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willpwilson 908
Memorial Day, Americans Went to Concerts, Who Cares?
Sun May 24, 2015 07:53

- Memorial Day, May 24th, 2015 and Today - Americans Went to Concerts, Who Cares?

The entire war on terror is a fraud. It's all a rouse to take our freedoms, to sell weapons, and to expand corporate empire. - - (
- - - -

AllDayLive, Today's Tweetest Statements. Also Tweeting about Twisted Twits. @allaylive ( & for more on the Globalist Criminal Twists - William Mount (Dr. William Mount) - - Be READY -

Posted at: @michellemalkin -

US Justice Watch Your Website address: linked on Twitter has been hijacked. @stewwebb @AlexAnsary @ChipTatum78 - - - Alex Ansary - - - GoFundMe, Go F Yourselves before you Fraud More of us. You pick & Choose Who Gets Funded & Who Doesn't? Really? - Hatch resume, Puppet, Paid for Whore, Mouth Piece for the Global Crime Families, Cover up of Globalist Crimes? WillPWilson added,
Herb Erb @herberb01I call for #OrrinHatch's excommunication for treason: - the Devil? Falling Humanity? Thereof, They Never had the ability to Think, to See, to Prepare, to Stand? WillPWilson added,
Herb Erb @herberb01 Resistance to tyrants is service to God. Complacence in the face of tyranny is service to @MonsonThomasS. - Let's See, Primitive Species wants to communicate with Aliens after destroying their own Planet, killing billions in corporate wars/logical? In response to - NASA Searching for Alien Life - -


Are they that STUPID after completely (Fuking) Fukushima Nuclear Contaminating of the entire planet and killing all life in the Pacific Ocean and they think that advances Alien Life Forms are looking forward to meeting with these Criminal Morons? REALLY???? I mean REALLY??? Yah, all of this makes so much sense doesn't It?????

fukushima extinction event -

“Fukushima: The Extinction-Level Event That No One Is Talking About” - (Because They Won't Be Around Much Longer To Be Able to Talk About It Anyway.) - -

HELLO WORLD!! FUKUSHIMA?!! IT IS A CHOICE WITH LETHAL CONSEQUENCES. HOW DO YOU CHOOSE TO BELIEVE? TRUTH OR LIES? February 29, 2012 - - - - - one more day closer to these corporate banking ABC Soup Agency NWO apparatus beehives global agendas to destroy the entire human race. - - ://

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    • Memorial Day, Americans Went to Concerts, Who Cares? — willpwilson 908, Sun May 24 07:53
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