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"CHALLENGE THEM!" That was elder from space, he just said a
Sun May 24, 2015 09:20


That was elder from space, he just said at 5.45 PM Saturday, "CHALLENGE THEM!"

To challenge Judah, do we see that a general labor strike will challenge him as to who it is that will issue our money? Funding utter ruination of our beautiful nation and extermination of ourselves, must we not challenge Judas as to who it is that will issue our money? Will we not challenge Judah as to what we will fund? Will we not fund peace instead of more war?

"You get them out or Jew people will bust your act to."

Those words from a resident of a burned out village in Ukraine. "You get them out or Jew people will bust your act to."

As we now have sealed ourselves into a mass die off of our fields and ourselves, do we not sense the truth in those words, "You get them out or Jew people will bust your act to?"

"Judee challenge you in more ways than you know exist."

Those words from a parent of a child born with birth defects. Was mother served a helping of thalidomide in lunch while pregnant? "Judee challenge you in more ways than you know exist."

"His income arrest ya, make ya die."

Do we see how Judah sees us as merely objects to be used to give income to him? That we work for him to produce great wealth, and then he can insurance collect us out. Do we not sense the mirth that that gives him?

"We turned down all offers of peace to scrummage you," Judee say.

Judah turned down offers from the house of creator that he could have everything he needed or ever wanted, if only he would end his scrummage of the children of God. With everything offered to him for centuries, he turned it all down because he wanted to scrummage us all out of our lives.

Having lost his nuclear blast weapons to our elders when he shot them at us, he is down to his last tools of scrummage. Nuclear waste and the authority to issue our money in his private hands.

"Error dies." Tele receive. 4.00

Judah, with his self professed mental power over other men, has now demonstrated the ability to take over the entire world, keep it in war, and put the machinery of total annihilation in, use it, and still no response from ordinary men.

His casual nuclear attack upon us in the middle of the night. It may have remained unknown if not for Bitch vigilance and reporting it to the world in November of 2011. Thank you elders. Mercury clued Bitch in November of 2011 as to what Judah did in the middle of the night on June 11, 2011. An all out attack from the sea with 1,000 nuclear missiles upon America.

Every missile and rocket pulled from the sky by our elders from outer space. Thank you Sir Casper.

Casper is our good friend and neighbor from Mars. Thank you Sir for saving our lives. Thank you Father for sending elders in to spare us from Judah genocide.

"Bitch, I made you lie." Judee say.

That is Judee reporting about Bitch lie. "Bitch, I made you lie." That is in response to Bitch posting a link to read about the extraterrestrial lady, "LYA." It is the story of an extraterrestrial lady meeting and making contact with a college professor in Mexico. Many elements of the story ring true, yet, it is a fiction. Bitch reread it again. Certain now it is a Judee make believe fable.

Yet it may be based on Judee getting in contact with our elders. They have contacted Judah for centuries to attempt to bring him out of his plot to extinct the lot of man. So having had contact with them for such a long period of time, Judah knows quite a bit about them.

The story of "LYA," that is what it is, a "Lie a."

The writers though knew quite a bit about extraterrestrial life. In the story, "LYA" tells the professor that she is 900 years of age. She appears youthful. Very good looking.

The story also tells that the lady extraterrestrial is Asian looking. There have been many reports of earthlings meeting with Asian appearing extraterrestrials. We know now that some of our Asian family, in relatively modern times joined the Galactic Federation of light. It may have been as recent as the 1400 AD period. Around the same time that Judah rejected offers to join the Federation.

This is the group of our Asian family that had good relations among their entire community of love, brought their royals and their royal court with them and joined with the Galactic Federation of light. Some of the Asian extraterrestrials that have had contact with us, may be from this recent ascension into outer space. That the book concerning the extraterrestrial lady "LYA," and the professor mentioning that she was Asian appearing, might that indicate that who ever wrote the book, knew of our Asian family that are now extraterrestrials? Do we have some idea of how clever is Judee writing his books to fool us? Uses a certain amount of truth to convince us of what is the issue, and then spins a fable.
The Being that is known to us as the infant of Prague, contacted the centers of power of planet earth in 1350 AD. The Vatican, royals and Judah, they rejected contact with the Galactic Federation of light. Maxmilian, he is mentioned here with respect and honor to his dignity, is our elder brother from space. He contacted the centers of power of planet, in 1350 AD. Maxmilian is our elder that we would recognize as the Infant of Prague. We love him, and again it is emphasized that his name is mentioned here with respect and honor to his dignity.

