all. It appears to have a red light on it and a shape of a top hat. Take a look and tell me what you think. Do you have a place where I can submit this photo on this site? Thanks to John
Photo taken over Tellico Plains, Tennessee on May 16, 2015
This is a typical photograph of a triangle taken over Belgium.” Postface in SOBEPS’ Vague d’OVNI sur la Belgique – Un Dossier Exceptionnel, Brussels: SOBEPS, 1991.
Colorado Object


Walsenburg – I was taking pictures of my dog before 1 pm facing east towards I-25 between mile marker 63 and 62. I took pictures and didn’t notice anything until I reviewed them and noticed this object. Earlier there was a reflection blur from the sun off a possible weather balloon or object. This object was not in the other photos taken within moments in the same area.

There was a dark spot in the last photo in a different area that was odd.

Thanks to MUFON CMS
Florida Disc


Sawgrass, Tallahassee — This UFO was televised over USA Golf Championship when someone was watching TV and noticed a UFO shooting past the golf ball on May 8, 2015. Cameras always follow the ball, so they panned to the sky and the UFO was noticed. There are some bright lights on the screen of the TV, as the witness recorded the video with his cell phone. The lights from behind him are reflecting off the TV screen. The UFO does not appear to be a reflection. It solid and seems to move slower than the ball does. SCW
Ohio Lights


Cincinnati — Working in my back yard I saw objects in sky without wings with nearly blunt ends front and back on May 17, 2015. It was aluminum in color with two square/rectangular patches toward front and two patches toward rear that were brighter as if polished or more reflective. The speed was similar to airplane at 10,000 feet? I ran to grab my camera in hopes that I would catch a picture on the other side of clouds but never could relocate it. These pictures are the closest images I could find to what I saw. Thanks to MUFON CMS
Texas Light


El Paso — Some white dots in the sky occupies our thoughts so much so that we almost miss the other UFOs in this video on May 5, 2015. At 45 seconds into the video a metallic disk shoots from right to left at incredible speed at 45 seconds in the video. It may take a few tries to catch it so don’t expect to see it on the first try. This was a low flying UFO, probably scouting for the two UFOs higher up. Thanks to UFO Sightings Daily

Filer’s Files # 21 – 2015 Alien Viruses

Posted by: George Filer in Filer's Files May 21, 2015 0 263 Views

May 21, 2015
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Cylinder photo captured on January 4, 2015 over Brazil, South America
Hesperia — I was playing with my Canon Rebel T3i, taking pictures down my street and had a 30 second exposure turned on to capture lighting on January 14, 2015. I didn’t see these lights by eye, but after opening the photos, we noticed these green orbs with detached disc patterns that seemed to be on a perfect circular axis. The object was not moving and constantly lit, otherwise, it would have showed up as a line of light like a plane does. About an hour later I went back outside and took four photos a few minutes apart and there was no obvious lighting to the eye. The first showed nothing out of the ordinary, the second had a line of lights that at first I thought could somehow be reflections of some sort, the last ones had the same. These weren’t reflections, and not stars, and were completely stationary. These were also shot on a long-exposure. If anyone can tell me what these are? Thanks to MUFON CMS
Connecticut Light


I was walking across the street and looked up on January 16, 2015, and saw a red light and started recording. I asked a woman nearby if in fact I was looking at something? She replied, “Oh, no that’s not a plane” It began to move across the sky slowly. A gentleman stated, “Looks like something the government created” It was lighting up randomly and flew straight across the sky at high speed. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Baton Rouge Louisiana
I was standing in front of my house talking with my son on January 17, 2015, when we noticed this object moving across the street from us above the trees. It had no lights and no sound. I could see legs sticking out from corners and was hollow in the middle almost horse shoe shaped. I told my son to film it with his phone and he did. I went inside to get my wife who thought it was a drone but. drones do not look like this. The closest is a lunar module. We followed in the car until it just disappeared. Thanks to MUFON CMS

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    • Vermont Hat I recently came across this photo on a real est — PS POST, Thu May 21 20:00
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