Judah, had already perfected the predator relationship and fastened it onto the human race. As a perfected predator, he rejected the offer to join the Federation and kept the world at war.

As Judee had perfected his way to dominate other humans, arrows, spears, clubs and torture chambers plus false words, he was satisfied with things as they were. A perfectly false narrative held in place by terrorism.

Bitch now writing and posting at the end of a long extraterrestrial intervention that began about 3,500 years ago when Moses brought the Ten Commandments to Judah.

"Thou shalt not bare false witness against thy neighbor. Thou shalt not steal. Thou shalt not kill." Some of the rules that Judee violates as a matter of policy. Those are some of the rules brought in by Moses about 3500 years ago from creator force. Heaven is a real place, located 38 light years away in the direction of the North Star.

Extraterrestrial creator force sent Jesus to show the Jews the right way. Might we consider that the miracles of Jesus were to help convince the people that he was divinely sent? Might the miracles also have been to demonstrate the love and kindness that our elders have for the children of God here on earth? Might the top Judee not have had some expert estimates of the situation at the time of Jesus if not before?

Bitch learned from elders that a conclave was convened in 1251 AD of the centers of power of planet earth that gave an estimate of the situation that our planet was regularly transited by other high level powers that were here with an "Operational capability."

Then 99 years later, in 1350 AD, our elder brother Maxmilian contacted the centers of power of planet earth. Earth powers rejected contact with the Federation. Judee had already perfected the predator relationship and fastened it upon the people of earth.

The sport of Judah cipher, war, continues on on planet earth. Scrimmaging the children of God. Judah, his palace aids and Vatican services, with the authority to issue our money in their hands, still carrying on with war.

God almighty then sends Joan of Arc in 1430 to bring the message of God's love for his children of planet earth. Joan miraculously defeats Judah English forces and is then captured herself.

A false legal procedure convicts her. She is molested in the lock up by her captors. Driven on a horse cart into town, tied up there and burned at the stake. Elders from space pull her out and substitute a meat doll in her place.

Joan's heart will not burn no matter how many times the executioner tries. The Judah in charge of burning Joan directs that her unburnable heart be tossed into the Seine river.

Joan was burned at the stake in 1431 AD in France. Might we not conjecture that the war sporting Judee leaders at that time would have had some real good ideas of who were the forces supporting Joan?

"You almost got them finished out." Tele receive. 4.50 AM

Judee sport always is driven by his assault forces. War is his field. It is how he lives his existence. Economic war is a specialty of Judas also. It was economic forces concerning who can determine what money is that brought about the Mixt money cases of 1602-1604.
By What Authority
A Call to Democratize Money
Part I

By Greg Coleridge

The privatization or corporatization of money is not simply one more single-issue assault on the right of citizens to self-rule. Its profound impacts on economic and ecological systems are as consequential as those wrought by corporate constitutional rights and demand its separate understanding, analysis, and prescription.


This is the typical response when one raises the issue of "monetary" policy. An astonishing lack of awareness exists in our nation as a whole, including among most social change activists, on questions of money and its creation. What is money? What are its purposes? Where does it come from? How does the volume in circulation affect our economy? Should it be publicly controlled or left to the "free market?" How does its creation relate to self-governance?

"The riches of a country are to be valued by the quantity of labor its inhabitants are able to purchase and not by the quantity of gold and silver they possess."

Historical struggle over money creation

Most of the history of money creation is unknown. Political economist and historian Alexander Del Mar affirms, "Of all the elements of political economy, money is the chiefest; of all the institutions of money, the right to create it is the most important; yet not a word concerning this once sacred right by the state is to be found in any of the economists."
Read paper here:

The creation and issue of money. In the paper, "A Call to Democratize Money," it speaks of the issue of money and its profound impacts on economic and ecological systems. As we are now on the receiving end of a chemical blizzard of nuclear waste that is taking us out in the hundreds of millions, might we not see the impact on our environment by allowing Judah to issue our money?

As we have millions of people in America living out on our streets, do we not see the economic impact of allowing Judah to hold the private authority to issue our money?

As war rages on in our world, is the authority to issue our money not surely in the wrong hands?

With his nuclear chimney belching away, Judah continues the ruination of America, and the world.

"Of all the elements of political economy, money is the chiefest; of all the institutions of money, the right to create it is the most important; yet not a word concerning this once sacred right by the state is to be found in any of the economists."

Might the very absence of discussion about the creation of money, not clue us as to how critically important it is to us?

In the Mixt Money cases in 1604, it was determined that it is the sovereign that is the party that is authorized to create money. At that time the queen of England. In America, is there any other group than "We the People," who are sovereign here?

Rather than saying, "Our elders gave Judah the breeze," would it not be more correct to say that, "Judah gave himself the breeze?"

Thousands of years of remaining deaf to the words of God. Each generation of Judah seeking only more perfect ways to harm us all. Now that our good God almighty has given us the peace, will labor not step in and bring us all to peace?

Warned in the bible of the last days for thousands of years. The fire, smoke and brimstone, do we not now see it appear? Children being born mutilated from the waste of depleted uranium. Over 5,000 veterans of Judah American wars have now killed themselves in recent years between 2001-2009. Will labor not end the selfishness and the forcing of young Americans to lose their souls to get some basic existence income?

Will American labor not help us and end the Judah suffering of our world? The dire consequences of doing nothing as we are being terminated from life, will labor not end the nuclear war upon us?

"They've tossed you out of life and you've done nothing about it." Tele receive. 10.53 AM

The authority to issue our money. In Judah hands, do we not see that it has been used to buy the extermination of the human race? As it is still in the hands of Judah, it is still buying the extermination of the human race.

Blast is out, they shot it all off. Yet waste is still coming in. Will American labor not pull the nuclear waste war off of us?

Judah school function is done. With private issue of money that is produced in the public sphere, we continue funding war for Judah sport. Will labor not democratize the issue of our public money and take the authority to issue it into your own hands?

"You lost your field by feudalin." Tele receive. 7.58 AM

Our fields are gone, takes a couple of years to fully wipe them out. Forests will be burned up by the nuclear waste war. Habitat destruction unequaled in history. Set to return to the Stone Age that Judah bought for us with free money we gave him. Is there not some way that we can throw the feud out, get together and get us some peace in this world?

"My god Patrick, save this hopeless deal from mortuary." Tele receive. 8.13 AM

Will we not pray together that labor will come into this and STRIKE THEM OUT and take the authority to issue our money away from weap Judah?

The day that American labor takes the position that it will not support war in our world, do we not see that that will be the first day of peace?

"They've poisoned my village, I want them off." Our good God said.

The world we live in, is a nursery that we are loved in by our high level relatives, the Galacticans. They've engineered us with high-level intelligence genetics. Must we not use them and close the masher Judah out?

Judee, has used his high level thinking ability to shoot us. To fool us. To give us a false consciousness. To separate us. To make war and spread disease. They've poisoned Father's village, God our Father wants Judah off. This is God's world and Judah has demonstrated an inability to accommodate others. Judah has poisoned God's village, and has now positioned himself to die off the majority of people living in America in the next 6 years.

God almighty has warned us thousands of times to "STOP THE WAR."

Elders have told us that if we let Judah poison us, "Your lives won’t be spared."

So if we are not willing to challenge Judah about his "problem," then do we not see that our lives won’t be spared?

"We advise you well: STRIKE THEM OUT!"

Elders, along with pulling all the nuclear missile rounds off of us that Judah attacked us with, have also advised us well to STRIKE THEM OUT!

Have we not heard that God helps those that help themselves? Will labor not help itself and everyone else by taking over the authority to issue our money?

The big reward, the discovery that we have a beautiful precious sweet Father that loves us all. Do we not understand that God always meant for us to live in peace?

Judee is gone, he's wrapped up, he's done. Only problem, he still has the private authority to issue our money in his hands. With this authority to issue the money made good by American labor, Judah is cabling from his underground hide out in the mountains, more war.

Labor can stop Judah in a day. Thousands of years of his problem that he forced upon the children of God in our world will be over. Will labor not gift the world with peace?

Continues at:

Thousands of years of tumult, and finally Judah took the opportunity to let himself off.

Flawless in execution for thousands of years. Judah and

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